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Application of PDF in the Library

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Libraries handle loads of knowledge databases in hardcopies. However, they have begun to maintain soft copies as well. This is to facilitate digitization and make databases more accessible. PDF can be extensively used in a library, bringing considerable advantage to creators and readers alike. The benefits of PDF contribute to its importance and the way it can change how a library functions.

school library in the digital age

Part 1. What are Personalised services of PDF in the Library

1. Personalized service for document creator

  • Initial Appearance

The PDF format allows the creator to add a slew of features and functionalities to the document. It also provides for editing/updating an existing document. The various tools enable the creator to personalize the PDF and integrate email personalization.

edit pdf

The creator can also easily generate a fillable form for various library applications or keep tabs on borrowings and returns. One can also generate dynamic tables and interesting images and integrate non-text elements such as hyperlinks.

edit link

PDF supports JavaScript, metadata, 3Dand also geospatial data. This allows the creator to develop a document on any grounds. The creator has full autonomy from the initial appearance to the final result of the PDF document.

  • Security Control

In order to maintain total control and originality, a creator can implement various security controls on the created PDF document. One can enable only viewing and commenting to avoid unnecessary changes. PDF allows the creator to implement organizational or user-centric security control.

In the case of an organization, others will only have limited access to the PDF file. However, in users, it is individual-centric with passwords and certificates. Creator(s) can choose the PDF viewers and prevent anyone from printing or tampering with the PDF file. It provides complete visibility and the option of redacting a document.

preference view

There is also the option to create a security measure for a secure file attachment. This ensures limited access to certain PDF files in the library database. The security measures can also be disabled by the creator(s).

2. Personalized service for document reader

  • Common operation

The PDF also provides basic features and operations to facilitate a seamless reading experience. The reader can easily access the file and enlarge it as per their needs.

The accessibility to the common operations also depends upon the creator’s level of security controls. There is no disorientation in the presentation, and the reader can change the mode of view easily. One can also access the index page and jump to the desired section of the file.

view mode

The attachments and links can be easily accessed. Readers can also rotate the file for better viewing angles. These common operations make the PDF easily accessible.

attachment pane
  • Auxiliary tools for a better reading experience

Despite the basic tools and functions, PDF files and viewers also provide auxiliary tools to ease the reading for all. There is the option to highlight, magnify, auto-scroll, and navigation panels and status bar to deliver the proper personalized experience.


If required, the reader can also leave a signature on the PDF. It is also feasible and simple to integrate a new page into an existing PDF. These tools help in personalizing the approach towards reading, making libraries an inclusive space for all. PDF is the dynamic reason behind the same.

add digital signature

Part 2. What are the advantages of PDF format in the Library

1. Simple to Create

PDF creation is not like coding an application. It is simple, quick, self-explanatory, and multidimensional from scratch. One can amalgamate numerous file types ranging from .ppt to .docx, even videos. You are free to create a media-rich or simple text-heavy PDF file hassle-free.

Sharing a file in PDF also ensures the flow and presentation of the document remain the same when shared throughout the Library. It is not affected by numerous factors such as native application or viewer and maintains its graphic and formatting integrity.

You can also compress the size of PDF up to 25% without compromising on the content. It provides you with the best tools to create a personalized document for the best usage in a library.

2. Safe and Reliable to transmit and exchange

PDF is super secure in terms of data security, viewing, and editing. The feature to track edits while collaborating ensures complete control and total visibility of the document. The built-in security measures allow for easy exchange of information through PDFs in a library, with minimal data breach risks from any terminal.

The user can choose from numerous measures to protect and maintain the originality of the document using watermarks to passwords, and even digital signatures. The PDF is also programmed to detect if the signatures are verifiable/valid before granting access.

3. Convenient to use

Since PDF is convenient to create, it is also convenient to use. The numerous tools and features assist in reading. PDF can also be easily edited with expedient tools such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionalities to simple highlighting and commenting, and annotating. Extra efforts for retyping or manual searching are eliminated. The format is easy to view and share further, along with the golden feature of e-signing, which carries the same legal value as a hand-signed document.

Part 3. Significance of Library Carries out Services with PDF

1. Service for Vulnerable group

Libraries can make use of the extensive security and accessibility features to deliver satisfactory services to numerous vulnerable groups. The reading accessibility tools cater to the diverse needs of different people.

Security measures also ensure total protection of any data of such vulnerable groups in PDF. It also enhances the Library’s user base and facilitates efficient utilization of its resources.

2. Improve the service of Library online Exhibition and Lecture

Personalized PDFs created using multiple tools enable a smooth online experience during any lecture or exhibition organized by the Library. The ubiquitous formatting styles, graphic integrity, and multidimensional functionalities of PDF allow such exhibitions and lectures to continue without any fear of a technical glitch. Its unique e-signing aspect fulfills the required formalities of such events. A library can also use PDF to organize such programs to have proper planning and maintenance of data needed with total confidentiality.

3. Convenient to develop education for library users

The universal formatting and support programming of PDF allows different users to create diverse educational resources and add them to the Library. It does not inhibit any presentation of text, videos, images, or even hyperlinks and metadata. Resulting in the development of comprehensive education for library users. The personalized aspect of PDF leaves no user at the Library lacking in resources.

4. Improves users’ utilization of the Library

Every user of a library wants to fulfill their needs and requirements. PDF facilitates the Library in ensuring this, with its innumerable tools, features, and services. Every user can reap the benefits of the PDF, making the Library more efficient in the socio-economic domain, being a repository of knowledge and information stored digitally and offline. It indeed morphs into a total social capital.

Part 4. PDFelement: Professional for Library Use

Wondershare Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor provides the ultimate solution to all PDF requirements, with the necessary tools to edit, convert, annotate, and much more. PDFelement has been consciously curated to fulfill all your needs, along with the endeavor to deliver satisfactory results. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

PDFelement provides the necessary environment to easily and quickly edit, add, beautify and personalize your documents. It can be a valuable addition to the overall library service and complement the existing flexible nature of PDF.


Multifuncional and dynamic, PDF is used extensively in all fields, and new ways continue to be developed to increase its potential usage. Using the PDF along with PDFelement can help the library discharge all its functions and digital requirements easily.

The personalization forte of PDF is its armor and distinguishing feature from the rest of the file types. This would continue to increase the areas where it is used and become crucial in the increasingly paperless domain.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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