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The html to text phenomenon is one of the best and the most advanced for users to make sure that the formats are converted. To convert HTML to text there are programs which can be used in the best and the most advanced way. The working of the programs is such that it allows users to work in the best manner. The html to text converter also allows the users to overcome the problems which the manual conversions will present. PDFelement is a program which makes the idea to easy to perform.

Convert HTML to Text on Windows

The overall management functionality of PDFelement is great and it is advised to all to follow the process which is mentioned as under. It completely shows that PDFelement is a program which is very easy to use.

Step 1. Open a HTML

Right-click a HTML file and click "Open With" to choose the browser which you want to use to open the file.

html to text

Step 2. Print HTML

Use the print function in your browser to open the print dialog window. It is advised to choose PDFelement as the printer to make sure that the print process proceeds in the right manner.

convert html to text

Step 3. Convert HTML to Text

The printed file will be opened in PDFelement automatically, then click on "Convert" > "To Text" option to convert HTML to plain text, or you can click the "To RTF" button to convert HTML to rich text.

html to text converter

The Best HTML to Text Converter

HTML to txt is an idea which is made too easy by the PDFelement. The program has all what it takes to be the best convertor. The overall management of the program is great and to convert HTML to plain text this program is the best of all. There are literally hundreds of formats which are supported by the PDFelement. The program also supports the html to rich text which makes sure that the best and the most advanced results are obtained. With PDFelement it is very easy to manage the PDF files with great ease.

PDFelement is a boon for the users that do not want the PDF manipulation to be a tough process. The best part of the PDFelement is that it literally has hundreds of functions which can be used to overcome the problem in several different ways. There are many other programs which cannot come even closer to the working of the PDFelement. It is highly advised to all to make sure that the PDFelement is used. The program is highly intuitive and also allows the users to overcome the problems which the other programs present.

PDFelement also allows the users to perform the corporate related functionalities with care and perfection. Bates number extraction and addition is not a difficult problem. However this can only be done if the user requests the support team to add corporate functionalities to the program. It leads to long lasting results. The PDFelement is one of the best and the most advanced programs that have ever been developed to get the work done when it comes to PDF files.

  • PDFelement can be used to make sure that the most basic functions such as PDF opening and formatting is performed with great ease.
  • The program can be used as a powerful converter as well. It can convert HTML to rich text and can also convert html text to plain text.
  • The graphical elements which are within the PDF files can be managed with great ease and can be rotated, moved, added and deleted with ease and satisfaction.
  • The OCR of the program is one of the best features of the program. It can be used to extract the text from the images regardless of their format.

Tips: Better Understanding of Text

What is HTML Format

The internet media type of the HTML format is text/html and it was developed by the W3C in 1993. There are several versions which are launched in this regard and the stable release was finally launched in December 2017. The ISO and IEEE standards have also been developed to make sure that the different launches are supported and fostered. It is an open format which means that it can be downloaded and used by anyone to perform the functionality as well as coding. The first and foremost extension of the program which was launched in 1993 was SGML which has been obsolete since then. The latest format which is launched in this regard is XHTML. The HTML 5.2 is the latest release of the language which has been launched. The version numbers were not granted to the HTML format in the beginning. It was in 1995 that the first version of the HTML with the name of HTML 2.0 was launched.

What is TXT Format

The internet media type of the txt file is text/plain and the UTI conformation code is public.text which makes it as one of the most used files of all times. The best part of the txt or the text file is the fact that it can be used to overcome the problems of formatting as it does not require any nor does the file itself support it. The margins and the padding of the txt format are also not at all required and there are editors which can be used to get the work done with ease. There are many specialized editors which can be used to make sure that the txt format is manipulated and there is no way else. The MS DOS was the first OS which had the txt format embedded within it and therefore it is highly rated by the old users as well.

Properties Plain Text Rich Text HTML
Formatting Not Available Available Not Available
Purpose of Format Text Storage Formatted Text Storage Web Page View
Format View OS Independent Some features should be turned on to view it OS independent
Storage Type Plain text Formatted as per user requirement Web based text which is coded
Editors Note Pad Word Pad Browser
Release 1982 1987 1993

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