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Best 10 Free Apps for macOS

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: macOS Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

Whether you are a long time user or you have just bought a new mac device for the first time, there are several apps you will need to change the way you use your mac each day. From creative and productive apps to entertainment and fun app, your macOS 11 can perform much of the task for you. Below are the free macOS 11 apps every Mac user should have and can’t live without.

Top 10 Free macOS 11 Software you Should Own

1. PDFelement for Mac

PDFelement for Mac is one of the best macOS 11 apps for 2024 and since most of us encounter PDF files daily, this App should not be absent in your mac device. PDF files are essential in sharing information across various platforms easily and safely. PDFelement for Mac allows you to secure the content of your document by setting both the Open and permission password. This prevents your document from being accessed by unauthorized personnel and the content of the PDF can’t be copied, edited, or printed.

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free macos 11 apps every mac user should have

PDFelement for Mac has the best and most powerful editing features making it much easier to edit your document fully and even give it a professional outlook. You can also create a new PDF file from other file formats such as Word, images, PPT, and so on. More so, this App supports a number of output formats making it pretty easy to convert your PDF file into other file formats. PDFelement for Mac has a simple and intuitive interface hence ease of use.

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2. Bartender 3

Bartender 3 is a customized app that helps you in managing and organizing all your apps. It is an essential tool especially when you are using too many applications since it allows you to choose the apps that you desire to be displayed in the menu bar. You can rearrange the program according to your liking and their order of importance and use. More so, you can customize and configure keyboard shortcuts for accessing specific apps through the menu bar icon.

the free macos 11 software you should own

3. Magnet

It is obvious that most of us would so much wish or have to multitask. This happens especially when you have to finish a certain task but in a limited time. In such a scenario is where Magnet app comes in handy. Magnet allows you to arrange your desktop where you can drag and snap the specific windows to the edges of the screen. It will surprise you to know that you can make use of the keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste content from one app to another.

best macos 11 apps for 2020

4. Alfred 4

This is productivity as well as a launcher app and takes up the gap between Siri and Spotlight. Alfred 4 allows you to quickly perform a number of actions such as finding the meaning of words, calculations, web searching, and many more. You can execute these quick actions by customizing keyboard shortcuts and other shorthand commands. The new Alfred 4 theme enables you to design custom looks and even use the dark mode for the Application menu. Alfred 4 is the free macOS 11 software you should own however, you can purchase the premium Power Pack package for only $25.

best free macos 11 apps you should install in 2020

5. Evernote

Evernote is a surpassed note-taking app of all time. There are several things that you can do with this mighty app. You can type new notes and organize them carefully using folders, tags, or a combination of both. If you need a routine time to either read or write new notes, you can set a reminder to keep you on track. Evernote makes it much easier to share the notes, mark the notes as a favorite, and even help you find more and related information about the notes.

free macos 11 software


This is the best image editor and the greatest rivalry to Adobe Photoshop. Unlike Photoshop where you have to pay the monthly subscription to access most of the features, GIMP is absolutely free and still offering the same features as Adobe Photoshop. You can create new images from scratch or even convert images from the current format to other file formats. GIMP has highly customizable brushes, layers editing, powerful and automatic image-enhancing filters, and features. You can even download GIMP plugins and perform more actions on your images.

best free macos 11 software

7. Unclutter

This is one of the best free mac0s 11 apps you should install in 2024. Unclutter serves as a convenient place storing the most recent files, folders, quick notes, and information on the clipboard. The latest updates of Unclutter app enables you to choose between light and dark theme mode. Unclutter applications can be accessed from the macOS 11 screen with a quick swipe from the top. This application syncs data, files, and notes across multiple devices with the help of Dropbox.

best macos 11 apps

8. 1Password

Security of files, folder, and accounts is essential, and that why it is recommended to secure your accounts with different passwords. However, sometimes it becomes frustrating when you have to remember every passing word for every site and account. This is where 1Password comes in handy since it allows you to manage all your passwords and keeps them safe in an encrypted vault. All you need to remember is the master password to unlock the 1Password app.

free macos 11 apps

9. Google Drive

A vast number of cloud storage solutions exist on the web and Google Drive is among them and one that syncs the data fast and effortlessly. Google Drive is well known for its great merits and it might surprise you to find out that you can work on your document files even when you are still offline. This application enables you to sync data up to 15GB and this makes it outshine most of the cloud service available. The entire content of your Google Drive can also be backed up if you wish.

free macos 11 apps for 2020

10. Pocket

Just as the name suggests, this app's main function is to store articles, web pages, images, and videos for viewing later. The interface of the Pocket app is simple, user-friendly, accessible offline, and displays the pocketed contents in a systematic manner. The App is free with limited features, however, if you need ad-free and enhanced search capabilitaies then you can go for the premium subscription.

best free macos 11 apps

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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