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How to Increase PDF Size Quickly

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PDF file size is the overall size of the PDF, which is reduced and compressed to make it shareable across different platforms and even borders. The PDF paper size refers to the change in the individual dimension of the pages in a document. With the right PDF editor, you can increase PDF file size as well as resize PDF page size. 

The article offers an outlook on the process to resize PDF file size and PDF page size. Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor would be used to create this magic effortlessly. So, let us initiate, shall we?

How to Increase PDF Size?

People usually want to decrease PDF size to make the documents easier to share or store, but if you want the opposite, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor can also help you increase PDF size, whether you need to increase the PDF size to 100kb, 200kb, 1MB or 2MB.

Here are some methods to increase PDF size with PDFelement.

Open PDF in PDFelement

Download Wondershare PDFelement and launch it. The PDF editor is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. Tap "Open Files" from the interface and import the PDF file that you want to increase size.

Method 1. Add Blank Pages

One way to increase the PDF file size is to add more pages to it. Add one or two blank pages if the PDF is slightly smaller than the required size. In PDFelement, go to "Page" > "Insert".

 increase pdf size

Then you can add blank pages to the right place. Then go to "File" > "Properties" and check if the file size meets the requirement. If not, go on.

check pdf size

Method 2. Add Large Images

Another clever way to increase PDF size is to add more images or add images of higher quality to it. You can do this using PDFelement. PDFelement can also make the added image transparent so that the PDF size is successfully increased while the images are invisible to the viewers.

At this time, you can click Edit > Add image and add an image of high quality. After saving the change, you will find the PDF size has increased significantly.

pdf size increase

Then right-click the image in PDFelement and click "Edit Image". Change the opacity of the image to zero. Now the image disappears while the PDF size increases.

Tip: How to Reduce PDF size with PDFelement

PDFelement offers High, Medium, and Low-quality compression rates as per user needs. Go to "Tools" > "Compress" and pick as your find necessary. Hit "Apply." PDFelement presents how much file has been reduced in MBs and percentage.

select compress type

How to Resize PDF Pages?

Knowing how to change PDF page size is essential as the world progresses rapidly with all its might. The PDF reduce page size makes the printing process functional and practical. Wondershare PDFelement is one of its kind application that provides this feature free of complications.

Wondershare PDFelement offers a wide variety of custom-size options for your PDF pages based on the printer in use. This section introduces the step-by-step guide to scaling PDF page size as needed.

Step 1. Open the PDF for Increasing Size

To begin, download Wondershare PDFelement in your system. Launch it as soon as the installation process is concluded. Import the targeted file afterward by clicking on the + icon.

increase pdf size

Step 2. Launching the Page Panel

The top toolbar shows the "Page" menu option. Hit "More" > "Page Boxes" from the context menu that appears. Another window pops up after this command.

access page boxes

Step 3. Picking out the Page Size

The user would find the "Apply to" tab in the "Set Page Size" in the left panel. PDFelement offers four options from there.


The first one is CropBox. You can use this term to define the region that the PDFelement has to display to be printed. It usually defines the boundary for different contents on the page.


The next one is ArtBox. The term was first designed to showcase the region covered by the artwork of the page. Additionally, you can select this option to define the location of the advertisement or promotional design to protect the contents during printing. Moreover, it helps define a comfort zone.


TrimBox displays the intended dimensional size of the final page of the PDF. It is considered the most significant page size when it comes to the printing industry. The term showcases the final size of the trimmed packaging and labels after the page reduction is performed.


BleedBox visualizes the region inside which the graphic elements need to be clipped in when the output is in the production environment. It is usually 3mm-5mm larger than the TrimBox. You can choose this page size to get rid of the blank spaces on the edges of the label.

select your page size type

Step 4. More Options to Change Page Size

After the choice is made, you can change the "Page Size" and "Page Range" to apply the setting. 

page size and range

Step 5. Customize your PDF Page Size

The "Page Size" lets the user change PDF paper size by using "Fixed" and "Custom" page sizes. There are multiple options in the "Fixed" section, and you can also set the length and width of the page as you deem necessary in the "Custom" section.

customize your page size

Step 6. Changing the Page Range

As for "Page Range," you can set the size of the specific page in the "Range" tab or use the same design on all pages of the document. The even and odd selection also depends on the user. Essentially, you can manually crop the page size using the blue borders around the file size.

select your page range for applying

Step 7. Apply New Settings

After you are done, hit "Apply" and be done with the process of adjusting the PDF paper size.

apply the page settings

How to Increase PDF Size Online for Free

Of course, one of the easiest ways of increasing the size of your PDF is to increase PDF size online. Whether to increase PDF file size in MB online or increase PDF file size in KB online, it doesn't matter; you can do it easily online.

  • Step 1: On the Docupub PDF, resize the page; simply upload the file you need to increase the size by clicking "Browse." Note that files must be below 20MB.
  • Step 2: Resize as you want by clicking "Page Size" and selecting the size from the drop-down menu or adding your custom page size. Fill all necessary boxes as you deem fit.
  • Step 3: Download the file once done.
increase pdf file size in mb online

While using an online tool to adjust the page size of your PDF might seem fast and easy, it has its glaring drawbacks.

  • Firstly, a PDF file size increase online tool will put a limit on how much you can increase. Online tools hardly work with heavy PDF files.
  • If more features are needed to resize or adjust your PDF files, they might not be there, and if available, an online tool usually charges you for it.
  • In case you want to edit the text of your PDF as you carry out an online PDF size increase, very few online tools have the features or capability to allow you to do more. For instance, an offline tool such as PDFelement allows you to edit your PDF too as you resize your PDF file.
  • It's also quite hard to come up with or increase the size of PDF files enriched with such media as surveys, images, videos, and other rich media. Desktop software is much better in such a scenario considering its huge number of features and capabilities. Most online tools cannot help you much beyond simple functions.
  • Also, online tools are only used largely by individuals and not small, medium-level, or large companies. As you might already have guessed, the privacy and security of confidential documents is a huge concern today, and most companies aren't willing to see their private files hosted or accessed online, even within their browsers and business premises.

Essentially, increasing PDF size online might be simple, but if you want other functionalities to edit and transform your PDFs, you might want to try a superb, feature-rich PDF desktop tool such as PDFelement.

FAQs about PDF Resizer

1. How do I increase the size of a PDF to 150 KB?

It's not very common but sometimes you may want to increase the size of a PDF. To do that, you can try to replace the images in the PDF to high-resolution versions. This will effectively increase PDF size. Or you can try adding more pages to the PDF file or adding contents like logos, icons, annotations to the file.

2. How do I resize a PDF to 300kb?

If a PDF file is too large and you need to resize it to 300kb, a PDF compressor can help you with that. For example, you can open the file in PDFelement, click Tools > Compress to shrink the PDF file.

3. How do I resize a PDF to A4?

PDF editors like PDFelement can easily resize PDF to A4. Open the PDF file, click "Page" > "Page Boxes" and select "Change Page Size" and change to page size to A4..

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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Buy PDFelement right now!

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