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How to Become a Real Estate Appraiser

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2024-04-08 10:52:34 • Filed to: Software for Real Estate • Proven solutions

Since it is one of the most popular sectors of business today, the real estate industry has a variety of professional roles within it. Some examples of these are real estate agents, brokers and appraisers. The real estate appraiser assigns monetary value to a property before any transaction. By using specialized methodologies and software, they can analyze a property and give it a fair market value. Among other things, the real estate appraiser considers the value of adjoining properties in making this decision. This professional is involved in every real estate transaction. Therefore, they are a very important figure in this industry. Here is more about what they do and how to become a real estate appraiser.

What Does a Real Estate Appraiser Do

A real estate appraiser gives value to a property before any transactional procedure is performed upon it. Examples of these procedures are sale, mortgaging, insurance, taxation or development. This professional works in areas that they fully understand. In addition to that, the real estate appraiser is normally aware of concerns that could affect the value of a property in question. An example of such are environmental issues. This professional normally specializes in one type of real estate for example commercial or residential properties. Furthermore, they appraise one property at a time.

real estate appraiser

In the course of their work, a real estate appraiser begins by verifying the authenticity and accuracy of all legal descriptions of real estate in public records. They also inspect both the new and existing properties. While doing so, they note the unique features. Throughout this process, the real estate appraisers take photographs of these properties covering both the interior and exterior surfaces.

They also make use of comparables to assign a value to a particular property. Having determined a specific figure, the real estate appraiser prepares a written report. In addition to that, they compile and maintain up-to-date records on every property under their purview. With these tasks in their schedule, real estate appraiser jobs are clearly important and highly involving. For those wondering how much does a real estate appraiser make, a licensed real estate appraiser salary is $150,000 annually.

How to Become a Real Estate Appraiser: Step by Step Procedure

Here is how to choose real estate services online:

Begin as an apprentice appraiser

This is the first step in how to become a real estate appraiser. Also known as a registered appraiser or trainee appraiser, this is the first stage towards achieving appraiser status. It requires that you take, complete and pass a total of 75 hours of training. This education covers 3 courses. They include basic appraisal principles and commonly followed procedures. The third course covers the Universal Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). While most states do not issue an examination after completion of these courses, some do. Make sure to check with your state concerning assessment at the end of formal training. After completion of the formal studies, an apprentice appraiser needs to work alongside a licensed appraiser. During this practical section of learning, the trainee must maintain a detailed log of their activities.

Graduate into a licensed appraiser

To achieve this level of proficiency, you are required to complete 4 more courses taking up a total of 75 hours. They include market analysis as well as valuation of the property site and expense approach. The other courses involved are comparison and approaches of sales as well as writing reports and case studies. These courses can be taken from a residential or commercial point of view depending on your specialization.

how to become a real estate appraiser

After completing the formal training, you are required to perform 1000 hours of practical experience under a licensed real estate appraiser. Once again, this practical training must be logged. After this is done, you can proceed to take a national examination. Upon passing it, you can proceed to apply for a license.

Apply for an appraiser license

This application is submitted to your state board. They will review your initial apprenticeship formal and practical training. They will also review your higher level formal and practical training. Once this is done, the board can issue you a license. Consequently, you can practice as a licensed real estate appraiser.

Buildium - Real Estate Software That's Compatible with Real Estate Appraiser

Modern real estate appraisers leverage the power of Information Technology (IT) in their practices. One of the most ideal software resources for them is Buildium. This digital tool boosts workplace efficiency by automating appraisal tasks. It can verify authenticity descriptions and also present business metrics automatically. The software can also compare properties so as to assign fair market value and also produce professional reports on the value status of a property.

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how much does a real estate appraiser make

Buildium provides direct access to a valuable resource of real estate professionals. By doing so, it allows an appraiser to get clients and grow their business. The software also provides online access as well as tips and tricks on how to perform professional appraisal. It is accessible at no cost through a limited demo trial. Continued use requires some payment.

One of the most important professional roles in real estate is the appraiser Not only do they assign prices to properties, they also guide the overall direction of a real estate market. The guidelines on how to become one are indicated above. Moreover, some special software that can be implemented in this role is explained as well. A real estate appraiser is very important in real estate transactions today!

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