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How to Remove Link from PDF

2020-10-10 09:59:48 • Filed to: How-To • Proven solutions

You might come across a situation where you copy a complete document from a website that pastes its link along with the text in your word processing documents. In a few cases where you download PDFs that you want to attenuate with your written content, there are different interlinked hyperlinks present throughout the document that are both unnecessary and not required. This article presents you with a guide on how to remove link from PDF using PDFelement to synthesize the structure of your PDFs and make them presentable with no stones unturned.

How to Remove Link from PDF

Step 1. Open the PDF File

After downloading and installing PDFelement on your desktop,you need to import the PDF file to remove the PDF link.

remove link from pdf

Step 2. Access the Link Option

Then you can select the "Edit" > "Link" Option to perform this task.

remove link from pdf

Step 3. Delete Link

You can now navigate to the link you want to remove and then right-click on it and select the "Delete" option from the drop-down menu.

remove link from pdf

PDFelement is one impeccable PDF editor that provides proficient and efficient remedies for handling PDFs. Usually, it is known that handling PDFs is quite a difficult task to execute; however, PDFelement looks forward to providing solutions that are both time and energy-sustaining for users of every scale and profession. While it allows you to remove hyperlinks from PDF, PDFelement provides state-of-the-art editing and conversion tools that allow you to create and edit documents without changing yourself into any other format. Following this, it is quite impressive to consider that the original shape and form of the PDF sustains even after conversion.

It is not the only feature that PDFelement has in comparison to other editors. PDFelement allows you to comment and review different documents without changing their structures and annotate them for other users to look over and amend. Signing documents is another characteristic that is quite intuitive and featured in PDF editors. PDFelement allows you to keep signatures as a confirmation technique followed by a protection mechanism, validating your information present within the document.

Besides, you can also create different forms under one-click and develop impressive structures and have them shared throughout the social media. PDFelement provides you a ground for managing these forms and evaluates them accordingly to use the data for specific purposes. Security is another option that is highly appreciable in PDFelement, where password protection and information redaction are worth praise.

How to Edit Link in PDF

Editing a link in your PDF file using PDFelement follows no trick. The complete procedure can be covered with the aid of a few buttons and functions that allows you to edit your link in the PDF.

Step 1. Upload your PDF file to PDFelement by clicking on the "Open File" button.

open pdf

Step 2. Following this, you need to access the "Edit" button from the toolbar present above and move to tap on "Link" to start the editing.

edit link

Step 3. For adding a link, you need to draw a rectangle in free space and set the link within the new "Link" window. Conversely, if you wish to edit a link, you have to double click on the anchor text to move into the "Link" window. You can variate the different options presented in the window.

edit link in pdf

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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