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How to Fill out PDF Form Using Adobe Form Filler

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How do I fill in a form in Adobe Acrobat? It is not hard. However, if it is your first time using Adobe Form filler to fill out PDF forms, you will need a guide cause you might find it hard to figure out how to use it. In this article, you will learn how to use Adobe PDF Form Filler and its alternative.

How to Fill out PDF form with Adobe Form Filler

Adobe Acrobat is a tool that enables you to manage your PDF files, including PDF forms.

Step 1. After installing the Adobe Form Filler, you need to open it and then open the PDF form on this program.

Step 2. Next, click on the “Fill and Sign” option to begin filling your form. Beside the "Fill and Sign" option is an option to request signatures if you want to add signatures to your PDF form.

Step 3. Under the "Fill and Sign" option, you will get the editing options that are the annotations, sign form, and color options. Here you can pick on the options that you want you to fill your form with in the text fields.

Step 4. Next, move the cursor to form fields that you want to fill. Where you see a blue box, it means that that the box is fillable; hence you can select it and fill it. Otherwise, if it is not a fillable form, you will have to fill it manually. Click on "Add Text" and begin adding texts.

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How to Fill Out PDF Form with Adobe Form Filler Alternative

Filling out PDF forms using Adobe Form Filler is not everyone’s choice. Some people might find it hard to navigate; hence there is a need to introduce you to Adobe Acrobat form filler alternative. Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is the best option to fill out interactive and non-interactive forms thanks to its OCR plugin that makes the PDF form editable. Its inbuilt PDF editor also makes it easier to modify its texts and images. Moreover, with this software, you can annotate PDF, convert PDF to editable formats, protect PDF, and create PDF files easily. So how do you use this software? Follow the guide below.

Here is a guide on how to Adobe PDF Form Filler using PDFelement.

Step 1. Open PDF file

Open the installed PDFelement software and upload the PDF form. To upload PDF form, click on the “Open File” button, choose the PDF form file from the File Explorer and upload it.

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Step 2. Fill out the PDF form

After that, the PDF form will open up on the PDFelement window. From there, you can then you can begin to fill out your PDF form. Click on the “Form” menu and click on the “Form Edit” button. On the right side of the toolbar are the radio button, text editor, signature, and other form editing options to use. Just click on the appropriate tool and navigate to the box on the form and apply it. Once you are done filling out the PDF form, you can now save it on your computer.

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Comparison between Adobe Acrobat and PDFelement

Now that we have looked at Adobe Acrobat Form filler and PDFelement, we can compare them so that you know which one to install.

Adobe Acrobat
Converts PDF to Excel, Word, PPT, and JPEG Converts PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, HTML, Images, EBUP, and Plain Text.
Edits PDF files and organizes pages Edits PDF files organize pages
Allows you to sign and protect PDF files Allows you to sign, protect and redact PDF files
Enables to share PDF files and request for comments Allows to share PDF files via mails, Dropbox and Google Drive
The standard version only supports Windows Supports both Windows and Mac
It is expensive - $179.88 per year It is affordable- $79 per year

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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