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Top 5 Most Popular Real Estate ERP Software in 2024

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Real Estate • Proven solutions

Known for its vibrancy and potential for profit, the real estate industry is very popular. Entrepreneurs try their fortunes in this type of business by buying and selling property. In addition to that, real estate agents and brokers have embraced technology so as to boost their profitability. One of the digital tools that they use is real estate ERP software. By using this digital tool, these professionals are able to collect and manage the information that flows between various sections of their companies. The software provides them with data and updates about their enterprise performance to enable informed decision-making. Moreover, they use the digital tools to stay in touch with external clients. Here are the top 5 real estate ERP software.

5 Best ERP Software for Real Estate

1. Buildium

This software tool enhances the day to day operations of real estate professionals by providing them with up-to-date information. The Buildium ERP software provides updates about current and potential clients. In addition to that, any sale or maintenance data concerning properties in your portfolio is delivered automatically. This ERP software for real estate also incorporates a number of accounting resources. For example, it can help you to reconcile bank statements, produce financial records and stay financially compliant. Buildium also delivers strategic knowledge through a unique connection to stakeholders in the real estate business. By doing so, it can help you to gain important information that you can use to land high-value clients. Capable of integration with other digital tools in the real estate sector, this software is free to access through a limited demo.

real estate erp software demo


  • It provides complementary features for real estate professionals
  • You can use this software to handle accounting tasks
  • It facilitates a resource of real estate communities
  • It can effectively be integrated with other software tools for extended effectiveness


  • It is costly

Download Buildium >>

2. BrokerMint

Designed specifically for real estate business, this software tool helps with the organization and implementation of information in your back office. The BrokerMint software can seamlessly integrate various departments in your real estate firm. By hosting a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, it can streamline client relations for improved sales. Moreover, this Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software allows you to categorize all your contacts into relevant groups for easier communication management. BrokerMint is capable of special features such as controlling access to the system through an administrative account, assessing your financial compliance, scheduling of activities through calendars and providing automatic email alerts. You can try it out through a limited real estate ERP software demo account. Unlimited use requires payment.

best erp software for real estate


  • It provides smoother inter-departmental interaction
  • The software delivers strategic information for better client interaction
  • It can help you to organize stakeholders through contact categorization
  • This software can perform financial assessment


  • Its most effective features require payment

Download ValueLink >>

3. RealSpace

With a focus on delivering a tangible Return on Investment (ROI), this software is highly valuable for real estate agents. RealSpace is user friendly and has a short learning curve. It allows you to manage your property listings easier. In addition to that, you can use this ERP software to create brochures that are eye-catching and uniquely represent your brand. Using its CRM module, RealSpace can share your promotional material to active leads at the tap of a button. From its centralized dashboard, you can capture, convert and close potential clients. The software also allows you to create customized workflows to track and control leads from inception to sale. With automatically defined timelines, every client is properly handled through this software for maximum returns. Containing smart marketing features, this real estate ERP software demo can be utilized for free over a limited time period.

real estate erp software demo


  • It uses strategic features to guarantee a ROI
  • This software has a variety of marketing features
  • It allows you to create workflows
  • The software can be accessed at no cost through a trial period


  • It cannot be integrated with other software tools

Download RealSpace >>

4. Deskera

Developed upon Cloud infrastructure, this software tool can perform all the necessary activities which are required in a modern real estate firm. Deskera enables you to manage finances, track your sales and manage human resources from one comprehensive dashboard. The software also allows you to disburse your company's resources strategically. By empowering you to interact with clients and pay vendors automatically, Deskera improves your productivity and increases the efficiency of your operations. A unique feature of this ERP tool is that it has in-depth financial capabilities. It can effectively create financial reports, purchase orders, regulate inventory and perform online billing. All your business information is also reported in real-time. This software can be manipulated at no cost through a 15 day trial period. Further use requires that you make some payments.

erp software for real estate


  • It is a multi-functional digital tool
  • The software provides you with an intuitive dashboard
  • It uses automation to increase your firm's efficiency
  • It can be accessed at no cost through a trial


  • The trial period is short

Download Deskera >>

5. Elinext

This software solution can be implemented in real estate firms of various sizes. Elinext software is supremely scalable hence it can handle small, medium and even large organizations. This digital tool is fully client-centric. As such, it can deliver high sales in your firm. Moreover, you can view various business processes in your firm on its user-friendly dashboard. Elinext real estate ERP software helps you to increase your firm's speed of operations through automation. Moreover, it enables you to respond to client requirements through a seamless CRM module. The software is also capable of in-depth analytics.

real estate erp software


  • It is scalable
  • This software has a client-centered design
  • It has a multi-functional dashboard
  • The software contains a CRM feature


  • It cannot be tried out for free through a demo account

Download Elinext >>

For you to experience smoother operations and a higher Return on Investment (ROI) for your real estate firm, it is important to invest in software. The digital tool indicated here deliver the best services. They are the best ERP software for real estate and guarantee results.

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