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How to Reduce Line Spacing in Word

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2024-01-08 18:46:10 • Filed to: Word Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

Formatting is one of the major pillars in the documentation where content writers are quite keen to build a sustained structure of the document. Various techniques can be adopted to develop a perfectly formatted document across a word processing document. One of the techniques is setting up lines across the document and amending their spacing of the lines to make the document look far more presentable and catchier. This article describes a detailed guide on how to reduce space between lines in Word.

How to Reduce Line Spacing in Word

There are several formatting features that can be utilized to make the document look impressive and attractive. One method that can be tested by users is reducing the line spacing in their document. Several documents have a huge gap between their lines, which replenishes the quality it usually infuses in itself. For this, Word provides its users with a very simple and straightforward solution with explicit options and tools. To understand the simple method of how to reduce line spacing in Word, you need to follow the steps.

Step 1. Open File and Select Text

As you launch Word, you need to open the respective file that you wish to format. With the file opened, you need to select the text that is to be spaced properly.

Step 2. Select Text and Approach Scale

From the “Home” tab, you need to navigate to the “Paragraph” section and select the option of “Line and Paragraph Spacing” to open a set of different options to select from.

Step 3. Set Line Spacing

You can set the line spacing with the options that are available in the drop-down menu. The smallest value for line spacing that is available is 1.0 in the options. You can access the “Line Spacing Options…” present in the list to set a value of your own.

reduce line spacing in word

The Best PDF Software

As we look over a guide on how to reduce space between words in Word, there is another file format that is frequently consumed among professionals. PDF files are regarded among the perfect file formats for reading documents. This follows the need to have a PDF editor that would offer them the options for managing the PDF files efficiently. In this case, the article presents the user with the option of Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, a prolific and exemplary platform that offers its users the perfect tools to edit and convert the PDF document.

While assuring the sustenance of the quality of PDF file, it also provides you with a variety of other tools to work with. PDFelement ensures that you can review and comment across the PDF files directly without having them converted. Following this, it also provides different options to develop fillable forms that can be edited and managed with the interface of the platform. Over the question of file security, PDFelement ensures a password-protected environment with the option to redact information that would keep the files safe from illegal and unnecessary access.

How to Reduce Line Spacing in PDF

PDFelement, as stated, is a PDF editor that offers unique tools and features to work with. As you get to know the simple method of how to add hanging indent in Google Docs, you should be set aware of the simple and effective feature of text alignment offered in PDFelement. The following guide explains the steps that are required to align any text in a PDF.

Step 1. Import a PDF File

Install the platform on your desktop and launch it. Over the home window that opens up with the launch, select the option of “Open File” from the list to import the PDF from the local directory.

open PDF

Step 2. Access Editing Option

Hover your cursor towards the “Edit” tab present on the top of the window. With the new sub-menu that opens up, select the icon displaying "Edit Text and Image Object."

edit pdf

Step 3. Adjust Line Spacing

Following this, you need to select the text and access the option of "Paragraph Mode" on a similar menu. With the options available in the left window, select a specific number or tap the "Adjust Line Spacing" option to settle the spacing.

adjust line spacing

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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Buy PDFelement right now!

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