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How to Check Mail Size before Sending on macOS

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2024-04-30 11:09:10 • Filed to: macOS Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

One of the main problems, if you do not check mail storage on macOS 11, is that you may end up with numerous old stuff. This takes up the computer memory in the Mail and the server you are using. This article aims at showing you how to view the size and properties of email messages on macOS 11 and understand where to start your storage clean-up process.

Why Would You Want to Check Message Size on macOS 11

When considering a marketing or transactional mail you should consider your limit to send the message as well as the limit of the message retrieval. The size of the messages in your email in your inbox is very important to you for the following main reasons:

1. Performance

The design of the email system does not allow mass data transfer. They use the SMTP technology that is an outdated protocol that cannot process multiple sources of data at once. The transfer agents also scan any incoming data for any potential threats and risks like viruses. This takes most of the Mail resources which affects the performance of the system.

2. Security

Email systems use limited ports for data retrieval. This means that in the case of an email bomb, where a large number of mails come at once, the whole system will go down. It, therefore, calls for constant checking of the mail size more often.

3. Storage Size

Emails are usually stored on servers, which can either be cloud or local. This is why the message and the email have their own size. When there is too much message in the mail, the system may slow down and pose a security threat to your messages.

How to Find the Size of Email on macOS 11

Knowing the size of the email on your macOS 11 is very important for security, performance, and storage reasons as earlier discussed. It is therefore imperative to understand how to find the size of email on macOS 11 to determine whether there is any action that should be taken.

Open the Mail and click on the gear icon found at the lower-left side. From the menu appearing choose the option of getting Account Information.

view the size and properties of email messages on macos 11

In the Account information window there is a menu showing the server mailbox you had chosen. The dialogue has a drop-down menu where you can choose the server in case you had not chosen the right one from the beginning. It will start showing the size beginning with the quota limit.

show message sizes in apple mail on macos 11

There will appear a spinning gear showing that the system is processing. Once the process is complete a list of all mailboxes of the account will be displayed with their respective sizes. The header on the top allows for sorting depending on the number, names, and size of the messages.

find the size of email on macos 11

The menu that appears is able to tell you the total amount of space that your messages have used and the available space for mails. This is normally because the account has a limited space that is available for you to store the messages. You should archive the messages you find annoying or those that you do not require to free up space for your Mac. This will greatly improve the performance of your mail as well as avoid the incidences of mail bombs that can be a security threat to your Mails systems. The Mailbox lists the trash, sent and inbox messages in according to the number of messages and the size they occupy.

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