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PDFelement SDK

Wondershare PDFelement SDK provides users with a convenient, easy-to-use, and high-performance development library. It helps developers use C++, C#, Python and other development languages as well as development environments to customize platforms, programs or systems in different platforms. By embedding powerful PDF functions, the needs of different terminals and different scenarios can be satisfied.
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Increase your productivity

How to achieve digitalization for companies?

pdf functions

PDF functions

Integrate PDF functions into OA system so as to display PDF documents in user system. According to the needs of process nodes, you may make comments or add digital signatures, etc., which is suitable for mobile office.
data extraction


Securities, banks, and financial companies often need to deal with a large number of PDF documents, including extracting data in batches and importing tables into business systems for statistics analysis.
convert pdf


Convert PDF document into Word, PPT, Excel, etc., to meet the requirements of capturing data in documents of specific formats, which breaks the restrictions between PDF and streaming file.
collect data


Create professional and editable PDF forms through the business system and distribute them to external customers to fill in. After the forms are regained, the customer information in the forms is extracted in batches through the system.

Challenges faced by enterprises.

professional team
A professional R&D
team is needed

PDF is an international standard for office documents. Companies need a professional R&D team to develop functions or products that meet the requirements of business scenarios.

long development cycle
Long development cycle
and high costs

The development of PDF-related technologies requires a long period of time. Costs and pressure that companies are facing are extremely high.

No security

Products developed based on open-source technologies have greater information security risks. Business information and confidential documents are at risk of leakage.

What can PDFelement SDK bring to you?

Support Windows and Linux application environment; fit for different industries and different scenarios. Support C++, C#, Python and other mainstream development languages to meet the needs of more developers.

Supported Platforms
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Supported Programming Languages
  • Industry-leading PDF format conversion
  • Open and comprehensive PDF application capability
  • Intelligent data extraction
  • Accurate identification of wireless frame forms
  • OFD/PDF double format
  • Support red printing
  • Compatible with mainstream signature tools
  • Support document semantic tree

Empower efficient office and accelerate
enterprise digital transformation.


Companies can flexibly choose SDK toolkits according to their own business and functional requirements to meet PDF editing requirements in different scenarios.

reduce workload
Reduce development workload

Mature and stable SDK tools support command-line mode calls. Enterprises can quickly apply PDFelement SDK tools to their own business systems, accelerating the process of digitization.

reduce cost
Reduce costs and increase efficiency

Modular development tools. Companies only need to purchase on-demand. Reduce unnecessary costs and losses.

Leading underlying technology, flexible
business processes integration.

Various application scenarios.

Support Windows, Linux and other mainstream development environments.
Can be applied to different industries and different scenarios.

Enterprise-level development solutions.

Advanced underlying technology.

Powerful PDF format conversion engine.
Fully comply with IS032000, the international PDF document standard.

Data extraction is fast, accurate and intelligent.

Excellent API

Provide easy-to-use technical documents.
Support command line mode docking and invocation.

Professional technical support guarantees the effect of implementation.

Use cases.

securities company
An innovative technology company in the field of securities

This client focuses on providing securities companies with Internet information capture, natural language analysis and data analysis technologies. We provide it with SDK products related to PDF conversion and data extraction, which help them quickly realize Business system integration.

data intelligence
A data intelligence company focused on government and enterprise customers

The company specializes in the construction of end-to-end digital and intelligent solutions for government and enterprises. By integrating Wondershare PDFelement SDK products, we successfully helped a government agency build a digital official document receiving and sending system, which promoted the improvement of government governance capacity and the modernization of the governance system.

graphic image
A well-known graphic image company

Wondershare PDFelement provides PDF-to-Image conversion SDK products to help the company build an advanced business system which can efficiently convert various collected PDF files and forms into image format and store them in the designated system.

PDFelement SDK toolkit.

Service and Support
  • Professional pre-sale/after-sale technical support
  • Full consultant business service
  • Perfect implementation service system
  • Commercial authorization is safe and worry-free
  • Green service channel

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