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Top 5 Apps to Save Text Messages to PDF on iPhone


2023-07-11 15:09:38 • Filed to: iOS PDF Apps • Proven solutions

Text messages increasingly form a key part of modern business. Today more people than ever use their smartphones regularly in place of a desktop PC, or even a tablet. Just as this has been a big change in recent years, so too has communication via mobile phone changed too. More people communicate important information in text messages, and that info needs to be retained.

That's why saving text messages in PDF can be really useful. When you export text messages from iPhone to PDF, you can ensure your information is easily shareable, sendable, and storable. It's easy to share a text message with a colleague via PDF, send a PDF to anyone who needs an original copy, and use a PDF to backup texts so they're not lost if accidentally deleted.

There are many fantastic apps that make it easy to save text messages to PDF:

1. Copytrans - Back Up iPhone Messages to PDF

Copytrans is a favorite app of many professionals who want to convert text messages from iPhone to PDF. As well as offering conversions of regular (SMS) text messages, it also works with iMessage, Whatsapp, Viber, and Line chats. This is fantastic for somebody who regularly uses a variety of messaging apps. This is actually just one example of this app's versatility.

export text messages from iphone to pdf

As well as making PDFs easy to export, Copytrans also allows for your text messages to be exported in other file formats. For professionals who regularly work with HTML, Microsoft Word files, and other formats, Copytrans can quickly become a very valuable app for use each day.

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2. Phoneview - Export and Save iPhone SMS, iMessages

This app is a comprehensive data storage and backup program. It integrates your phone's apps with your desktop or laptop computer. This makes it really easy to sync your text messages. You can even review them later when your phone is charging, or not connected to your computer! Alongside sync text messages, Phoneview makes it very easy to export them via PDF.

export iphone message to pdf free

Beyond its text message features, this app also syncs voicemails, call history, and even allows you to access digital media stored on your phone like photos and videos. This is really useful for anyone who wants to use their content on a bigger screen. It's also good for anyone who loves regularly sharing their content with friends and family.

3. iExplorer - Export iPhone Text Messages

There is a lot of like about the iExplorer app, even if competitor apps do a brilliant job also. iExplorer provides any user with a really enjoyable user experience in transfer & backup text messages (SMS) to your Mac or PC. Installing the app on a computer, a user is greeted with a bright but sophisticated interface. This makes sorting through and organizing messages and content really easy. Also, really fun!

export text messages from iphone to pdf

Particularly impressive is iExplorer's wide range of features that accompany every conversion. Rather than converting one file at a time, it is possible to combine multiple text messages into one file for PDF export. Sure other apps offer this too, but often it involves extra steps. iExplorer places a priority on saving a user's time, and that should always be appreciated in business.

4. AnyTrans - Your Ultimate iPhone Backupper

Even today there are many people who still find it awkward to still use a smartphone or computer. For those people, AnyTrans by iMobie is a fantastic and simple solution, an app that syncs text messages from phone to computer, and does it with a really elegant and clear platform. This app is also handy for skilled professionals who want to ensure each PDF conversion is rapid and seamless.

export iphone message to pdf free

Because AnyTrans has such a streamlined design, it is very easy to upload 1 or 1000 text messages for conversion at any time. This is wonderful for someone who needs just one text quickly converted to PDF, or someone that needs a whole ton of messages changed to the new PDF file format. Transferring other files like photos and videos is also easy with this app too.

5. TouchCopy - Save and Print iPhone Messages

TouchCopy provides text messaging synchronization and PDF conversion via USB connection. This can be a challenge if anyone forgets to bring their USB cable with them but is also really good as it promises great speed anytime sync happens. Exporting text messages to PDF on this app is really easy with a dedicated ‘save to PDF' button always available in the interface.

export text messages from iphone to pdf

TouchCopy brings to this list a number of features the aforementioned apps have. But on top of this, it also includes a beautiful and modern interface that makes using this app on your computer a real joy. The flexibility of this app is really good, as it can be used on Windows PCs and Apple Mac computers interchangeably. A great pick for someone who daily uses PDFs on a computer.

How to Save Text Messages to PDF on iPhone

An important thing to keep in mind is converting texts to PDF on the phone will be easier, but usually if looking to convert many texts it will be quicker to do it on a computer. Either way is good, but it's just always good to keep in mind which way is the most effective. So how do you do this exactly? How do you save a text message to a PDF? Let's look now.

If you intend to save text messages to PDF files on your phone, the process will be simpler. Saving text messages to PDF on your computer can take longer, but usually offer more options. Both methods are very good, and many people like to use a phone and computer to save texts. The general steps are as follows:

If on phone:

  1. Identify what text message you want to save
  2. Take a screenshot of your text message
  3. Then find the screenshot in your photo gallery and click share or export
  4. Choose the PDF file format at the export option, and save your file
  5. You should then be all done!
  6. Or you can download message export to PDF app to complete this task for you.

If on computer:

  1. Ensure the app you have installed on your phone is now synced to its computer form
  2. Connect your phone to your computer (via Bluetooth, USB cable, or cloud)
  3. Identify on the computer the text messages in your phone you wish to convert to PDF
  4. Install the above top software.
  5. Then begin the process and before too long all your texts will be converted to PDF

How to Read and Take Notes on PDF for iPhone/iPad

There is a variety of options available once you've saved and stored text messages as PDFs. To really maximize your uses, it is necessary to ensure you have complementary apps installed. PDFelement for iOS App is a really good one in this regard, a powerful but initiative app that makes it really easy to read PDFs while on the move. Alongside being a reader, it also offers the ability to interact with the PDF and modify it.

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With PDFelement you can annotate a document, and you can even sign one too! For professionals often required to sign documents digitally, this can be really fantastic. Even with text messages, the ability to annotate notes, and even sign a PDF to verify a text message's legitimacy can be really helpful. Exporting from PDFelement is also a very easy task to do.

export iphone message to pdf free

Storing your text messages via PDF is a great way to distribute information. Especially as you can export iPhone messages to PDF for free. The versatility of PDFs is wonderful. So be sure to use a variety of apps to get the very most out of the message-to-PDF process.

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