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Top 5 Password Safe Alternatives in 2021

2021-11-29 13:53:11 • Filed to: Reseller Products • Proven solutions

Which is the best alternative to Password Safe? Password Safe also referred to as pwsafe is a password utility application that allows you to create, save and manage all your passwords at one location. Although it is one of the prominent password managers its interface still remains outdated and you might consider looking for the best password safe alternative. In this article, we will look at the top 5 Password Safe alternatives and how to use Password Safe.

5 of the Best Password Safe Alternatives

Here are the top five Password Safe alternatives.

1: 1Password

1Password is the best password safe pro alternative since it can easily fill passwords, generate passwords and enable you to manage passwords. Furthermore, it is a secure platform that prioritizes your privacy hence you should go for it. Also, its user interface is modern and sleek. With 1Password, there is no need to memorize your passwords. 1Password features are highlighted below.

password safe


  • Save all passwords and allows you to retrieve them
  • Generates strong passwords
  • It's a cross-platform software since it supports Apps for Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and Chrome OS
  • Detects compromised logins
  • It gives you 365-day item history to retrieve deleted passwords


  • It is very secure
  • Has a modern user interface
  • Allows you to manage passwords across different devices


  • It is not free

2. Nordpass

There is also Nordpass which serves as the best alternative to Password Safe. With Nordpass password manager, you do not need to have prior knowledge on how to use the software since it is easy to use. It will scan and autofill forms containing your passwords effortlessly.



  • Has the ability to autofill online forms.
  • It generates strong passwords.
  • It's a multiplatform software that supports different OS and browsers.
  • Supports password sharing.
  • Supports biometric authorization.


  • Allows you to access your password anytime on any device.
  • All your saved data is encrypted.
  • Has two-factor authentications.


  • You have to sign up in order to download Nordpass.

3. Bitwarden

Another password manager that guarantees you the safety of your passwords is Bitwarden application. You can save your personal passwords or business passwords and share them with your colleagues easily. It allows you to synchronize your passwords across all your devices.

beyondtrust password safe


  • Has Vault that is optimized for use on desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone devices.
  • Allows you to share logins and secret keys.
  • Monitors actions and changes performed by other users.
  • Supports storage of files.


  • Provides easy access and user management
  • With licensed versions, you have access to unlimited collections of passwords


  • No local backup options available.

4. Sticky Password

The last password manager that we recommended that you can use instead of Password safe is Sticky Password. Just like the aforementioned password managers, Sticky Password will autofill passwords, save them and allow you to manage them easily.

password safe Linux


  • Autofill forms and logins
  • It's a password manager
  • It's a strong password generator
  • Can sync all your data across all your devices


  • It is secure since it supports two-step authentications.
  • Supports different platforms and 16 browsers.
  • Allows you to access your encrypted using USBs and memory cards.


  • The free version does not support password sharing.

5. Passbolt

Another alternative to Password safe is Passbolt password manager. Passbolt boasts of sleek interface and ability to auto save and fill passwords, reset passwords and manage all your passwords from one dashboard.

password safe


  • It is free and open source.
  • Supports both individuals and team usage.
  • Allows you to filter passwords by groups and tags.
  • Generates strong passwords.


  • It is very secure.
  • Has customer support.
  • It is ideal for big and small businesses.
  • Allows you to check recent activities.


  • The free version lacks email and phone support.

How to Use Password Safe

Before we look at how to use Password Safe, we need to highlight that Password is an open source password manager hence it is free to install. It can save passwords, create passwords, organize and retrieve passwords easily.

Step 1. Go to Password Safe website and click on the Download button. From there, you can then install the application.

Step 2. After installing it, you can open the Password Safe on your computer. On the window that appears click on "New" and creates Master password. By default, the Master password will be saved under "My Safes" folder.

Step 3. To save new passwords, click on "Edit" and select "Add Entry"

Step 4. From there, you can fill out the group, title, username and password of the site that you want to save.

Step 5. Next time you want to use the saved password, just right click and copy the password and use it on the relevant website to log in.

Pros of Password Safe:

  • Can generate passwords.
  • Allows you to save and fill passwords.
  • You can easily manage and organize passwords.
  • Since its open source, anyone can view the code.

Cons of Password Safe:

  • It lacks browser integrations.
  • Has an outdated interface.

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Margarete Cotty

chief Editor

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