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How to Turn PDF into JPG

2021-09-09 11:00:33 • Filed to: How-To • Proven solutions

Users regularly turn PDF into JPG so they can be edited in a native application like Photoshop or any other image editor. Since these tools don't always have PDF to JPG conversion as a function, the only way is to first turn the PDF into the JPG format so it can be opened in the image editor. If you're wondering how to turn a PDF into a jpeg file, look no further. This article shows you three different ways to turn a PDF into JPG using PDFelement, one of the world's fastest-growing PDF editors in terms of numbers of users. This is an ideal tool whether you're a professional running your own show or part of a large organization with locations all over the world. With that, let's answer the question: how do you turn a PDF into a JPEG file?

Method 1: How to Turn a PDF into JPG

The first method involves turning single PDF files into JPG image files. This is just one of the ways to turn PDF into JPG in PDFelement. The conversion happens in a very short amount of time, so even large high-resolution images are converted in just a few seconds. During that time, the entire PDF file will be converted into JPG. If you only want the image, make sure that you optimize the page size, so the picture covers the entire page. Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1. Open PDF

The first step is to open the PDF file in the application. You can do this by clicking the "Open files" option on the home page and navigating to the file in Explorer and click "Open," or just drag it from there and drop it into the software interface.

turn pdf into jpg

Step 2. Click "To Image"

On the first inside page, which is the "Convert" tab, you'll see a toolbar with several options for converting PDF to other formats. Click the "To Image" button and then select JPG as your output type.

how to turn a pdf into a jpeg

Step 3. Select the Output Folder

Next, choose the output folder once the "Save As" window opens. You can also change additional settings here before you convert the files. When you're ready, hit "Save."

how do i turn a pdf into a jpeg

Step 4: Turn PDF into JPG

Once you click on "Save," the file conversion will begin, and you will see a progress bar. Once that reaches 100%, the file will be stored in your selected location, and you can click "Open" to see the image.

how do you turn a pdf into a jpeg

That's all you need to do in order to quickly turn a PDF into JPG using PDFelement. The next method describes how to do the same thing without having to open the file. Read on to find out how.

Method 2: How to Turn a PDF into a JPEG

This method shows you how to use the Convert PDF module in PDFelement, so you won't need to open the file. This method is useful when the file is ready to be converted, and no other changes are required prior to the conversion. When you're converting multiple PDFs into JPG, this is a useful feature to know.

Step 1. Click "Convert PDF"

First, launch PDFelement and click on the "Convert PDF" option in the welcome window, as shown in the screenshot below.

turn pdf into jpg

Step 2. Select the PDF File

Now the Open window pops up, letting you select the PDF file to convert. After selecting, hit the "Open" button.

how to turn a pdf into a jpeg

Step 3: Turn PDF into JPG

Once you've chosen the file, the "Save As" window will open; here, you will need to choose the target destination for the output "Image Files(*.JPG)" file.

how do i turn a pdf into a jpeg

Once you click "Save," you'll see the progress bar as described in the previous method. Wait till it hits 100% and click on "Finish," or click the output folder link and then "Finish."

Both these methods can be used to convert one PDF file at a time, but what if you have multiple files that need to be turned into JPG? In such cases, you can use the Batch Process feature found in PDFelement Pro. Please continue reading.

Method 3: How to Turn PDF into JPG with Batch Process Tool

This method allows you to turn as many PDFs as you want into JPG files. The conversion is fast and highly accurate, and it will only take a few minutes to convert a large number of high-resolution PDF images into JPG files. The steps have been provided below:

Step 1. Click "Batch PDF"

Once you have the program open on your computer, click the "Batch PDF" option to see all the choices for bulk-processing of PDF files.

how do you turn a pdf into a jpeg

Step 2. Add PDF Files

Now, the Batch Process window pops up, and you can upload by clicking the "Choose file" button or drag and drop the PDF files into the Convert window.

turn pdf into jpg

Step 3: Turn PDF into JPG

On the bottom of the "Convert" window, select the output format as JPG and the output folder of your choice. Click "Apply" to begin the PDF to JPG batch conversion process. Wait for the process to finish, and your JPGs will be in the chosen folder at the end.

how to turn a pdf into a jpeg

All these methods offer powerful ways to turn any PDF to JPG in a matter of seconds or minutes because of the speed and accuracy that PDFelement brings to the equation. You'll notice that the output files are rendered perfectly in the image format and can now be manipulated in any image editor.

Although the conversion of files from PDF to JPG is a useful feature to have, a solid PDF editor should also offer a host of other functionalities. PDFelement comprises all these basic and advanced features for everyone, from beginners to pro-level users. Here are some of the things you can do with this amazing and versatile software:

  • You can create PDFs from blank documents or use the extensive template library to get you started. In addition, you can convert more than 300 file types into PDF while retaining the original attributes and characteristics of the content inside. As we saw, you can also turn PDF into JPG and other image formats, but there are also output options for several other file types like Excel, PPT, Word, HTML, ePub, Text, and more.
  • Annotate and add digital signatures to any PDF file. There is a comprehensive toolset of markup elements you can use for reviewing and commenting. These include text callouts, sticky note reminders, freehand, shapes, arrows, text highlighting, etc. This feature affords a simple way to collaborate with other stakeholders such as designers, writers, developers, and so on.
  • Complete PDF protection is possible with the password-based file encryption and redaction features. Control the level of access for any user or lock the file so only authorized people can view it. Security is important, which is why PDFelement has the highest-grade encryption support possible.
  • Fill, create, and convert forms with ease. It doesn't matter what format your form is in. If it's a Word or Excel file, convert it into a fillable PDF; if you need to create one from scratch, do that easily and quickly; if you need to extract data or identify the fillable fields, you can do that, too.
  • Organize and manage all your PDF workflows with powerful tools to merge and split PDFs, reorder, remove, or add pages, rotate pages, and other tasks. When sharing PDF files, optimize them by reducing the file size so email clients won't block them.
  • Advanced tools like OCR and batch processes are available in the Pro version. This greatly enhances your productivity because you won't have to process one file at a time.

All of these features are presented in an easy-to-understand and clean interface. No confusion about which features to use or how to find them. In addition, PDFelement is one of the most affordable professional PDF editors available today. Try it out for yourself and see your productivity and efficiency zoom up the charts!

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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