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3 Steps to Convert XML to Word

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The XML file format, like several other formats, can be opened as well as edited in Microsoft Word. It's a rich text format that is employed for documents in which there is a lot of specific formatting. Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is one of the most effective and affordable tools you can use to convert XML to Word. The conversion process involves 3 steps which are highlighted below. After the process is completed, the extension of your file will change from .xml to .doc.

How to Convert XML to Word

In XML format, the description of the content of a file is stated in terms of the specific data that is being described. For instance, markup tags containing the word phonenum show that the data coming next is a phone number. A file in XML format can be processed solely as data by a computer program or displayed, like a file in HTML format, or stored using similar data on another computer. In the example given above on phonenum, depending on the manner in which the app in the receiving computer chose to treat the phone number, it could be dialed, stored, or displayed. To convert XML to Word with PDFelement, you need to take the 3 steps summarized as follows:

Step 1. Open an XML File

To open an XML file, you can drag and drop it in a new tab of your browser, then it will be opened by the browser.

convert xml to word

Step 2. Print the XML

Click the "Print" button in your browser, and select "PDFelement" as the printer to print.

xml to word

Step 3. XML to Word

The printed file will be opened in PDFelement, you can click the "Convert" > "To Word" button to convert directly.

xml to doc

Why Choose PDFelement to Convert XML to Word

A popular tool for businesses and home users, PDFelement offers impressive features and capabilities to help you manage your files professionally. It is a handy tool for converting XML to Word, PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, and has a range of other document conversion features. PDFelement is the perfect software for people that work with these file types mentioned above and those that seek an affordable editing suite. It is equally employed for creating, opening, and saving PDF files.

Explore the wide range of exciting features of PDFelement, specifically designed to optimize your professional and personal file management operations. This software package, essentially, is an ideal alternative to the full version of Adobe Acrobat. Owing to the emergence of PDF as the standard for document sharing on a variety of computer systems, users have been able to readily view documents sent through email or those that are downloaded from websites.

PDFelement helps you edit PDF files that you didn’t create personally (like downloaded documents, etc.) exactly the same way you might add additional material in a document on Microsoft Word. Furthermore, it is used for annotating, much the same way Word works, to add comments to the initial document. Also, the software allows you to delete sections/images of text. PDFelement, one of the many quality products of Wondershare, is an effective tool for including your own stamp on a PDF file sent to you. You can even enjoy the unique offerings of the app for free on a trial basis.

Some of the most outstanding traits of PDFelement are, it is quite straightforward to use and is fast. It is a lot more than a mere editing program. The software offers a fascinating spell-checking element, inbuilt in the package, and you needn’t export an online spell checker or new textual elements to Microsoft Word to ensure that your content is professionally created. PDFelement has all these aspects covered for you.

Apart from this feature, it also comes with an auto-fit function. Users that aren’t familiar with working with desktop publishing software will find this option extremely useful. If you’re writing some words to be used alongside a photograph or chart, already in the PDF that you’re editing, this offering will see to it that your words will not run over the top and disorganize the layout.

With its user-friendly Optical Character Recognition technology, PDFelement lets you turn text into an editable format. This will make it friendly for search engines (Google-friendly) since it won’t be just an image of the text any longer.

Tips: Understanding of XML Format

The XML format is a file extension that is an acronym for Extensible Markup Language. It is used for creating common information formats as well as sharing both the data and the format on platforms including the World Wide Web, intranets, and others, with the aid of standard ASCII text.

XML format shares few similarities with HTML. One of these is that the two employ markup symbols for describing page or file contents. However, HTML, Hypertext Markup Language, describes Web page content (primarily text and graphic images) purely with respect to the way it’s to be displayed as well as interacted with. As an example: the letter "p", which is placed within markup tags, begins a fresh paragraph.

Unlike HTML, XML is regarded as being extensible owing to the fact that markup symbols are self-defining and unlimited. This latter format is an easier-to-use subset of SGML, meaning Standard Generalized Markup Language, a standard for the method for creating the structure of a document. Both HTML and XML are often employed together in numerous Web applications. For instance, XML markup could show up within an HTML page.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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