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File And Format Things In Publishing Workflow Can Be A Breeze With PDFelement

PDF can play an important role in every step of the traditional or self-publishing workflow. Whether in creating, proofreading, publishing, or collaborating, properly using PDF can bring tremendous efficiency gains.

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Digital Documentation in Publishing Workflow
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Make Publishing Workflow More Efficient
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FAQs About (E-)Book Publishing

Why do publishers prefer PDFs? Know more about digital documentation in (e-)book publishing.

PDF is a file format widely used in the print and publishing industry, especially the PDF/X series of standards. However, the traditional publishing industry seems to be moving towards digitalization, which brings more opportunities for e-book formats. The Statista Digital Market indicates that there were more than one billion e-book users worldwide in 2021.

Digital documentation in the publishing workflow.

File Formats: MS Word, Google Docs, and PDF.

section2-LightBulb Scenarios where authors use PDFs

Create manuscripts in .doc for easy formatting.


Submit manuscripts to editors in .pdf for format unification and security.


Convert Manuscript Docs to PDF with passwords and watermarks for secure submission.


File Formats: MS Word, Google Docs, PDF, Printed Documents (occasionally used).

section2-LightBulb Scenarios where editors/proofreaders use PDFs

In traditional publishing: work with a hard copy or a PDF.


In self-publishing: proof texts in MS Word or Google Docs.


Annotate PDFs with sticky notes, text boxes, etc. and share PDFs via links.


File Formats: Files from popular DTP software, such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Publisher, QuarkXPress, etc.

section2-LightBulb Scenarios where desktop publishers use PDFs

Import PDF to DTP software to design and create publications.


Export documents in DTP software to PDF for easy printing and sharing.


Split large PDFs into pages for easy importing. Compress PDFs without losing quality for high-fidelity printing.


File Formats: MS Word, PDF, interactive PDF, ePub, MOBI, RTF, etc.

section2-LightBulb Scenarios of using PDFs in E-Publishing

Create e-books or flipbooks from PDFs, which can be easily exported from programs such as Microsoft Word, Desktop Publishing software, etc.


Batch convert PDFs to ePub, HTML, and other formats easily.

Maximize the efficiency of publishing workflow with PDF and PDF Software.

Use PDF software to improve the efficiency of any aspect of creation, proofreading, and publishing. Also, make collaboration in the publishing workflow more organized.


Boost the efficiency of creating and proofreading

Convert manuscripts from multiple docs to one single PDF.
Add passwords and watermarks to PDFs for security and easy submission.
Review and proofread PDFs like reading a real book, with custom notes/comments.
Edit PDFs like Word. Take PDFs from chaos to calm with a few clicks.
Extract text or data with OCR to handle complex projects.

Boost the efficiency of publishing

Reorder pages and add hyperlinks, bleeds, headers & footers to PDFs like operating in Word.
Split large PDFs into pieces to easily import them to InDesign or other desktop publishing programs.
Merge documents to one PDF from different sources, such as .png, .tiff, .jpg, .doc, .rtf, .pdf, etc.
Batch compress PDFs without losing quality. Convert PDFs to e-book formats for easy distribution.
Screenshot funny content in publishing-ready books to post on social media for promotion.

Boost the collaboration of the publishing team

Sign book publishing contracts electronically, fill out the invoices digitally, and send them to related parties with ease.
Share proofread, edited, or nicely layered documents with multiple parties at once with just one click.
Multi-Platform support, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Cloud.

Publishing Use Case


Customer Success | Patricia Jones in 105publishing

Boost communication between publishers, authors, and illustrators.

A scalable and reliable alternative to Adobe Acrobat, which reduces costs by 70%.

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This tool is so user-friendly. It allows me to move pages around and delete pages without changing any of the contents in the PDF. I don't know of any other software that allows you to do this.
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FAQs about Publishing Files

  • Step 1. Open the PDF file with PDFelement.

    Step 2. Click on the Word icon under the Convert tab and Save the PDF file to Word format.

    Step 3. Open a blank PUB page with Microsoft Publisher. Then click on Insert > Insert File, and choose the Word document to import the text in the PDF to the PUB file.

  • Both InDesign and Publishers are excellent design tools and have their own capabilities and strengths suitable for different design needs.

    Publisher is designed for normal MS Word users who also want design capabilities. It is only available for Windows (PCs) and is more suitable for printed products, such as flyers and brochures, which may be printed with laser or InkJet printers.

    InDesign is a more sophisticated product known for precision in layouts and numerous output formats. If you need primarily digital assets and advanced capabilities, you will choose InDesign.

  • Step 1. Open the PDF with PDFelement for Mac.

    Step 2. Click the File > Print option to open the Print dialog.

    Step 3. In the Print window, set the parameters for the booklet you want to print on Mac.

    Step 4. Finally, click on Print to send the job to your printer. Then, you can bind the printed papers to create a handy booklet.

  • You can use Adobe Acrobat to convert an INDD file to PDF format.

    Step 1. Launch Adobe Acrobat and click Tools > Create PDF from the top menu bar.

    Step 2. Select Single File or Multiple Files and drag and drop the INDD file to the window.

    Step 3. The converted PDF will be opened automatically in the Acrobat software. Save it to your local drive. Thus, your INDD file has been converted to PDF.

    Step 4 (Optional). Use PDFelement to edit the converted PDF as you like.

  • PDF to flipbook conversion could be easy like a breeze with appropriate tools. Offline programs like PDF to Flipbook Maker and AnyFlip for Desktop are simple and hassle-free converters. Online tools like Heyzine, VisualParadigm, FlipBookPDF, and Flipsnack can help you turn PDF documents into fabulous flipbooks online.

    Note: Ensure all pages in your PDF are the same size if you don't want your flipbook to look shabby. You can use PDFelement's crop feature to cut the pages into the same size.

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