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The Top 10 PDF to CSV Converters

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CSV is a simple file format for storing tabular data. If you want to reuse the data in PDF documents, you can convert PDF to CSV format. Below, we'll outline 10 of the most popular free PDF to CSV converter tools.

Part 1. Best PDF to CSV Converter Software for Windows and Mac

1. PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a popular application used to perform a variety of PDF tasks, including PDF conversion and creation. It is also an awesome tool for viewing/editing PDF documents, as well as creating and filling out forms.

free pdf to csv converter

Apart from conversion, the application can also be used to compress the size of your PDF files, merge or split PDF documents, insert or remove PDF pages, and redact sensitive sections of your content. As well, you can add annotations, bookmarks, watermarks, bates numbers, digital signatures, passwords, hyperlinks, footers, headers, and other useful tools.

2. ProperSoft PDF2CSV

ProperSoft's PDF conversion solutions offer multiple features for converting PDF documents to a variety of other file types. One of them is the PDF2CSV converter, which offers a simple and user-friendly platform for converting PDF documents to CSV, XLS, XLSX, and CSV Mint. It is popularly used to convert credit card and bank statements to editable spreadsheet files, which is extremely convenient.

free pdf to csv converter

It also allows you to combine multiple PDF files into a single spreadsheet to help you keep your documents organized. Both the full and trial versions of the application are available for Mac and Windows.

3. PDF2XL PDF to CSV Converter

PDF2XL Basic is a premium solution from CogniView that extracts tables and other content types from PDF documents and writes the data to an Excel-friendly file format such as CSV. It boasts of one of the fastest conversion speeds ever for a PDF converter, with speeds of up to 500 pages/minute. It can also convert a PDF file with unusual structure and layout, for example, documents with multiple tables, unreadable fonts, or other atypical elements within the document.

pdf to csv converter free

PDF2XL Basic is available in multiple languages, including German, Spanish, French, and Dutch, which makes it a global solution for carrying out PDF conversions. However it can be quite expensive - the smallest package is close to $200 for Windows.

4. Simpo PDF to CSV Converter

As its name suggests, the Simpo PDF to Excel provides an easy and straightforward platform for converting your PDF files to formats supported by Microsoft Excel, including CSV. You simply add one or more PDF documents, select specific pages from the uploaded PDF files that you want to upload, and convert the PDF files to CSV. It's a simple process.

pdf csv converter

It also has one of the most efficient batch conversion processes: it allows for the conversion of up to 200 different PDF files at the same time. It's still quick even with multiple files, and users can typically expect to receive the output CSV files within seconds or minutes, depending on the size of individual files.

5. Wondershare PDF Converter Pro

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is a tool specially crafted to enable simple but reliable PDF conversion and creation. PDF Converter Pro is typically used to convert PDF documents to Word, Excel (including the CSV format), PowerPoint, image, HTML, and EPUB files. It also supports the creation of PDFs from these file types.

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro features multilingual OCR to enable users to work on scanned PDF files in over 20 different languages. It also processes files that have been protected with editing passwords and can also be used to insert a password prior to CSV conversion. It also includes batch processing that allows users to work with multiple documents at once for fast and stable conversions that fully preserve the original layout and formatting.

csv pdf converter

Part 2. Best PDF to CSV Converter Online

There are many online tools that enable you to convert PDF to CSV for free. However, you should avoid uploading a PDF file with sensitive information to an online website in case of data breach. You can use a desktop program such as PDFelement to safely convert PDF to CSV.

1. Zamzar PDF to CSV Converter Online

Zamzar PDF to CSV converter can turn PDF files into CSV in a very simple way. Just upload a PDF file, select CSV as the format you want to convert to the PDF file tool, and click Convert Now. The converter can be accessed for free, however, the free version can't convert PDF files larger than 50MB. Zamzar can also convert PDF to Excel, Word, and more.

free pdf to csv converter online

2. Convertio PDF to CSV Converter Online

Convertio PDF to CSV converter free is another easy-to-use online tool for converting PDF to CSV. It allows you to convert not only local files from your computer but also PDF files from Google Drive, Dropbox. To convert an online PDF file, just copy the URL of the file to the converter. Besides CSV, Convertio can convert files in more than 200 formats. The free version of Convertio enables you to convert up to 100MB PDF to CSV for free.

free pdf to csv converter online

3. Aconvert PDF to CSV Converter Online

Aconvert is an online converter that supports PDF to CSV for free. Like other PDF to CSV converters, you can upload PDF files to the converter for converting. The PDF to CSV converter also supports batch conversion, which means you can convert multiple PDF files to CSV at one time with the converter, which can save your time and effort if you have more than one files to convert.

pdf to csv converter online

4. CDKM PDF to CSV Converter Free

CDKM PDF to CSV Converter is an online tool that is built with many open-source projects so that the converter is free to use. It can convert both local and online PDF files to CSV files and provide a file compression option for you to reduce file size after the conversion. The website also includes tools such as PDF OCR, JPG to PDF merger, and more.

pdf to csv converter online

5. Apose PDF to CSV Converter Free

This is an online PDF to CSV converter that is free to use without email registration. You can upload files from Windows, macOS, and Android for converting. However, iPhone users are unable to use the tool. It can convert PDF to not only CSV, but also Excel, JPG, PNG, and more.

free pdf to csv converter online without email

Part 3. Is There a PDF to CSV Converter App for Mobile Phone?

If you are looking for a PDF to CSV converter app for mobile phone, you will be disappointed. There is no PDF to CSV app available on any app store for you to download on your phone. To convert PDF to CSV on your Android or iPhone, you can use an online converter, such as Zamzar, Convertio.

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