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The Best Way to Change Font in PDF

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2022-09-08 17:15:25 • Filed to: How-To-Windows • Proven solutions

Are you looking for a way to change font in PDF files easily? Changing font on your PDF file should never worry you provided you have Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. In this article, we introduce you two ways on how to change font in PDF using this tool.

Method 1: How to Change Font in PDF

PDFelement has an editing option that enables you to edit the texts as well as the change fonts in your PDF. When you allow the edit mode, you will be able to select the desired font style from the many font styles available. Without saying much, here is a guide on how to change the font in PDF. The steps include:

Step 1. Open a PDF

Assuming you have installed PDFelement on your computer, go ahead and open it, Next, click on "Open files" at the bottom left of the home menu. You will be able to browse documents on your computer. Choose the desired file and click on "Open" to add the PDF to the PDFelement.

change font in pdf

Step 2. Enter Editing Mode

Now, since the PDF is open on the program, click on the "Edit" menu and then enable the "Edit" mode by switching the mode icon.

how to change font in pdf

Step 3. Select Text

From there, you can now select texts that you want to change the font in the PDF. Remember, you can edit using Line mode or paragraph mode. So if you choose paragraph mode, it will select the paragraph that you click on it. Line mode will select lines within a paragraph.

change pdf font online

Step 4. Change Font in PDF

Once you have selected the texts, the properties options will appear. You can also use it to embolden or use italics. You can also choose to increase or reduce font size here. Go for the font style options and scroll through the font styles.

pdf replace font

Step 5. Select the Target Font

Lastly, you can now select the font target. When you click on a particular font style, you will be able to see PDF replace font immediately. If you are satisfied with the font chosen, then go ahead and save your work. If not, go back and select the target font.

change font pdf form

Method 2: How to Change Font in Fillable PDF

What if you are working on a fillable form, can you change the font in fillable PDF form? Yes, PDFelement allows you to change the font in PDF forms.

Step 1. Enter Edit Mode

Again, upload the fillable PDF form by clicking on "Open files" and upload the PDF file. Next, select the "Edit" menu and click on the "Edit" icon. These options will enable you to make changes to your PDF.

pdf font change online

Step 2. Select Text

Next, use the paragraph mode to select the texts within the PDF fillable form. If you want to edit texts within a line, then use line mode to select texts within that line.

change font in fillable pdf

Step 3. Change Font in PDF

When you select texts, a right panel will appear that enables you to modify the font settings. You can change the font size, use bold, italics or increase and decrease the font size. Here is when you can choose to change the font in fillable PDF by clicking on the font styles.

change font in pdf

Step 4. Select Font in PDF

From there, apply the preferred font by clicking on it, and the changes will be made. Go ahead and save your document to save the changes permanently.

how to change font in pdf

With PDFelement, there is no need to look for a way to change PDF font online. PDFelement is built with an easy-to-use PDF editor that enables you to change font style, font size, and font color. You can browse through the font styles and check the changes in real-time. Once you select the font, the changes will be made immediately. Moreover, it allows you to edit texts, delete texts, edit images or objects as well as edit links. To add on this PDF utility is integrated with other useful features such as:

  • It converts PDF files to formats like PowerPoint, Excel, Word, eBooks, Plain Texts, and HTML.
  • Creates PDF files from screen captures, existing PDF files, and also other file formats.
  • It was built with ready to use PDF templates.
  • Creates PDF forms within a click and edit PDF forms.
  • Encrypt PDF forms with passwords and permissions.
  • Enables you to redact sensitive parts within your PDF file.
  • Optimizes PDF files to any desired size without losing its original quality.
  • Enables you to merge several PDF files into a single file.
  • It allows you to add digital signatures, edit digital signatures, and use the digital signatures.
  • It is built with an OCR plugin that scans PDF files to make them editable.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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Buy PDFelement right now!

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