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How to Turn off a Keyboard Backlight on Macbook (macOS 11)

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: macOS Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

Over the years, the Mac keyboard has received praises for its unique features; low profile, gorgeous topography, standard size, beautiful backlight, and reliable mechanism. The light of the Mac keyboard illuminates directly to the letters and symbols and on the perimeters of all the keys making it easy to type at night. The most eye-catching is its ability to adjust the brightness of your macOS 11 backlit keyboard depending on the intensity of light in the room. This article explains how you can disable keyboard backlight on MacBook for macOS 11 manually using the keyboard, the system set with ease, and the touch bar.

Why Should We Turn Keyboard Lights Off on macOS 11

Even though you may find great value with the backlight of your Mac keyboard on, the feature does not come without a downside. When watching a movie with the lights in your room, the keyboard light can distract you from a clear view of the screen. There are instances when you want to type at night and know the position of all the keys and do not distraction of the backlight, you can disable keyboard backlight on MacBook for macOS 11 to save on your battery life. During the day you do not require to wastage of power by having the backlight of your keyboard on. There are also moments when the battery power is low and requires using your Mac for long. You can save on the energy by switching the backlight off.

The other reason for turning the keyboard lights off on macOS 11 is when it set to automatically turn off when in idling mode. This is mainly done on the preference settings and when the Mac is not on the use the backlight turns off.

disable keyboard backlight on macbook for macos 11

How to Turn Off Keyboard Light on macOS 11

1. Using the backlight controls on the keyboard

When looking for a temporary method of turning off keyboard light on macOS 11, the place where you can find it is on the dedicated keys. When you want to Find the function keys on the top row of the Mac keyboard

There is the F5 key to reduce the brightness with small lines and dots and F6 key to increase the intensity with bigger dots and lines

Tapping few times or Pressing and holding the F5 key will give an indication on the screen of a decrease in brightness.

When you want to increase the brightness of the backlight of the keyboard of your Mac tap the F6 severally or hold on the F6 till you see an increase in brightness on your screen. This can be done in case you are working on your Mac in a dark room where you cannot clearly see the keys.

If you are using Mac with a touch bar look for two symbols with lines or dots. The dots are for lowering the brightness while the lines are for increasing the brightness. Press on the dots to lower the brightness till the keyboard backlight is off. When you want to increase the brightness of the backlight of the keyboard of your Mac, press, or tap on the symbol with lines.

turn off keyboard light on macos 11 quickly

2. Disabling the backlight in System Preferences

When looking for a permanent solution of disabling the keyboard backlight of your Mac, use the settings of system preference. Go to the system preference either by clicking the Apple menu found at the top-left of your screen or on the system preference on the Dock. Click on the keyboard icon.

There are several options that you are presented and the one for disabling the backlight of your keyboard is for adjusting the brightness of the keyboard to low light. You can easily tell when it is enabled by checking whether the tick box. If it is enabled on by a tick on the left-hand tick box disable. In case it is not disabled your Mac will turn bright in case it senses there is darkness.

When you have checked, it will automatically turn off Mac 11 keyboard backlight. Your Mac will maintain the setting chosen regardless of the intensity of light in the room. When you want to turn on the keyboard backlight of your Mac you can use either the keyboard or the preference settings to enable it.

automatically turn off mac 11 keyboard backlight

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