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Real Estate

  • Create marketing collateral to advertise properties
  • Make annotations during the contract review process
  • Process multiple application forms at once
  • Protect confidential information with passwords and redaction
  • Close deals quickly and easily with digital signature capabilities
Increase your productivity today.
Discover a PDF tool that provides collaboration and security for real estate professionals.
Free up the time of agents to focus on marketing and selling property

Streamline the process of creating marketing materials and contracts, as well as creating and processing forms. Let your agents and brokers focus on the art of selling, rather than having to worry about creating, filling out, and sending mountains of paperwork.

Simplify the contract signing process for clients

Provide timely and professional contracts for your clients, and provide them with digital tools such as electronic signatures and password encryption so they can easily accept offers, sign documents, and protect their personal information.

Reduce errors while reviewing forms and contracts

With easy-to-use annotation tools, several people can review and collaborate on documents all at once, whether making comments or highlighting sections. This simplifies the process and reduces errors!

Use Cases
Help real estate professionals reach their full potential.
  • Create high quality marketing material to advertise your properties and attract the right clientele to your business.
    • Create brochures, leaflets and photo displays using pre-made templates that can be used repeatedly for different properties.
    • Use PDF editing tools to collaborate and review marketing material so that the necessary changes can be made
    • Convert marketing material to or from other file formats for easier sending, viewing, or modifying
  • Enjoy easier data extraction and analysis when dealing with multiple forms that need to be processed at once.
    • Create a master template with classified form fields for client-facing application forms
    • Analyze and manage credit risk with the data gathered from PDFs
    • Use one-click form creation to build forms from Microsoft office files
  • Ensure that your clients’ as well as your company’s confidential information remains secure throughout the entire application process.
    • Set permissions and passwords to protect PDF files
    • Use certificates and encryption when signing PDF files
    • Permanently black out sensitive text and images containing the personal information of your clients
  • Centralize all of your real estate documents in one location, plus complete contracts and agreements much faster with digital signature capabilities.
    • Review and sign documents from anywhere, even using a mobile device
    • Choose between the option to type your digital signature or scan your handwritten signature and add it to the document
    • Encrypt your document with a password after signing to ensure privacy is protected
Leading Adobe™ Acrobat™ replacement for a reason
Easy Licensing & Deployment
  • • Perpetual licensing
  • • Easy licensing management
  • • Server Deployment
  • • Seamless updates and upgrades
We've Got Your Back
  • • Change management consultation
  • • 24x6 customer support
  • • Training resources
  • • Online technical community
Seamless Standardization
  • • Digitize paper-based tasks
  • • Reduce work time
  • • Edit and convert
  • • Review, protect and sign

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