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Top 8 Websites for Real Estate Values Estimation

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2024-04-18 14:00:40 • Filed to: Software for Real Estate • Proven solutions

In order to make the most of your home’s value, it is necessary that you vacate it in due time and not reside there forever. It is crucial to keep an eye on the market value and tax bill of your property to avoid paying unnecessary bills on an overestimated property value. As a matter of fact, selling requires you to keep a keen eye on the market value so that you can hit the target and make the most of your bid when your property value is appraised.

Top 8 Websites to Estimate Real Estate Values

1. Zillow: Among the most popular and large websites that allow you to monitor your home value, Zillow is ranked on top and this is prominently because of the website’s layout which allows every visitor to easily use the website and so benefit from it. All you need to do is, enter your house’s purchase value and the user-friendly Zillow will provide with a ‘Zestimate’ which is the Zillow estimated value of your house. Zillow also offers you to purchase homes within your vicinity.

2. Trulia: Somewhat similar to Zillow, Trulia also works by the same process; you enter your home address in the search bar of Trulia and you can obtain results for your home value. Trulia does not offer a single estimate; it provides you with a list of prices for similar residential properties in your area so in comparison, you can estimate the value of your house even better Trulia also provides additional details such as the dimensional capacity, the plot size, the number of rooms, etc.

3. Redfin: As an online broker, Redfin analyses data presented through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) very accurately to calculate the current market value, which is why it is believed that values are considerably precise and exact on Redfin’s website. Moreover, Redfin also allows you to get features such as a virtual tour of the property and the annual taxation costs by just entering a few details on the house.

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4. Realtor.com: Realtor.com is likely to leave an impression of a very professional and genre-specific website that is especially designed for real estate agents, but that is not true. As soon as you land on the homepage, you need to enter your home address and you’ll be able to get the details that you require including the estimated value of your house. Realtor.com is the best website for comparing your home’s value with other houses in your neighbourhood so that you can sell it out a reasonable and market valued price.

5. RE/MAX: RE/MAX is another real estate website like Zillow which has developed a home value estimator of its own. The best feature of RE/MAX is the fact that it does not ask for personal details or your email address to send an estimated home value, but in fact, you get the right information in a more creative way here. Once you enter your residential address, the website will take you to a colourful graphic of a genuine map that will highlight and mark the market value of all the houses in your neighbourhood.

6. Real Estate ABC: Zillow and Real Estate ABC work alongside each other, which means you’ll obtain the same ‘Zestimate’ here as you would on Zillow. However, the aspect that helps this website stand out, is the sales statistics that it provides for innumerable sales that recently occurred in your area. Recent home values are the best to decide on an amount for your home value, which is why this website proves to be valuable to real estate agents and proprietors.

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7. Eppraisal.com: Eppraisal.com performs dual function as compared to all the websites discussed above; it can provide you an estimated value of its own, as well as a Zestimate value in particular scenarios. Eppraisal.com is a part of this list because it is capable of offering a lot of features under one hub which includes the recent home sales in your locality, current refinancing taxes and other essential home selling and buying details that you would normally seek without the hassle of receiving emails.

8. Chase Mortgage Services: Chase Mortgage Services also uses a tool that assesses the value of your home for free, following the same drill where you need to enter your home address, state and zip code to eventually get to know the worth of your current home. Chase Services does not offer an exact estimate either. In fact, it offers a range of prices to categorise your home’s value within that range, along with the value of other houses within your neighbourhood so that you can quickly compare the rates, without the need to enter personal details.

Buildium - Software You Should Know After Estimating Real Estate Values

By entering answers to just a few straightforward and simple questions, the Buildium software is able to provide with crucial information that you need to know before selling your property. Once you answer these questions, Buildium generates a downloadable PDF for you which contains statistical data as to how much you could save and earn through the employment of Buildium in selling a house:

1) What is your hourly property management labour cost?

2) On average, how many phone calls do you have with tenants, vendors, property owners, etc. each day?

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