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How to Change Margins in Word

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2023-08-30 19:55:58 • Filed to: Features of MS Word • Proven solutions

Official documents usually obligate the document's critical formatting, which includes setting their margins according to the desired value. Word documents typically come with one-inch margins by default. However, this article shall teach people how to change margins in Word. The question of how to change margins in pages has been discreetly answered within the detailed step-by-step overview.

How to Change Margins in Word

Adjusting margins on Word is considered as easy as changing the font style of the document. You can easily alter the page margins by selecting a pre-defined option provided by Word. Along with that, you have the autonomy to adjust the height and width of the document with your own specified values. The following step-by-step guide will direct you on 'how to change page margins in Word' with ease and composure.

Step 1. Open your Word document, and access the "Layout" tab. Then you can click the "Margins" button, and a drop-down menu appears on the screen, which consists of a list of pre-defined margin settings that can be easily selected as per your need.

Step 2. You can also customize the margins by clicking on the "Custom Margins" option.

change margins in word

Step 3. Now a new window pops up, and you can set the margins based on your needs. Finally, you click on the "OK" button to finish this process.

change margins in word

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While understanding the method of how to change the margins in Word, it is important for you to know that several PDF readers are available, providing a range of features inclusive of the amendment of the PDF file without unnecessary conversions. However, the selection of the right platform and product usually gets difficult when comparing features. Yet, there is a certain product in the market that durably outperforms all the existing PDF editors. Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is an alluring product that provides a range of features to its users, including editing, annotating, converting, protecting, and signing PDF documents.

With a strong set of editing tools, PDFelement allows its user to edit documents without converting them into any assorted format. You can easily convert your PDF file into any Microsoft Office format without having its structure altered. Official documents come with more official treatment. Password protection of sensitive information has been made possible with PDFelement. It not only protects and restricts third-party usage but redacts all the information from the uploaded PDF document that seems confidential. To provide a greater sense of security and professionalism, PDFelement accounts for digital signatures, which allows considerate validation of the document.

Along with these immensely dignified characteristics, PDFelement allows a special production of one-click forms, which can be easily edited and collected through electronic means.

How to Change Margins in PDF

Step 1. Open PDF with PDFelement

Drag or drop down a PDF onto the program or open a PDF through the option of "Open File".

open pdf

Step 2. Change PDF Margins

Now you can click the "Page" > "Page Box" button to set the margins. According to your needs, you can change the page margins in the pop-up window.

change pdf margins

Step 3. Save the PDF

After finishing the changes, you need to save the PDF by clicking the "File" > "Save" or "Save As" option.

save pdf

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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