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Top 5 PDF Reducer in 2021

2021-11-29 16:08:07 • Filed to: Top List of PDF Software • Proven solutions

Have you ever wanted to share your PDF files online or via other media only to realize the file is too large to send smoothly and successfully? Well with a quality PDF reducer this shouldn't be hard at all. With the following selected PDF file reducer tools for Windows reducing the size of your PDF document shouldn't be hard at all.

5 of the Best PDF File Reducer for You

1. PDFelement

Whether in search of a PDF KB reducer or other, PDFelement makes this really simple. It comes with so many tools that you can edit, convert, secure, annotate, sign and create fresh PDF documents as you use it to reduce the size of your files. As a top PDF editor, adding and removing watermarks, text, images and links comes naturally. The tool allows you to increase or decrease file size of a PDF with its inbuilt resizing capabilities really fast.

pdf reducer


Access OCR (optical character recognition) features to create editable/searchable PDF files from scanned documents.
Convert and create PDFs to/from other file formats you usually use.
Edit text, images and pages of your PDF.
Annotate your PDFs leaving comments, highlights and reviews.
Create PDF forms, fill and recognize PDF form fields.
Sign your PDF files and add permissions for security reasons.
Secure with password and permissions, redactions and digital signature.
Includes batch processing capabilities.
pdf reducer

2. ORPALIS PDF Reducer

With this PDF size reducer software, you can do quite a number of things with it. Language is automatically selected for you as per your location with English the default one. It's quite useful as a PDF reducer in that you can batch process files or just drag and drop them when you want to compress their sizes. Essentially, you can reduce PDF size in a number of instances and some good efficiency can be accomplished. The layout, color and other features are detected automatically in an attempt to enhance the handling process. The output file is of good, usable quality irrespective of the data in your PDF.

pdf file reducer


Content segmentation.
Fast and uncomplicated.
Batch processing.


Cannot increase PDF file size.
Lots of things selected automatically for you that you might not like such as language, color etc.
Doesn't support all file formats.
Lacks PDF editing capabilities.

3. Cvision PDF Compressor

Cvision PDF MB reducer compression tool allows you to get some much needed compact PDF documents. The shade of your PDFs is important when it comes to reducing their size with this PDF reducer. For instance, white and black PDF files can be reduced by a factor of up to 10 while colored PDF files can be reduced by a factor of up to 100. It tries to maintain your data as it was originally as much as possible and the user interface isn't that bad. All available options are easy to find and supports batch processing.

pdf kb reducer


Batch PDF file processing.
Easy to use.
Does its compression quite well.


Lacks other PDF editing functionalities.
User experience can be better.

4. TalkHelper PDF Converter

With some good features for PDF compression this tool is practical and quite smooth to use. Whether you're looking for PDF size reducer to 1 MB or other it gets the job done. The interface is a good one and a tad intuitive and reduces file sizes effectively well. It includes batch processing where multiple PDF documents can be compressed fast, though you must drag the files and drop them into the system. Quality is not that bad and can be speedy as well.

pdf size reducer software


Batch processing features.
Practical usability.


Lacks sufficient PDF editing features.
Doesn't have most advanced file processing tools.

5. SEJDA PDF Compressor

Apart from supporting Windows this PDF file size reducer software also works with Mac and Linux. It comes with a desktop and online version and quite easy to use. File compressing is done one file at a time or via multiple batch-processing where you can reduce lots of files at once. Also comes with encrypted functionalities to ensure your files are protected, both for online downloads and uploads with documents removed permanently after processing. Also includes image feature such as resolution and quality adjustment.

pdf mb reducer


Image and font adjustment.
Optimization of images.
Works with Linux and Mac.


Online version deletes file meaning you could lose if unsaved.
Only three processing tasks every hour allowed.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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