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PDFelement helps healthcare providers be better adapted to digital transformation and meet HIPAA compliance needs.
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Overview of digital transformation in healthcare.

Many companies are interested in digital transformation — using digital technologies to create or modify business processes, culture, and customer experiences — to grow and stay ahead of the competition, and hospitals are no exception.
— Harvard Business Review

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The powerful and affordable PDF editor for healthcare.

Send PDF appeal letters to
respective insurance carriers.
My daily work includes writing appeal letters to multiple insurance carriers. PDFelement helps me merge multiple files into one for convenient printing and is a great remote work tool.
convert pdf
Easily edit & create PDFs and
extract data from Excel
PDFelement helps me edit PDF documents without hassle. It's also an easy-to-use tool to create PDFs from Excel, Word, and other files, and extract data from Excel files.
paperless office
Make notes on the PDF as a memory
aid for future audits
In my work, I use the program to assist my paperless office goals. It means I can send anything to print and I have a PDF record, small file to save, email, store. I am able to make notes on the PDF as a memory aid for future audits etc.
paperless office
Get multiple signatures on contracts
and onboarding documents
In our work, we have to have signatures of contracts and onboarding documents. So I need to be able to send out a contract have signer 1 sign then have it sent to signer 2 for them to sign then sent it back to the originator to be filed.
paperless office
Easily archive into PDF/A and
convert excel to high quality PDF
PDF editor can help me to edit the pdf document and easy to use to convert excel or word format to PDF format file and extract the data from excel file.
paperless office
Use OCR to digitize documents, and edit and
sign letters easily
The OCR PDF feature of PDFelement helps me a lot in digitizing letters and other documents. Its PDF editing feature is super helpful. I also use it to append signatures to those letters.
paperless office
An affordable PDF reader to view research reports
with intuitive UI
Helps in reading research reports. I like the intuitive and clean design of Wondershare PDFelement, and the pricing is reasonable against competitors.
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PDFelement solution for better HIPAA compliance and
digital document workflow.

Secure medical document
batch pdf
How to become HIPAA compliant?
To comply with HIPAA, all medical records transmitted to other entities must be searchable by keywords to allow users to redact personal and sensitive information. Digital files containing electronic protected health information (ePHI) should be protected by passwords to limit access.
PDFelement's Solution:
1 Set PDF Password: Set passwords to prevent unauthorized access to medical records. Use AES and RC4 encryption techniques to improve document security.
2 Redact ePHI: Detect and redact personal identifiable information (PII) and PHI to black out sensitive data on PDF medical reports.
3 Search and edit PII: Allow to search for keywords and text in PDF healthcare files and edit PDF text and images.
Retain & archive records
batch pdf
How long must HIPAA compliance records be retained?
HIPAA requires healthcare organizations to maintain required records for a minimum of six (6) years from the date of creation or the last effective date. However, some records' retention periods should be subject to the state's medical record retention requirements – which could be longer.
PDFelement's Solution:
1 Convert to PDF/A: Convert normal PDF documents to PDF/A format for long-term preservation to meet the HIPAA standard.
2 Perform OCR: Convert scanned forms to editable and searchable PDFs for better retention and management.
3 Batch convert & compress: Use batch processing to convert or compress a large number of healthcare documents at once.
Review and collaborate
batch pdf
Collaboration in medical teamwork:
Healthcare experts often need to provide comments on patient records, diagnosis certificates, or other documents, especially when working with medical teams. Collaboration with healthcare teams can be highly improved by sharing information via annotations or comments. A PDF editor with shared review features can significantly enhance teamwork.
PDFelement's Solution:
1 Annotate and comment: Add notes, call-outs, and highlights to provide comments or markups for group review, and annotate PDFs collaboratively.
2 Add stamp: Add stamps to PDFs as a comment tool. You can apply an Approved stamp to approve a prescription or add a Confidential stamp on sensitive files. PDFelement offers various standard stamps and allows you to customize stamps as you wish.
3 Compress to share: Compress large medical files to a smaller size without losing quality, so that you can share them as attachments via email.
Read medical articles
batch pdf
Improve PDF reading efficiency of healthcare specialists:
To assist work and study, medical professionals tend to read journals and scholarly articles every day, most of which are in PDF format. An intuitive PDF viewer can help you have a better reading experience and improve your reading efficiency.
PDFelement's Solution:
1 Multiple reading modes: Use eye protection mode to make your eyes more comfortable while reading papers. Choose single-page view, two-page view, or use split view mode as you like.
2 Search for content: Search for keywords or specific phrases in PDFs to quickly locate your target position.
3 Translate Text in PDF: Use the built-in translation tool to quickly translate texts directly in the PDF, and save the translation results in the note for reference in the future.
Digitize medical forms
batch pdf
Benefits of switching to digital medical forms:
Healthcare organizations deal with countless forms every day, which contain copious amounts of data and involve patients' privacy. PDF solution is more effective in collecting and handling patients' information in a privacy-friendly manner.
PDFelement's Solution:
1 Creates fillable PDF forms: Create fillable patient onboarding forms and allow patients to fill them directly on iPad.
2 Convert to PDF: Convert Word, Excel unfillable forms, etc. to editable and searchable PDFs for easy printing and sharing without being garbled or deformed.
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Word to PDF DOC to PDF, DOCX to PDF, DOT to PDF
Excel to PDF XLS to PDF, XLSX to PDF, CSV to PDF
Images to PDF JPG to PDF, JPEG to PDF, PNG to PDF, ICO to PUB to PDF , VSD to PDF
Other Files to PDF HTML to PDF, XML to PDF, RTF to PDF
3 Extract PDF data: Extract table data from PDF forms to Excel or CSV in an organized manner for further analysis. Batch extraction is also available.
Accelerate signing processes
batch pdf
What healthcare documents can be signed electronically?
Wet signatures can be easily forged and time-consuming. On the contrary, e-signature can not only prevent fraud with high-tech protection mechanisms but also reduce processing time. Patient consent forms, prescriptions, fit notes, etc. are very suggested to be signed electronically.
PDFelement's Solution:
1 Handwritten signature: Add signature to PDF lab reports or insurance verification by drawing with your mouse or uploading a signature image.
2 Digital signature: Add a digital signature that can be used to authenticate the identity of a user and the content.
3 Track signing processes: Send PDFs to collect signatures from different parties. All recipients will receive an email to access and sign the document from any device. You can also keep track of the signing process.

