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Top 10 HEIC Converter in 2024

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: PDF Images • Proven solutions

Any HEIC converter edition should be able to preserve the quality of your iPhone photos exactly as they were taken on the device. While there are literally dozens of HEIC converter applications and online services, not all of them are capable of this task. For that reason, we've identified the top 10 HEIC file converter utilities that you can use online (browser-based) and offline (installable) to transform your files from HEIC to other image formats like JPG or PNG. We've split the list into 5 offline tools and 5 online services for your convenience. The first set describes Windows and Mac tools because some of them are also available as Mac versions. That way, we can cover a broader audience of both Windows and Mac users.

Top 5 HEIC Converter for Windows and Mac (Offline, Installable)

#1: iMazing HEIC Converter

iMazing's HEIC converter is currently one of the hottest on the market, with a huge following of iPhone users who also use Windows desktop computers. The converter app is available for both platforms and offers a slick drag-and-drop interface so you can do your conversions quickly and painlessly.

imazing heic converter

#2: iMyFone HEIC Converter

iMyFone makes a lot of great software, and its HEIC converter for Windows is part of that solid tradition of reliable applications. There's no Mac version yet so you'll have to use a PC to get the job done. However, it does offer a lot of benefits like keeping the metadata (EXIF), control output quality, convert in batches, etc.

heic converter

#3: TunesBro HEIC Converter

This one is essentially an HEIC Mac converter for batches of images, and it supports a lot of output image formats. It is also available in a Windows flavor. As with the previous application, TunesBro's HEIC converter lets you control image output quality in the converted version and keep the metadata when converting. It's also got a nice, clean interface that first-time users will absolutely love.

heic file converter

#4: Aiseesoft HEIC Converter

Another great software development company is Aiseesoft, and this company makes a lot of great tools for data recovery, phone data transfer, video conversion and so on. The HEIC converter Mac version and Windows versions are easy to use and very reliable. It also has a user-friendly interface and you can convert up to 10 images for free. It supports older and newer versions of Windows and macOS.

heic converter online

#5: FonePaw HEIC Converter

The FonePaw converter is another offline utility for HEIC conversions and it's free to use for as many images as you want. It's a reliable tool but some HEIC images may not be recognized for some reason. You can attempt it a second time and it usually works. The UI is a little old but the tool itself is highly functional and allows you to run batches of HEIC files through the conversion program.

heic converter free

Top 5 HEIC Converter for Windows and Mac (Offline, Installable)

#1: CoolUtils HEIC Converter

This one is also free but has the same old-looking UI as the previous web service. Still, it's completely free and gives you a lot of other options as well, such as the ability to rotate or resize your output image when converting from HEIC. If you want to do a batch process you'll have to pay for their desktop version, which normally costs about $25 but could be discounted from time to time.

heic online converter

#2: iMobie Online HEIC to JPG Converter

iMobie is another giant in the software industry that makes a ton of useful tools for device users. The HEIC converter interface is clean and will handle batches of photos without a problem. It has a solid user rating average of 4.6 out of 5 and offers options like keeping EXIF data, choosing output file format, selecting image quality, etc.

heic image converter

#3: AConvert HEIC Converter Online

This simple online HEIC converter offers the unique ability to convert from an image URL. You can only do one image at a time but there are a lot of options such as size and format selection. However, since it's free, it is supported by advertisements, which may be a little distracting. That said, it's a good tool when you want your output file to have specific dimensions.

free heic converter

#4: HEICtoJPG Online Converter

This is easily one of the most popular HEIC to JPG converters but, as the name suggests, there's only one format you can convert your HEIC to. It doesn't offer any advanced features but you can do batch conversions easily and conveniently. The conversion speed is pretty good but you can't always depend on the quality being maintained as in the original HEIC once it's converted. Nevertheless, it's still good for web use and social media.

heic converter online

#5: Ezgif HEIC Converter

This is not a professional HEIC batch conversion utility but it gets the job done when you want to convert just a couple of images so they can be shared with non-iOS device users. The interface is very basic and you're limited to 35MB for upload file size; however, the conversion quality is decent and this will get you through single conversions quickly.

The Best PDF Editor for You

While all of these HEIC converter utilities have their own strengths and weaknesses, you can't really do anything else with them. On the other hand, if you have a PDF editor like Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor at your disposal, you not only get access to its powerful file conversion engine but also a host of other features that will be useful when sharing or storing images in the PDF format. PDF is a great format for archiving because it can be secured with a password, easily shared online or via email, and nobody can 'doctor' or manipulate an image when it's been converted to PDF. For these reasons, PDFelement offers a compelling choice for photography enthusiasts who are also iPhone owners.

heic converter online
  • PDF editing is super-simple with an array of tools to annotate your PDF images, rotate them, resize them, crop them, and more. You can also add watermarks to safeguard your copyright.
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  • File and page manipulation is easy to do, which will help when you're creating a catalog or portfolio of your HEIC images in PDF format.
  • You can also optimize the file size for sharing, which will reduce the resolution of your PDF images. However, you will have full control over the output quality.
  • Advanced processes like batch conversion will allow you to quickly transform a bunch of PDF files to various other image formats so they can be further processed in image editors.
  • It also offers OCR, form field recognition, digital signatures, PDF/A support, Bates Numbering, and a host of other basic and advanced features. It is also available for all major OS platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

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