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How to Import PDF to Excel

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You may want to import PDF to Excel for a variety of reasons. For example, there might be a table in a PDF document that you need to bring into a spreadsheet layout. You might also need to edit the contents of the table, which requires a different process. Whatever the reason for wanting to import PDF to Excel, you should understand that there is more than one way to do it. Today, we'll show you a versatile PDF editor - Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor that can not only extract and import data from PDF to Excel but also convert PDF files into the Excel format. The steps have been shown so you can follow them and get your import job done in a matter of minutes.

Part 1. Import Data from PDF to Excel

The first method lets you extract the table data from the PDF file and import it into an Excel worksheet. By using the form data extraction tool in PDFelement, you can specify what data needs to be extracted. This gives you a loosely formatted Excel table that you can then do a minor clean-up on to make it look good and align it properly. The steps are as follows:

Step 1. Open PDF File

You can either drop your PDF file directly into the program or use the "Open files" option in the Home interface.

import pdf to excel

Step 2. Import Data from PDF to Excel

Next, click on the "Form" > "More" tab on the toolbar, and then select "Extract Data" in the drop-down menu. Now, the Extract Mode window pops up, and you need to select Extract data from the form field in PDF. After selecting, click the "Apply" button. Then the Save as window appears, letting you choose a folder to save the .csv file.

import data from pdf to excel

Step 3. Open the Excel File

After clicking the Save button, the extracted data will be saved as a .csv file in your local folder. After extracting, the file will automatically appear in the folder, and you can open it to check the content.

how to import pdf into excel

This process is meant for form data extraction, as indicated, but you can definitely use it as a workaround to import PDF data into Excel. However, the recommended option is to convert the entire PDF file into an Excel spreadsheet. When it's done in this manner, the data format and layout will be preserved as in the original, which means there's not much cleaning-up required afterward, if any. That's one of the strong points of PDFelement's file conversion engine. So, how do we execute this process? Let's take a look at this next method.

Tip: Import PDF to Excel via PDF to Excel Converter

Since your table's original layout is maintained, this is clearly a better way to import a PDF table to Excel. The process is fully automated and can be done with a single click, as you can see below:

Step 1. Add Files

In the main PDFelement window, select "Convert PDF" as the processing option. Navigate to your PDF file in Explorer and hit "Open" to import the file.

import pdf table into excel

Step 2. Set Excel as Output Format

Next, choose your output folder and then select "Excel Files" or "Excel 97-2003 Files" as your preferred format in the "Save As" window, as shown in the screenshot below.

import pdf to excel

Step 3. Open and Import PDF to Excel

When you click the "Save" button, the file will be converted into an Excel spreadsheet. After converting, you can directly click the "Open" button to open the file and edit it in MS Excel. You'll notice that data integrity has been maintained and you won't have major issues with layout, alignment, etc.

import data from pdf to excel

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a great tool to import PDF to Excel but it's a lot more than that. Here are just some of the other utilities that are included. It offers a wide array of functionality, from PDF creation to PDF editing, annotations, file conversion (as we've just seen), PDF protection, form-filling and e-Signing, comprehensive form management, and advanced tools like OCR and batch processes. A quick look at the top features will reveal the breadth and depth of its document management capabilities.

  • Creation, Editing, and Annotations
  • Conversion To and From PDF
  • Fill, Convert, and Extract Forms and Form Data
  • Protect PDFs and Add Digital Signatures
  • Optimize PDF Size and Organize Pages and Files
  • Perform OCR in 25+ Languages (Pro)
  • Multiple Batch Processes like data extraction, OCR, combine PDF, etc. (Pro)

Part 2. Import Table from PDF to Excel via Office 365

Office 365/Microsoft 365 users can import data from a PDF to Excel. Here is how it works.

Step 1: Go to the Data tab and click Get Data > From File > From PDF.

Step 2: Choose the PDF File you want to import to Excel and click Import.

Step 3: All tables and pages in the PDF file will be opened in the Power Query Navigator window. Select a table or page you want to import and click Load button to import the PDF table to the Excel sheet.

import pdf table into excel

Part 3. Import PDF File into Excel

If you want to import a PDF to Excel displayed as an icon or image, you don't need PDF software but can do it with Microsoft itself. Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Click on the “Insert” and then “Text” > “Object” button.

import pdf to excel

Step 2. In the pop-up window, select “Create New” and then “Adobe Acrobat Document”. If you check the “Display as icon”, the PDF document will be displayed as an icon. If you don’t check it, the PDF document will be imported into Excel as an image. You can choose depends on your needs.

import data from pdf to excel

Step 3. Finally, click “OK” and you will see the effects. This is how you import PDF to Excel with Excel itself.

import pdf table into excel

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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Buy PDFelement right now!

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