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How to Insert Hyperlink in PowerPoint

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One of the best ways of ensuring your slide has more credibility, authoritative, and links with important sources for your audience to interact with is inserting a hyperlink. Learning how to insert hyperlinks in PowerPoint is important to help you prepare accordingly and be ready for such a time you need to use the facility. There’s a faster way of doing so, and works depending on what you’re linking to and how you want to. Here we show you how to insert a hyperlink in PowerPoint fast.

How to Insert a Hyperlink in PowerPoint

The fastest way of adding hyperlinks in the PowerPoint slide is simple. Go to your slide, write down the URL or webpage address, and press “Enter.” That should be it. It’s easier to create a webpage link or even linking to a specific place within a PowerPoint slide or in a new slide or document.

Step 1. Open the PowerPoint Presentation

Open the PowerPoint presentation, and on the slide, you can select the object such as a picture, shape, or text that’s to be used as a working hyperlink. Go to “Insert” and select “Hyperlink.”

add hyperlink in ppt

Step 2. Add the Hyperlink

Choose “Existing File/Web Page” and continue to add the following as much as you can:

  • Text to display - where you add the words/text you intend to use as a hyperlink.
  • ScreenTip - generally an optional extra, it’s all about adding the text or words you would like users to see when hovering atop the hyperlink.
  • Recent Files/Browsed Pages/Current Folder - essentially all about the place you’re linking to.
  • Address - In case you’re yet to choose the location, go ahead and add the URL of the website being linked to.

Once you have done, you can click "OK" to complete the process.

Note that if you’ve linked to files on your laptop or desktop and you end up moving or using the PowerPoint content on another machine, moving all your linked files is highly important and kind of a must.

add hyperlink in ppt

Step 3. Insert a Hyperlink to Different Areas (optional)

Also, on how to insert a link in PowerPoint, note that you can do more such as linking to different areas in a specific document, email address, or even a new document and not just a webpage or website. Firstly, you can choose the image, shape, or text you intend to be your hyperlink, then go to the “Insert” > “Hyperlink” tab. At this point, a dialogue box will pop up, and there are some different options for you.

  • Place in This Document - linking to a specified slide in your PPT content.
  • Create a New Document - where you can link a presentation to another.
  • Email Address - essentially all about the place you’re linking to.
add hyperlink in ppt

Note: Ensure that you’ve added ScreenTip, Text to display details, including the place you’re linking to.

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How to Insert a Hyperlink in PDF with PDFelement

We said you could change and edit the PDF file in a variety of ways. Furthermore, you can even add music to your PDF file in the same way you add music to PowerPoint through the function of “Add Attachment” of PDFelement. You can add attachments as comments to reference longer documents. More importantly, you do not have to paste the entire reference text. Just add an attachment and let the reader go to the desired location to check it. Here is a quick guide on how to add music as an attachment

Step 1. Open the PDF

Launch PDFelement and upload the PDF document that you need to add a hyperlink.

add a link in pdf

Step 2. Insert a Hyperlink

Go to the "Edit" > "Add Link" option before selecting a location in the PDF where the link needs to be added. On the dialog box that comes up, set the hyperlink action and appearance. Once done, look for the “Set Link” tab to complete the process of hyperlink addition into the selected PDF document.

add a link in pdf

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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