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How to Create a Hyperlink in Google Docs

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: Google Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

When writing a document, you usually encounter such a situation where you need to link the part of the document with a link from a website. Hyperlinks are one compelling solution that can be adopted while writing documents on Google Docs. This article provides users with a guide on how to create a hyperlink in Google Docs to make the written documenting more interactive and informative over the inquiry.

How to Create a Hyperlink in Google Docs

For understanding the methods involved explaining how to create a link to a Google Docs, there are a few straightforward steps that guide you in creating a hyperlink for your Google Docs, and you need to follow the step-by-step guide, as stated below.

Step 1. Select the Text

After opening the document in Google Docs, you need to select the appropriate text you want to insert a hyperlink to a specific website.

create a hyperlink in google docs

Step 2. Add Link

Now, you can select the “Link” icon to proceed. Then a new window under the name of “Edit Link” appears on the screen. Here you can change the text and add the link of the website that you find suitable to add as a hyperlink on the document.

create a hyperlink in google docs

Step 3. Apply and Confirm the Link

Following the addition of the link, apply the changes made, and observe a blue underlined style over the text you have selected. For confirming whether you have entered the right link, click on the text, and see if the link that opens is correct.

create a hyperlink in google docs

The Best PDF Software

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How to Add Link in PDF

While understanding the method of how to add a hyperlink in Google Docs, you can also utilize this feature while considering PDFs in PDFelement. PDFelement provides you with the additional ability to add links onto the PDF by following a series of steps that would guide you to execute the function with ease.

Step 1. Open the PDF File

Before adding links on the PDF, it is important for you to open the PDF using PDFelement. Launch the software, tap on “Open File” to access the local directory for adding the PDF.

open pdf

Step 2. Create a Link

After opening the file, you need to access the “Edit” and then select the “Link” option, leading you to choose a specific area where you wish to add the link. After choosing the area, a window pops up, making you set the appearance and action of the link. After setting up the options, tap on “Set Link” to conclude.

add link in pdf

Step 3. Save the File

With the link added on the file, you can now save the document into a specific directory and elapse the procedure.

save pdf

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