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How to Create Multi-Page PDF

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: PDF Creator • Proven solutions

How to create a multi-page PDF? That’s a question many business users ask, so we decided to show the process in a couple of different ways. As for the purpose of doing this task, a lot of businesses regularly need to merge multiple documents to create multi-page PDFs to send to their vendors (specs, requirements, etc.), their clients (portfolios and so on), and even for internal use (training, etc.). This article shows you the step-by-step process of how to create a multi-page PDF in two different ways. With these methods, you can easily learn how to make a multi-page PDF without Acrobat and the high cost it entails. For this exercise, we’ll use an affordable Adobe Acrobat DC alternative called Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, which is quickly becoming the de-facto PDF editor of choice for small and large companies that don’t really want to spend tens of thousands of dollars deploying Acrobat DC or Acrobat Pro DC across their organization.

Here are the two methods to create multi-page PDFs from two or more source PDF files.

Method 1: Insert Additional PDF Files to a PDF

This method involves adding new PDF files to an existing one using PDFelement’s "Insert from PDF" function. The idea is to have your master file open and then use the Insert function within the Page tab to add new content. The details are shown below:

Step 1. Open the Original PDF

Launch the program and click the "Open files" option to import the master PDF file to which you want to add additional PDF files. You can also import the file into the program using a drag and drop action.

create multi page pdf

Step 2. Add another PDF to a PDF

Next, go to the "Page" tab on the main menu at the top, then click the "Insert" option in the ribbon toolbar below it and select the option that says "From PDF". This will cause a new Insert window to pop up, where you’ll see several options.

how to make a multi page pdf

Step 3. Create a Multi-Page PDF

The first step here is to browse and select your PDF file. Once that’s done, choose where you want the new pages to be added using the options in the "Place At" section. Click "OK" when you’re ready and the selected pages from the source file will be inserted at the specified place in the open master PDF.

how to create a multi page pdf

You can repeat this process with multiple source files to compile your master PDF. Finally, save the master PDF with a new name and exit the application. There’s also another way to create a multi-page PDF, and this is by combining several PDFs or several different file types and merge them into a single, multi-page PDF file.

Method 2: Combine Multiple Files to Make a Multi-Page PDF

This method uses the "Combine PDF" and "Combine Files" functions in PDFelement. The first one can be found on the home page when you load the application; the second is on the "Tool" tab. The step-by-step process for both is shown below:

Step 1. Click "Combine Files"

To merge other file types and create a single, multi-page PDF, click the "Combine Files" option in the "Tool" tab.

how to make a multi page pdf without acrobat

Step 2. Add Multiple Files

A "Combine Files" window will appear on your screen. You can click "Add file" to import files of different formats, as shown in the screenshot below.

create multi page pdf

Step 3. Create a Multi-Page PDF

Once you add your source files, choose your output folder at the bottom of the window and hit the "Apply" button to merge the files. The output file will be a PDF, and you will see that all the original content has been preserved as in the original source files. This is especially important when you have various content types like text, images, tables, graphs, charts, and so on.

how to make a multi page pdf

Apart from allowing you to make multi-page PDF files from different source files or different PDF files, PDFelement offers an extensive palette of PDF tools you can use to make your document management task more efficient.

Edit PDFs:

  • Edit any element inside a PDF document.
  • Add or remove content from PDFs.
  • Editable content includes text, images, links, embedded videos, graphs, tables, watermarks, headers, footers, pagination, etc.
  • Your edits will not affect the overall layout of the content.

Create and Convert PDFs:

  • One-click create PDF feature from over 300 file types.
  • Convert PDF into editable files like Word, HTML, EPUB, Text, etc.
  • Accurate and fast conversion, even for large files.
  • Convert to ISO standard PDF/A format for long-term archiving.

Review and Comment:

  • Annotations have never been this easy, with extensive mark-up tools to accurately convey your message to other collaborators.
  • Customizable annotation tools.
  • Ability to show/hide, add, and delete annotations.

Protect and Sign:

  • Password protection.
  • Enterprise-grade file encryption protocols.
  • Watermarks.
  • Redaction tool.
  • Digital signature to validate your identity and the document’s authenticity legally.

Optimize PDFs:

  • Reduce file size.
  • Remove unwanted elements.
  • Flatten PDF to eliminate non-printable content.

Organize PDFs:

  • Add and remove pages.
  • Merge and split PDF files.
  • Reorder pages with drag and drop motion.
  • Extract text, data, and images to a new file.

Forms Management:

  • Fill PDF forms.
  • Convert non-interactive forms to editable/fillable versions.
  • Automatic form field recognition.
  • Form field highlighting for easier form-filling.
  • Add eSignature in a few clicks.

Other Features

  • Multiple viewing modes.
  • Batch Process for bulk PDF actions.
  • OCR text recognition.
  • Bookmark PDFs for easy navigation.
  • Take snapshots of selected areas.
  • Add attachments like videos as comments.
  • Crop PDF pages.
  • Print documents to PDF.
  • Share PDFs by email or directly to cloud services like Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote.

In short, PDFelement will give you full control over your PDF files and other documents, making you more productive and letting you focus on important tasks like taking care of clients and being more efficient at your work.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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