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Quick Way to Calculate Capital Gains Sale of Investment Property

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Real Estate • Proven solutions

You can be prevented from capital gains tax only if you are using trading of properties as a means of business. Otherwise, every real estate investment property will require a capital gains tax payment from you when you are reaping considerable amounts of profit from it. When trading for business purposes, you are not charged a capital gains tax, but you are somewhat liable to pay a business income tax.

What is Capital Gains Tax on Real Estate Investment Property

A property owner is automatically held liable to pay a Capital Gains Tax when he disposes of assets that he owned, to eventually reap profits from it. If a proprietor is well aware of the exact worth of his assets and sells it or rents it out at a higher value than the actual cost, in such a case, he is accountable for paying a capital gains tax. Capital gains tax can be delineated as a target that attacks people who knowledgeably raise the bars for their gains. Selling a property at an elevated price than the one at which it was initially purchased makes you subject to Capital Gains Tax payment because you are gaining capital on your actual investment.

avoid capital gains tax on rental property

How to Calculate Capital Gains Tax on Real Estate Investment Property

You need to first start off by simply subtracting your original buying cost from the sale cost which will provide you with the gross income or gross capital gain. Once you have the gross capital gain amount, then you can begin deducting your legal representative's fee, your real estate agent charges, advertisement charges, refurbishment charges and finally legal stamp duty and the value-added tax payment from it. After making all these deductions, the amount obtained will be your net payment over which capital gains tax is applicable.

According to the 2018-2018 tax year, a property owner in the UK can generate a gain of £11,700 before becoming accountable to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT). This means that a married couple can earn a profit £23,400 before they are supposed to pay CGT. A primary taxpayer is subject to 18% tax payment on the sales of his property as part of his profit allowance. Ont eh contrary, an additional-rate taxpayer is subject to 28% capital gains tax payment on his property sales.

How to Prevent Capital Gains Tax on Real Estate Investment Property

1031 Exchange Program

The 1031 Program allows property financers to exchange their properties for comparable properties which are chiefly intended for reinvesting. In doing so, investors are permitted full suspension of capital gains tax due to the replacement of a property with a similar compensated value or an elevated value.

Refurbishments and Legal Expenditures

By maintaining a record of the renovations made to your real estate investment property in the UK, you can claim your permissible deductions whenever you plan to sell your investment asset. Few investors tend to neglect the inclusion of expenses such as broker contract charges, valuation duty, terminating expenditures, etc. which can that moderately lower the CGT.

The Donation Technique or Act of Gifting

Capital gain tax can also be avoided by bestowing your real estate investment property to a charitable foundation. Likewise, gifting your real estate investment property to a relative, blood related or extended, can entirely abolish your CGT payments. The person for whom the gift is intended will be liable to pay tax, but in that case, a lower tax range will reduce his CGT payments by a high margin.

capital gains tax on real estate

Equalize by Losses on Investments

You can often sell a property if you’ve been making enough losses on it because that would counterbalance your capital gain tax for a specific year. One can use around $3000 of losses to equalise CGT for one taxable year. This amount of losses shifts your taxable payment to a lower allocated range which means you need to pay lesser CGT.

Retirement Account Investments

Investing in retirement accounts evidently decreases and can even disregard capital gains tax. Nonetheless, it will require you to pay taxes emerging due to marginal tax rate when you incline towards retirement.

Buildium - Calculate Capital Gains Tax on Real Estate Investment Property

Buildium generates 1099s for you in a matter of minutes rather than consuming your precious hours. Any investor can now collaborate with team Buildium by using the Buildium software and eFile their 1099s through the software. EFiling will allow the investor and any member associated with him to keep a record of every payment made for the property. It will also enable you to create virtual forms for owner and vendors of a particular property, apply a computerised stamp to those forms and deliver them within a day’s duration. You can regularly check and change information for any 1099 from your Buildium account and make sure that 1099s are delivered to your recipients in time; this way you will never miss out on a tax deadline.

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capital gains tax on real estate investment property

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