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How to Take A Real Estate Photo

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Real Estate • Proven solutions

Buyers can easily identify bad real estate photos and photos that have used amazing techniques and high-quality camera equipment to capture picture-perfect moments in a home. Bad real estate photos are the biggest reason why buyers raise questions over the home’s structure and value, where as real estate stock photos can be stuck at the back of their minds like a longing memory that they surely want to go back to.

How to Take Real Estate Photos

Focus On What You Want To Show

Photography is a strong aspect of visuals which can help attract your audience’s attention to what you want them to see. You need to make sure that in every room that you to choose to shoot for, you are focusing on a particular object and so directing attention towards the most attractive feature in that room; attractive in this sense could mean colourful, bright, shiny, polished and clean. In emphasising on something particular, you should exclude unnecessary objects in the background that could distract the viewer from what you want to show.

Take Multiple Photos

It is quite possible that the brightness fluctuates in most pictures where some of your pictures could be flashy while others could be dark while some could be moderately illuminated; all in all, multiple photographs can prevent you from being doomed with just one awfully bad real estate photo. It is also possible that in one picture you managed to cover the curtains and the flooring, while in the other you managed to cover the ceiling and the wallpapers along with the interiors, and either of them could be having a wow factor at first glance. Therefore, clicking more than one photo ensures that if one of your shots is a terrible real estate photo, you still have better ones to choose from.

how to take real estate photos

Prefer Natural Light over Ambient Lights

You should always choose natural lights such as the dawn or dusk sun, instead of switching on a lot of ambience lights in the room that you are shooting. Most of the times, bulbs and ceiling lights can cause excess illumination over a shiny object which in reflection can disrupt your camera lens. A sunny day without rain prediction is the best time to photograph a home, only I if you can control the amount of sun rays falling onto your lens. If there’s a lot of sunlight penetrating through a window into the entire room, it may usual appear dark in your photos. Therefore, it’s important that the sun always stays behind so that you don’t shoot anything dark. Moreover, the magic hour i.e. dusk can make your house look magical in real estate photos. It is tough to achieve the right amount of lighting at that time, but if a home is precisely lit up with warm lights at twilight, you can be sure to attract a lot of potential buyers by using the best real estate photos to increase your home’s value.

Prepare every Room before You Begin Shooting

A neat and tidy home is obviously a better attraction as compared to a messed up house which displays stains, spots and heaps of clothes and fallen objects in the background. Therefore, when photographing a house, it is the photographer’s duty to invest as much time as he can into cleaning. Cleaning is not just essential to make the house appear attractive, but it is also vital in showing the open-space and full potential of the rooms in the house.

Photography Equipment is Essential

Using your iPhone for photographing is often a good idea as long as you have a software or app that can modify your real estate photos into those that resemble real estate stock photos. However, for professional real estate photography, it is the best practice to invest in a high-definition camera, preferably a DSLR that uses a wide-angle lens and helps you capture the whole room in one shot. As a real estate business fact, homes advertised with DSLR photography are sold as fast as six months, than those that are captured with a normal phone or camera. For better results, one can also use a tripod to capture steady shots.

real estate stock photos

Buildium - Real Estate Software for Managing Real Estate Photos

Buildium does not just help you manage your property’s documentation including your real estate accounts, files, leasing, rental agreements, etc., but in fact, it also constantly updates and guides you regarding real estate photos and how it influences the sales aspect of your house. You can find the right guidance to amazing real estate photo through Buildium’s Webinar which can educate you through tutorials, guides and tips for photographing any home or open space. On the other hand, Buildium’s Resources and Blog are a constant help and guidance centre for those real estate business start-ups who need tips and tricks to boost their home sales.

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