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How to Make a PowerPoint on Mac OS 10.15 Catalina

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The software that can be used to create a presentation on Mac includes, PowerPoint and keynote among others. In this case, we are going to learn how to make a PowerPoint on mac. There are a number of ways to go by on making a presentation on Mac which includes using Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac, creating a presentation using keynote, or Google docs and export as PowerPoint file (ppt or .pptx).

How to Make a PowerPoint on Mac

In this article, we will use Keynote on Mac to make a presentation and then export it to PowerPoint.

Step 1. Launch Keynote

Click on the “Keynote icon in the Launchpad to open it. A window displaying various theme templates “Theme chooser” will appear. In the case it does not appear, click the option key and on the “File” menu select “new” to open a new presentation template.

Step 2. Choose the Theme of the Presentation

Scroll to navigate in the theme chooser and choose the type of presentation you want to make then double click on it to open.

add music in ppt

Step 3. Change the Layout

To change to a different layout, you can click on the “Layout” button, and then select your desired layout.

add music in ppt

Step 4. Add Content

There are a number of activities you might need to perfume on the presentation which involves adding your content.

  • To add a slide, click on "Add Slide" in the toolbar and then select a layout.
  • To add text, there is a placeholder text on the slide which you should double click and type to replace it with your own.
  • To add an image, drag and drop or copy and paste an image to the slide from your computer or webpage.

Step 5. Save the File

After you are done with adding your content to the slide and your presentation is ready, you can click on "Save" and enter the file name. Meanwhile, you need to choose the location to save your file, and finally click “Save”.

Step 6. Export to PowerPoint

It is always important to try playing your presentation by yourself before you present it to other people to familiarize with it and make any necessary changes.

  • Step 1. To export the file, you can click on “Share” on the menu, and then select “export”.
  • Step 2. Click on "PPT" from the menu and then click “Next”.
  • Step 3. Navigate to the location you want to save your file and change name if necessary.
  • Step 4. Click on “export”. Last but not least, you can open the exported PowerPoint file to confirm the content.
add music in ppt

The Best PDF Software for Mac

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is the best PDF editor which can be described as an All-in-One PDF Editor. It is attributed to powerful features that can edit PDF text and images, convert documents to various formats, and also create fillable forms, protect and share documents. It has become one of the commonly used and preferred document software owing to its advanced features, flexible prices, and perfect performance. PDFelement offers full control of your work on editing and modifying with its custom tools without forgetting its easy-to-use interface. The following are some popular features of PDFelement.

• Edit PDF

Launch PDFelement on your Mac computer, and click "Open File" and search for the file you want to open. Then you can choose the "Edit" option, and then you can add text, crop, watermark, change font or background, add page numbers among others.

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• Convert PDF

Launch PDFelement on your Mac computer and import the PDF document to this program. And you can click the "File" > "Export To" option, then you select the format in which you want to convert the file like excel, word, and image, and finally click "Save".

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• Create PDF Forms

Open your PDFlelement program and click on "File" > "Create", and then choose the "Blank Document" option.

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Now click on "Form" on the left column, and pick one of the displayed elements and move the cursor to the blank area of the document to execute it.

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After that, you can set the properties of the form by double-clicking on it to either align, modify, adjust size or delete. Once you have drawn your forms, you can type in your text content. To open the created fields, you can double click on it, and then you can also open the properties window to set either calculation, options, or appearances. Finally, you can click “Save” when you are done.

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