Choose your preferred PDF editor.

Comparison among the highly-recommended PDF editors for healthcare providers. Hope you can find
something useful here to pick your preferred one.

PDF Editors Summary PDF Reader PDF Annotator PDF Editor Supported Platform Price
PDFelement The affordable PDF editor with quality and value Windows/Mac/iOS/Android $129.99/one-time
Adobe Acrobat The professional one Windows/Mac/iOS/Android $239.88/yr
PDF Expert The one for Mac and iOS Mac/iOS $139.99/one-time

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Document solutions for healthcare providers.

What is HIPAA?
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law of the United States, which standardized best practices for safeguarding medical information and protecting patients' privacy. Learn more about HIPPA >>
Why is HIPAA compliance important for healthcare providers?
Regardless of the sanctions for HIPPA violations, HIPPA introduced benefits for healthcare professionals. By setting clear boundaries on the use and release of medical records, HIPAA helps build patient trust and allows patients to be more willing to provide information. Such good communication will help healthcare professionals improve diagnosis and provide better treatment. In addition, HIPAA accelerated the transition from paper medical records to digital documentation in the healthcare industry, which greatly facilitates and secures the legal transfer of health information among healthcare entities.
What is HIPAA compliance software?
HIPAA compliance software is usually an app that provides all HIPAA guidelines to help healthcare entities stay compliant with all PHI privacy and security provisions therein. It also enables healthcare providers to ensure all policies and procedures are in order and get well prepared for federal audits.
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10 HIPAA Compliance Software for Healthcare Providers
  • Wondershare PDFelement Compliance Document Management Software
  • Jotform Data Security HIPAA Compliant Software
  • AuditBoard HIPAA Compliance Tracking Solution
Application of OCR in Archive Digitization
  • Innovating on Traditional Cataloging and Indexing Methodologies
  • Realizing True Full-Text Retrieval and an enhanced cataloging and indexing system
  • Double-layer PDF Technology - increase the accuracy of the rendered text
Top 6 File Security Software to Secure Documents
  • PDFelement for Business- the best PDF files security software
  • Folder Lock - the fastest and most efficient file security software
  • Secure IT - an easy-to-use file security software

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PDFelement for Desktop

Edit, print, convert eSign and protect PDF documents on Windows PC or Mac.

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$79.99 $129
$129.99 $159
$129.99 $159
PDFelement Windows + iOS

Edit, print, convert, eSign and protect documents on Windows and iOS or on Mac and iOS.

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$99.99 $189
$99.99 $189
$159.99 $239
$159.99 $239
PDFelement Desktop + iOS + Cloud

Edit, print, convert, eSign and protect documents. 100GB cloud storage for collaboration.

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$199.99 $386
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