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Everything about macOS 11: Release Date, Features, Update and System Requirements

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: macOS Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

Apple has been making updates and improvement of their Operating systems every year. However, the update from macOS Catalina to the latest macOS, the Big Sur has surprised the world. Great improvements have been made on this new version and some of them include updates on the browsing tool Safari, Security and Privacy as well as great advancements in the Map tool. Read until the end to find out the release date, compatibility, key features, and more about the macOS Big Sur.

Release Date, Features, Update and Compatibility

macOS 11 Release Date

The new macOS 11 has been the talk of the people across the Globe. The macOS 11 was unveiled and announced in June at WWDC 2020. It was revealed that the Big Sur will not only be having greater changes but also have exciting and incredible improvements. The actual date for releasing the macOS 11 Big Sur to the public was not revealed. However, we expect it to be available either in September or October 2020 because based on the previous years, it has always been releasing the new mac OS at such a time.

A developer beta version arrived on the same day the latest macOS version was announced however, the Public Beta Version was to be released on the following month, July, downloadable, and without any charges.


The macOS 10.11 update has made great changes and improvements to the previous version of Mac OS. Some of the key features of macOS 11, the Big Sur include;

1. Safari

Safari was launched in 2013 however, Apple claims that this tool will receive its biggest update in the macOS 11 version. Currently, Safari is still the best option and it is 50 percent faster than the chrome browser. I just can’t imagine how Safari will be following the report by Apple that it will be faster. More so, the interface of the program will be having a new design. The homepage of the tool will now be customizable allowing you to edit the background image as well as the sections.

2. Control Center on Mac

The Mac Control Center is super convenient and allows you to effortlessly edit the setting at a glance. This incredible feature is included in the new macOS 11 version. Contrary to the previous versions where the only way to access the setting was the Preference tool, in the Big Sur, the Control Center is located in the Menu Bar hence making it easy to make changes to the current settings.

3. Messages

The Messages tool on Mac device has been behind however, great changes have been and would be evident in the new macOS 11 devices. Some of the changes made include the ability to Pin specific conversations; this will keep the pinned chats at the top of the page. You will also be able to send inline replies to specific text rather than pilling up your text at the bottom of the chat. Memoji design tools will also be an improvement on the new macOS 11 version.

4. Maps

Maps are essential in helping us get to unknown places or destinations. The Big Sur, macOS 11 will have great advancements on the Map tool. One of the new features that will be included in the map is the 360-degree view of a particular place or destination. The maps in the new macOS 11 will also display guides from trusted sources. Another incredible feature included in the Big Sur map is the ability to browse for detailed indoor maps of a major building, shopping centers, and even airports.

5. Widgets in the Notification Menu

Apple has significantly updated the Widget display in the notification bar in the macOS 11, Big Sur. The new Mac OS version will allow you to customize the App widgets according to your needs. The interface will also be easy to read and make it easier to get important notifications at a glance.

6. Security Features

Considerable changes in user security and privacy have been made on the new macOS 11. Apple reported that the Big Sur will be able to display the information collected by Mac App Store applications such as data usage, location data, and contact information. It will also indicate whether the information collected from your device is being shared with third parties.

7. Update

The macOS Big Sur 11 is an update of macOS Catalina which was released in October 2019. Apple reported that this new version will be having great improvement and updates in comparison to all the other updates over the years. Most people expected the new version of macOS to be 10.16 however, Apple company decided otherwise and named in macOS 11. The Mac devices have been in operating in macOS 10 for about 20 years now. This seems to be a great update as a new era of macOS 11 begins.

8. Compatibility

Wondering whether your Mac device will be compatible with the new and latest macOS 11? The Big Sur, macOS 11 will be compatible with most of the 2013 and later Mac devices. Some of them include;

2017 and later iMac Pro

2015 and later MacBook

2014 and later iMac

2014 and later Mac mini

2013 and later MacBook Air

2013 and later Mac Pro

Late 2013 or newer MacBook Pro

The previous operating system, macOS Catalina supported some of the 2012 Mac devices such as MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, and Mac mini. However, they are no longer compatible with the new macOS 11, Big Sur since the requirements for compatibility have also jumped by a year, 2012-2013.

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