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Mac Can't Recognize Scanner on macOS 11 - How to Solve

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2023-04-13 17:06:35 • Filed to: macOS 11 Solutions • Proven solutions

Scanners, especially the newer models, and macOS 11 typically work together without any issues. Simply install the macOS driver software for your scanner and the rest should flow easily. However, issues may arise and you could complain that “my computer cannot detect my scanner on macOS 11.” The problems are diverse and so it is important to explore them to discover how to fix them. This article contains information regarding how to solve scanning problems on macOS 11. You will be made aware of the common issues that affect the workability of Mac and scanners and how to fix each efficiently.

How to Fix Not Scanner Were Detected on macOS 11

When you start complaining that “my computer cannot detect my scanner on macOS 11,” its time to seek ways to solve scanning problems on macOS 11. Here are the most common problems, and how to fix them;

1. Damaged, Disconnected or Defective Cables

The computer and scanner cables play a significant role in connecting these two devices and could cause a computer not recognizing scanner on macOS 11 if they are damaged, disconnected, or defective. First ensure that they are properly connected, especially the power cable. If the problem persists, they could be damaged or defective. Some damages are not visible and it is impossible to detect manufacturing defects. So, fix the issue by replacing the connecting cables.

2. An Error Occurred in Communication

When an error occurred during Mac and scanner communication, no scanners were detected on macOS 11. Solving such scanning problems on macOS 11 requires you to reset the print system since it clears error states by removing all scanner preferences. Here are steps to follow;

  • Go to the Apple menu and choose System Preferences
  • Click on Print & Fax, Print & Scan or Printers & Scanners
  • Right-click inside the Printers window and then choose Reset printing system.
  • Choose Reset in the confirmation window
  • Insert Administration name and password and hit OK
  • Try scanning again.

solve scanning problems on macos 11

3. Corrupted Drivers

The device-driver file code can be corrupted due to multiple reasons, including user error and power failure. The best way to solving these scanning problems on macOS 11 is uninstalling the scanner software and reinstalling the latest driver before restarting the Mac. Here is the procedure;

  • Disconnect the USB cable from the scanner.
  • Go to Finder in the Dock
  • Access the menu bar and hit Go, then choose Applications and open the HP or Hewlett Packard folder;
  • If the HP Uninstaller is in the folder uninstall the software by double-clicking and then prepare the scanner for the driver installation.
  • To prepare it, turn it on and ensure cartridges are installed and plain paper is loaded in the main tray
  • Access and follow the instructions to download and install the driver. During installation, choose the full software option and then follow steps to set up a connection.
  • No, try scanning again.

4. No Computer Detected

Sometimes, a computer not recognizing scanner on macOS 11 is not the problem, but no computer detected is the issue. In such a scenario, there is one way to fix the issue; you can reboot both Mac and scanner.

  • Rebooting Mac is easy as it only involves powering it down and then up again using the Power button.
  • Reboot the scanner by shutting it, disconnecting the power supply, and then reconnecting the power supply again and powering it up again.
  • When they are both on again, reconnect them and see if they both detect each other.

my computer cannot detect my scanner on macos 11

5. Connectivity Issues

Some scanners do not use cables but rather use a wireless network. When you realize that “my computer cannot detect my scanner on macOS 11,” it could be due to IP address conflicts or Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

To solve such scanning problems on macOS 11;

  • Delete the scanner by accessing the System Preferences and finding the Print & Scan page.
  • Click on the name of the scanner and hit the (–) function.
  • Reattach the scanner back to the list by clicking the (+) utility and following the instructions.

If deleting and reattaching scanner does not work, fix Wi-Fi by toggling it ON and then OFF again. So, go to the Finder bar and choose the Wi-Fi con. And then hit the Turn Wi-Fi Off. After a minute turn it ON again.

not scanner were detected on macos 11

Best PDF Editor for macOS 11 – PDFelement for Mac

Once you have solved scanning problems on macOS 11, you can proceed with office and school work as you wish with fewer hustles. Some of the documents you will handle are PDF files, which definitely require the best PDF editor on the market. PDFelement for Mac is the best choice because it is not only affordable but also well equipped to deal with scanned files.

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computer not recognizing scanner on macos 11

PDFelement for Mac has a lot to offer macOS 11 users that deal with scanned files. It has the Optical Character Recognition feature, which enables you to translate images or printed text into machine-readable text. OCR comes in handy when you scan office or school documents to make them electronic copies and can also be used on PDFs, which are existing electronic documents. It allows you to edit the scanned PDF files as well as image-based PDF files directly. In the latter, you can change up the texts in the images.

Basically, PDFelement for Mac is the best tool that you can acquire for your scanning duties and PDF files. It benefits you by giving you control over paperwork that becomes scanned PDF files. Dealing with image texts becomes easier and you can insert any message you like.

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