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How to Fix macOS 11 Mail Not Showing Email Content

2021-10-13 13:46:07 • Filed to: macOS 11 Solutions • Proven solutions

Mac users heavily rely on the Apple Mail to receive their email messages. However, as the mails pile in the inbox, the Mailboxes become bloated. The performance of the Mac is compromised and soon they realize that the messages do not appear, and when they appear the mac mail message body not displayed on macos 11. This article aims at informing you of the causes of Mail not showing messages and how to troubleshoot email problems in the mail on macos 11.

The Possible Reasons Why Mail Not Displaying Messages on macOS 11

Mac computers have an in-built Apple Mail or Mac Mail that is their email client. The service is user friendly and efficient to use and allow you to manage your iCloud, Exchange, and IMAP email accounts. Unlike Outlook and Gmail, Mac mail users have access to their email messages even when offline. The messages and attachments like office files, PDF, videos, and photos are stored in the internal storage of the Mac machine. The Mailbox becomes bloated with an increase in Mailbox and soon began showing errors like mail not displaying message body content on macos 11 or not being displayed at all.

The errors are due to unresponsiveness of macOS, garbled inbox, or the Mac system is unable to find relevant messages. The Mailbox becomes slow and can spin for a long time without any message being displayed, message reflecting apple mail emails are appearing blank on macos 11 or displaying messages that cannot be understood.

How to Troubleshoot Email Problems in Mail on macOS 11

When you have problems in Mail on your macOS you can consider re-indexing or rebuilding as a method of troubleshooting. When you have some messages missing, you can begin by checking blocked contacts which stops the message from a person or a group of people, and your rules can direct messages to another mailbox. Delete all the messages from the spam folders as well as unwanted emails in order to free storage in your Mac and give space for the incoming messages. You should also ensure that your Mac is updated with the latest version. Where the problem is still there, you can opt to rebuild or index your Mac.

Rebuild Mailboxes

Rebuilding the mailbox deletes all the messages and any related information and then re-download them from Mac Mail servers. Click the Mail icon on your screen and open it. On the menu, click Go found at the top. On the drop, menu click Applications and then click the Mail option. Several mailboxes are displayed on the left and click on the one you want to rebuild. The Mail immediately begins deleting all the locally stored messages and attached files in the mailbox and then re-downloads from your server. The time taken to rebuild highly depends on the capacity of your information. The more the information the more the time is taken to re-build and the vice versa is true.

When the problem of the missing Mails in your inbox persists you should opt for a manual re-index. The Mac is designed to re-index automatically whenever it detects problems in their mailboxes. However, it is highly advised to manually re-index when you realize the Mail issues in your Mac.

mac mail message body not displayed on macos 11

Manual Re-index of Mac Mail

If you were on Mail, go to the menu bar and click on Mail Menu and quit mail at the bottom of the drop-down menu. Type ~/Library/Mail/V2/Mail Data on the window that pop-up when you select the Go Folder. Select the Envelope Index file and copy it into a new folder you create on your Mac. Move the newly created folder to the trash. On the menu bar click on Go and then select Applications. Click the Mail option and Continue on your pop-up menu. A new Envelope Index is created to replace the deleted ones. The final stage of re-indexing will take some time depending on the capacity of information found in the targeted mailbox. You can then re-launch your Mail app in order to fully re-index mailbox. If the mail messages on your Mac show all the messages, you can then delete the Envelope Index you had saved.

mac mail message body not displayed on macos 11

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apple mail emails are appearing blank on macos 11

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