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How to Print to PDF for Android

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Printing to PDF on Android means using your android device to convert a document into PDF format. There are many PDF printer Android apps that can be used to conveniently print your document to PDF. This article will outline how to print to PDF on Android. It also describes the advantages and disadvantages of printing to PDF on Android.

Steps for Printing to PDF on Android Devices

Most Android devices come with an installed Google Cloud Print function that is essential in printing documents. The following are steps on how to print to PDF for Android:

  • Open the document that you want to print to PDF (including documents and images saved in Google drive).
  • Choose the menu option (the icon with three dots located on the right-hand corner of your Android device).
  • Click "Save as PDF".
  • Select the printer that you want to use for printing. If you can't locate it, click all printers to see the list of all connected printers.
  • Once you select your printer, click the "Print" icon. Your document will be successfully printed in PDF format.
print to pdf for Android

Disadvantages of Printing to PDF on Android

Printing documents to PDF on an Android device can come with its fair share of challenges. Here are some of the issues you might come across:

  • You cannot use old printers to print to PDF for Android. You'll need to ensure you have the latest printer models installed to support this action.
  • If you don't have Google Cloud Print installed on your device, you may have to use Wi-Fi to perform wireless printing. The process can be slow if the Wi-Fi connection is not strong. Wi-Fi charges can also be expensive.
  • Android devices have small screens compared to computers, so the print preview may not display properly. You will have to keep scrolling to reach the last page.
  • The download and installation of Google Cloud print requires network availability and can be tedious if the network is slow. Again, purchasing of Wi-Fi can also be expensive.

A Better Solution to Print to PDF on Windows and Mac

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor offers the best PDF solution to print to PDF. This tool supports conversion of documents to and from PDF as well as conversion of different files to different output formats. It is packed with features that allow users to edit, organize, and transform PDFs easily.

The key features of this tool include:

  • Editing tools that allow you to edit your PDF before printing it. With these editing features, you can add images or text to the PDF file before you print the final copy.
  • Secondly, the tool is a versatile PDF creator and convertor that allows for the creation of PDF form and conversion of PDFs into different formats. It supports creation of PDF files from Word, Excel, images, web pages and more.
  • Annotation tools that let you add notes, strikeout text, create custom stamps and highlight or underline text.
  • It also offers an option to protect your documents with passwords to prevent unauthorized individuals from viewing sensitive information.
  • The tool also allows users to create personalized encrypted digital signatures, making it easy to sign your PDF file.
  • Users can also merge or split PDF files.
  • Lastly, you can permanently hide or remove sensitive information through the redaction features, as well as insert new pages to replace deleted ones.

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How to Print to PDF on Windows and Mac

Once you have downloaded and installed Wondershare PDFelement on your computer, you can then follow these steps to print to PDF.

Step 1: Launch Program

After launching the software, click on the "Create PDF" button in the home window.

print to pdf android

Step 2: Open and Print to PDF

Select the file that you want to convert to PDF. After selecting it, click "Open" to open it in the program. It will automatically be converted to PDF format.

You can edit the file using several options such as editing text, adding a background, adding images and more. To edit text and images, simply go to the "Edit" tab. To make changes on the page, go to the "Page" tab.

Step 3: Save PDF

After you've finished editing your PDF file, go the "File" tab and click "Save As" to save your document. You can select a name for your document.

print to pdf for android

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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