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How to Convert PDF to HTML in PHP

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PHP is a widely used scripting language that can be embedded in HTML and is ideal for developing web pages. In case you're wondering how to convert PDF to HTML in PHP, it's definitely possible. All it requires is some basic knowledge of a few PHP features and then learning the code and the correct syntax to be used. Of course, there are easier ways to do this, so we'll talk about both in the following sections.

Steps to Convert PDF to HTML in PHP

There's a small program called pdftohtml that can be used to do the PHP PDF to HTML conversion. As a preliminary step, download the pdftohtml.exe executable file to a local folder. Put your source PDF file in the same folder and follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1. Create a .php file in the same folder.

Step 2. Paste this PDF to HTML PHP script into the PHP file:

if (!file_exists($output_folder)) { mkdir($output_folder, 0777, true);}
$a= passthru("pdftohtml -f $firstpage -l $lastpage $source_pdf $output_folder/new_html_file_name",$b);

Note: In the PHP script shown above, "source.pdf" would be your original document. "MyFolder" is the output folder. The argument below, which is a component of the above script, defines a specific page range for conversion:

$a= passthru("pdftohtml -f $firstpage -l $lastpage $source_pdf $output_folder/new_file_name",$b);

Step 3. Go to MyFolder and view your converted HTML file.

If you're not familiar with PHP or the script isn't working for you for any reason, you can use a PDF editor like PDFelement to convert PDF to HTML without PHP.

How to Convert PDF to HTML without PHP

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a versatile PDF and document management software application available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. With cloud integration built-in, this is a truly cross-platform PDF editor for professionals as well as organizations of all sizes. Not only can you edit any existing component of a PDF without having to convert it into another file type, but you can also do the following tasks:

  • Annotate, Review, and Comment: Need to markup a PDF? No problem. Just use the many annotation tools like highlighting, shapes, text callouts, arrows, freehand drawing, etc. to make your point clearly and concisely.
  • Fill and Sign PDF Forms: No more struggling with non-interactive forms that you have to print out, fill, scan, and send back. Just convert the non-interactive form into a fillable one using form field recognition. Fill the form, sign it digitally, save it, and share it directly.
  • Privacy and Security: Whether you're applying password-based restrictions for viewing or editing, or merely applying a copyright watermark, this tool gives you all the tools you need and makes it super-simple and super-secure.
  • Conversion and OCR: Create PDFs from a myriad of file types, generate other file formats from PDF, or scan a PDF to make it searchable or editable using OCR. Everything is done fast and with great accuracy, including complex batch processes.
  • Optimize PDFs: When you need to move a large cache of PDF files online, it's always better to try and reduce the size using file compression. This tool has the ability to optimize single and bulk files in a matter of seconds, and you can share them from within the interface, download them, or upload them to a cloud folder.
  • Document Cloud Storage: PDFelement provides free 1GB cloud storage to save documents to cloud. You can directly download the cloud documents via "Open Cloud" - "From Wondershare Cloud" in PDFelement.

It can easily convert PDF to HTML with a few mouse movements and clicks. You can download the free trial version (free forever) of PDFelement from here. Once it's installed, run through the steps shown below:

Step 1. Open the PDF Document

Click "Open File…" or drag the source PDF document into the program interface

pdf to html php

Step 2. Convert PDF to HTML

Select the "To HTML" icon in the toolbar below the main menu after selecting "Convert" at the top.

php pdf to html

In the "Save As" window, specific additional parameters in "Settings" or just hit "Save". But make sure the HTML option is selected in this window as well. You can change it from the dropdown menu if you need to.

convert pdf to html php

That's all there is to it! Your HTML file will be available in the download folder you specified in the third step above.

Using a purpose-designed utility like PDFelement takes the focus away from the moving parts of the process and lets you focus on the actual job at hand, which is retrieving the HTML file and then creating a URL for it or uploading it as a web page. The tool saves several steps from the "convert PDF to HTML in PHP' method and gives you an accurate rendition of the PDF content. In addition, you have a wide range of other PDF tools that come with the package. These tools can tremendously improve your productivity and efficiency; not only yours but that of your entire company when you deploy it organization-wide.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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