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CISCO Video Conferencing User Guide

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: Software for Reseller • Proven solutions

CISCO is not just about manufacturing routers and switches but it also has worked in many other fields to provide us with some top-notch machines and solutions. CISCO video conferencing is one of them that comes with dedicated devices specially-designed by CISCO and enables you to host video conferences without any hassle. Let us find more about CISCO video conferencing below.

What is CISCO Video Conferencing and How to Use it

Named as Webex, this brainchild of CISCO is one of the most reliable services to conduct online video conferences. The best part of Webex is that you can also use CISCO devices to experience the smoothest audio and video output.

cisco video conferencing

CISCO Webex conferencing allows you to join the meetings from your mobile through an app, your PC through a web browser, or a video system. Protected with the end-to-end encryption, CISCO Video Conferencing System is trusted by hundreds and thousands of professionals and has over 113 million active monthly users.

Some of the most prominent features of CISCO Video Conferencing are private chat, excellent presentation tools, screen sharing, real-time chat, electronic hand-raising, presentation streaming, on-demand webcasting, and many more.

How to Use CISCO Video Conferencing

Given below is a quick guide on how to use CISCO Video Conferencing.

  • Step 1: Sign up for your free account that also offers a 40-minute meeting as trial purposes.
  • Step 2: Once you sign up successfully, you'll be redirected to a personalized dashboard.
  • Step 3: Here, click the Start a Meeting button (Do not forget to select Join from Web App).
  • Step 4: It will let you to your personal meeting room where you can click Join Meeting to start your video conference.

So, this is how you use CISCO video conferencing. As the CISCO video conferencing solutions are costly, you may also be interested in knowing about its alternatives. So, let's explore the top 3 CISCO video conferencing alternatives below.

Top 3 CISCO Video Conferencing Alternatives in 2022

1: ClickMeeting

If you don't want to rely on specific hardware neither want to pay heavy amounts and still looking for a reliable and fast tool, don't worry because ClickMeeting is available to fulfill all your needs regarding web conferences and online meetings.

cisco video conference system

ClickMeeting lets you host webinars and video conferences without downloading any software on your PC. Simply, sign up for a trial account to test it and host your first meeting right away within a couple of minutes.

Apart from reliability, ClickMeeting has got some wonderful features for you such as custom branding and live streaming to YouTube and Facebook. Let's find some more below.


  • Easy screen sharing with one click
  • App integration
  • Data collection through the forms
  • Dedicated accounts for multiple users


  • Call to action for quick leads
  • 10-hour recording storage
  • Polls and surveys
  • Customized invitations to build trust


  • ClickMeeting has got no negatives

2: Skype for Business

Skype for Business is the advanced version of traditional Skype and can be used to host online meetings. It comes with a number of useful functionalities including screen sharing, end-to-end encryption, and instant messaging. Some other important features of Skype for Business are mentioned below.

cisco video conferencing devices


  • Transfer of control between presenters with one click
  • Up to 250 users can participate in the meetings
  • Office Apps integration supported


  • Meeting recording
  • Background setting and auto-cropping
  • Secured connections


  • May go slow if the number of users increases
  • Lacks private chat
  • Presentation tools need to be added

3: Zoom

Zoom is the third one in the list of top CISCO video conferencing alternatives and is among the best ones. It enables you to host meetings and conferences easily. Its free version lets you host 100 participants for an unlimited time.

cisco video conferencing hardware


  • Custom emails
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Admin dashboard
  • Premium support
  • Branding


  • Add-ons supported
  • Unlimited meetings
  • LTI integration


  • Costly

Advantages and Disadvantages of CISCO Video Conferencing

Well, almost every app has different advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, CISCO Video Conferencing has also some positives and negatives. Let us explore them below.


  • It is highly professional and the best match for enterprises.
  • Regardless of the country, it will change your time zone automatically.
  • It provides the best audio and video experience.
  • Its integration with Office Outlook makes it a full-fledged tool because you can schedule a meeting and send the invitation through email.
  • If you already have an IT professional to deal with the technical specs, it can save a lot of your time.


  • It may be very costly for you and you may be needing to have a big budget for CISCO Video Conferencing.
  • You may need to rely on dedicated devices introduced by CISCO that will cost you even more.
  • If you are not technically sound, you may be needing to hire an IT professional to make it work.
  • While sharing your screen, you may face disruption and bad quality in audio and video.

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