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How to Print Word Document without Comments

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2023-04-13 17:06:35 • Filed to: Features of MS Word • Proven solutions

Microsoft® Word is built with a lot of capabilities and unfortunately a lot of people are not even aware of what they can do in word. Let's just say you have a word document that has some comments on it, Microsoft® gives you the opportunity to print word documents without comments. If you find that your documents are printing automatically with the comments on it, know that there is a word print without comments feature in Microsoft®. The challenge now is to know how to print word documents without comments and this you will see as you read through this article in addition to how it can also be done in PDFs.

Steps to do Word Print without Comments

Print Word Documents without Comments on Word 2016

  1. Open your word document.
  2. Click on "Show Markup" in the tracking group found on the "Review" Tab.
  3. Then clear the comments Check box.
word print without comments


  1. Go to the File tab and click on "Print".
  2. Click on arrow next to "Print All Pages" under Settings.
  3. Click on "Print Markup".
print word document without comments

Print Word Documents without Comments on Word 2007

  1. Go to "Review" tab and click on "Show Markup" in the tracking group.
  2. Clear the comment check box
  3. Click "print" and change the "Print What" box to Document.
  4. Then click on "OK" to complete the process.
how to print word document without comments

With these steps above, you can easily print word documents without comments.

Advantages of PDF Format

It is important to note that PDF remains one of the best document format type in the world today. It is used by a lot of people from individuals to businesses, organizations and even official government downloadable documents. In fact, the popularity of PDF is high as it has become almost impossible to avoid using it. In business circle, it is used to share contract papers, invoices, receipts, annual reports, sales report among others. In government circle, it is used to share tax forms and other valuable information of the government. PDF is just everywhere and accepted by all and the reason is clear.

Of all the document type formats including Microsoft® Word, PDF is the most secure format. This is because they are securable by encryption to ensure that only authorized persons can see your document. In addition, it prevents your file from being printed, edited, modified and duplicated without your permission. The implication of this is that passwords can be created for PDFs and only these passwords can be used to open them. Since they are secure file formats, it is not surprising to see them being used in legal documents as PDFs cannot be edited without having to leave and electronic footprint.

PDF is a universal file format and this means that it can work anywhere. It can also be vied from any platform and device. In addition, it can compress documents in such a way that makes them smaller without having to alter the quality. This means it is an ideal file format for large files as it can be compressed to save space for your hard drive without affecting the quality of the document.

Like mentioned above, you can easily print word documents without comments. But you can only do it on PDF with the help of a professional PDF editor. A PDF editor is a platform in which PDF can be edited and worked on. PDF editors gives users a total capability to edit, create and convert their PDF anyhow they want it.

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is one of the best PDF editors you can find in the market today. It is designed to offer complete PDF solution to everyone using the PDF file format. PDFelement is capable of editing PDF like word with its smart editing features, it is capable of creating PDFs from scratch that is standard and read by all PDF viewers, It is also capable of converting documents to and from PDF, word , excel and HTML formats. PDFelement boasts of topnotch features like password protection, annotation, redaction and digital signature application. It is an editor with a difference and it is the perfect alternative of Acrobat.

how to make a comment in word

How to Print PDF without Comments

Step 1. Open a PDF

Click on the add button to open the PDF document in PDFelement.

print docs without comments

Step 2. Print the PDF with or without Comments

Go to the "Print" button, then choose options in the "Print" section as you like to print it with or without comments.

print docx without comments

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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