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How to Add Video in PDF

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: PDF Link • Proven solutions

PDF reports are getting quite common at official levels where different feasibility reports and monthly reports are encouraged to be designed in the PDF format, which is both easy to read and revolve around the staff for effective criticism over the report. However, many people have mentioned the requirement of adding different interactive videos within reports to make them look more attractive and comprehensive. This article presents different mechanisms that can be adapted to add video in PDF using Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, an effective and efficient PDF editor.

Two Methods to Add Video in PDF

If you are in search of a PDF editor that provides you with useful and powerful editing tools, PDFelement is the perfect option that you can consider. In the case where we intend to insert video into PDF, PDFelement provides a very explicit feature set where you can edit and enhance your PDF files with advanced tools and effects. So this article intends to provide you with two distinctive methods that would help you add video in PDF using the tools of PDFelement.

Method 1. Add Video in PDF Through a Link

The first method revolves around handling the video in the form of a URL. You can simply insert the hyperlink of the video in your PDF, which can be easily accessed by simply tapping on it. However, to get knowledge of how to add a video link in your PDFs, you need to focus on the steps provided below.

Step 1. Open the PDF File with PDFelement

Launch PDFelement on your desktop and use the add button to open a file on the platform by simply browsing it from the local directory.

add video in pdf

Step 2. Access the Link Option

After opening the PDF document on your platform, you need to tap into the "Edit" section from the tabs on the top of the platform window. Then, you can select the "Add Link" option to initiate link addition and adjustment.

add video in pdf

Step 3. Add Video URL

Under the drop-down menu of Link, there are three options you can choose. According to your need, you can select one of them and then draw a rectangle on the PDF in a blank section. If you choose to open a web page, you can add the URL of the video in the web link window. Besides, when you select to open a file, you can also choose a file in the "File Link" window. After that, click the "OK" button. While concluding the process, you can open the video by tapping on the link.

add video in pdf

Method 2. Add Video in PDF As an Attachment

Another method that can be considered to insert video to PDF is through embedding the video as an attachment through the Comment option of PDFelement.

Step 1. Import the PDF file to PDFelement, and then access the "Comment" tab from the options provided on the toolbar above. After opening, you need to tap on the "Attachment" button.

add video in pdf

Step 2. Navigate through the file and place the "paper clip" icon on the PDF to add an attachment.

insert video in pdf as an attachment

Step 3. With the "Open" window on your front, you need to select the video from the local directory. The video can be edited from the properties bar present on the right of the screen.

insert video in pdf

The Right Tool for You to Edit PDF - PDFelement

PDFelement is an impressive PDF editor that provides you with impeccable features that allow you to manage PDFs with style and agility. It helps you sustain both the time and quality of the PDF with its editing and converting tools. It also provides you with the option of commenting and reviewing documents without changing their format. Furthermore, you can also validate these documents with the help of different signatures. It can surely come quite handy in official cases.

While considering these features, PDFelement provides you with the option of creating one-click fillable forms that can be managed through PDFelement. Analyzing the form results is not difficult in any case with PDFelement. With PDFelement, you can also redact your information and protect your PDFs with password protection. You need to surely look out for this platform to get to know more about its impressive structure.

This article introduces you to different methods that allow you to put a video in PDF with the help of PDFelement and its impressive features. You need to have a look at this article to get to know more about the procedure.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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