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How to Resize PDF with Three Methods

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Disk space is essential when you have small storage in your PC. Some large files can be resized to save up space. Some communication media such as email have a limit of file size one can send at a time. One of the files that take up large spaces is large PDF files. They can be resized to allow the user to accommodate new items. In this article, we will introduce you to how to resize PDF with the best pieces of software or online platforms. The tools present in offline and online platforms are reliable, depending on the user's needs.

Method 1: Resize PDF File with PDFelement

Resizing PDF involves a series of actions. What happens during the resizing of the PDF file? Well, the offline or online platform deletes repeated information, or the user can manually delete unnecessary images, texts, or pages. It is by following the instruction that one finally succeeds in resizing or compressing the PDF file. Follow these steps to resize PDF document with Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor.

Step 1. Open PDF Resize Software

After installing the program, launch it, and navigate on the interface. Go to "Open files". The system will redirect you to your PC, where you will select the file and click "Open".

resize pdf

Step 2. Resize PDF File

When the file is uploaded, you have a load of tools to activate. In this case, to resize PDF file, you need to click the "Tool" tab and select "Compress PDF", where you can select the resize class from low, medium and high. Click the "Apply" button to resize PDF file. After the process is completed, you can check the file properties and size.

resize pdf file

Method 2: Resize PDFs by Deleting Objects

Another reliable option is to remove texts, images, objects, and pages to resize PDF file. This is ideal for users who have high capacity computers. The processing speed and RAM of the hardware should be at their best. These software products contain tools that enable editing more straightforward and user-friendly. For such programs to be a success, the user interface should be simple and easy to navigate.

Step 1: Remove Unwanted Text

This is a reliable alternative to resizing the PDF. With PDFelement, you can change the font, font style, and aligning text. Run this PDF Size editor and upload a file on your computer. Click the "Edit" button tab in the top bar to change the text and image icon.

Modifying the text to your desired choice will help to resize PDF file. Choosing to delete the texts by selecting the text and pressing delete on your keyboard.

pdf resize in kb

Step 2: Resize or Remove Images or Objects

Upload the file you prefer to work on. This feature is for PDF with images or objects. Click the "File" on the "Home" tab and choose from where you want to import your file. The file will display, select the "Edit" tab, and enable the editing feature. Right-click the image to bring a pop-up menu with image cut, copy and paste or adjust the position. Also, after enabling the editing feature, the user can delete the image completely.

pdf size resizer

PDFelement contains features or tools that make it the superior PDF resize software. This program is worth investing your money and time. The safety and conversion degree is high as professionals recommend it to other users. If you are a beginner, this is your program, have an expert experience when using it in your daily life. The primary features in this tool are:

  • Opening, viewing, and navigate PDF.
  • Create PDF files from other file formats as well as from scanners.
  • Annotate PDF - this involves the adding of attachments, comments, and text markups.
  • Edit PDF - modify the texts, images, graphics, and other elements in PDF documents.
  • Convert PDFs to other file formats, including Word, Excel, PPT, images etc.
  • Protect PDF with open passwords, permission passwords and redaction areas.
  • Sign PDF with hand-written signature and digital signature.
  • Transfer scanned PDF and images into editable texts.
  • Optimize, print, and share PDFs.

Method 3: How to Resize PDFs Online for Free

Websites like HiPDF helps the user in accessing multiple PDF tools for free. You can use it to resize PDF free. The online version always gives the user to download their desktop version. It is the simplest online version to use without worrying about downtime. Their servers are reliable. After the PDF is uploaded, compressed, and downloaded the website permanently delete the file from their servers.

  • Step 1: When you open the HiPDF official website, you get exposed to various PDF tools. Go to "All Tools" > "Compress PDF".
  • Step 2: Click the "Choose File" button and select and upload the PDF file you want to resize.
  • Step 3: When the uploading is complete, click on "Compress" and wait until the process is complete. This may take minutes. The website gives you the freedom to pick the quality of output.
  • Step 4: When the file size has to be compressed, you will notice that the PDF document has reduced in size. Click on "Download". You can also share it through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. The website always protects the privacy of the user. Lack of annoying ads makes the HiPDF site the best bargain.
pdf size resizer

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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