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How to Change PDF to PNG

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How do I change PDF to PNG? If you want to change PDF to PNG format on your computer, you will need to use a PDF to PNG converter software. You will be able to convert as many PDF files or pages as possible to quality PNG format. In this guide, we will show you how to change a PDF to a PNG file using Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor.

Method 1: How to Change PDF to PNG

With PDFelement, you are poised with two different ways with which you can change PDF files to PNG format. Therefore, to get started with the conversion, you first need to install the software into your Windows computer. After that, you can follow this straightforward guide to change PDF to PNG.

Step 1. Open PDF

On running the application on your computer, you should land on the home screen. Now, on the home screen, click on "Open files" to upload the PDF file that you want to change to PNG format. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the PDF file to the program.

change pdf to png

Step 2. Hit "To Image"

The PDF file should now open on the program. Hover the cursor to the main menu and click on the "Convert" tab. A formatting menu will appear with different output formats. Go for the "To Image" option to get the PNG option.

how to change pdf to png

Step 3. Change PDF to PNG

After that, a save as window will appear. It is on this window that you will select the Image format as PNG. Click on the "Save As Type" and choose "Image Files(*.png)" format. You can also opt to change the file name if you wish. Otherwise, proceed and click on "Save", and the program will change PDF to PNG format.

how to change a pdf to a png file

Method 2: How to Change a PDF to a PNG File

The second method of changing PDF to PNG on PDFelement is using the "Convert PDF" option on the home menu. Here is the second way on how to change PDF to PNG format.

Step 1. Click "Convert PDF"

You can go to the home window and click on the "Convert PDF" option.

how to change pdf into png

Step 2. Select PDF

Next is the open window that enables you to upload the PDF file to change into a PNG format. Choose the preferred file(s) and click on the "Open" button to upload the file(s).

change pdf file to png

Step 3: Change PDF to PNG

Next, you will need to choose the PNG output format from the "Save As" Window. Click on the "Save as Type" and choose "Image Files(*.png)" format. Under the "File name" , you can alter the name of your file. Finally, click on the "Save" button, and the program will change PDF files into PNG format instantly. From there, you can locate and open the PNG image file.

change pdf to png

PDFelement is an all on in one PDF utility that allows you to perform functions as viewing PDF files, edit, transfer, convert, and create files. As you have seen in this guide, it enables us to convert PDF files to Image formats like PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP. Other than that, it can also convert PDF files to other editable formats like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, Plain Text, and EPUB. You can either perform batch conversion or do a single conversion. The conversion speed is high, as well as the output of the files. Moreover, this software boasts of an excellent user interface, making it easier to perform functions. Try this software and get to benefit from other features mentioned below.

  • The editing option allows you to edit texts, objects, images, and remove unwanted paragraphs.
  • You can also edit pages by deleting, rearranging, splitting, and adding pages.
  • With it, you can highlight texts with different colors, comment using text boxes and shapes, and bookmark pages.
  • It allows you to create PDF files from other file formats like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and HTML, among others.
  • Built with OCR technology that scans image-based files, including PDF forms, to make them editable and searchable.
  • Fills forms, edit forms, creates forms, and extracts data from forms.
  • Combines several file types of different formats and make it a single PDF.
  • Enables you to share PDF files via Evernote, Email, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
  • With the protect option, you can digitally sign PDFs, clear signatures, validate signatures, and encrypt PDF files with passwords.
  • Supports the batch process of watermarking, converting, data extraction, and performing OCR.
  • Enables you to redact PDF files.
  • It is integrated with PDF templates that you can choose from and design your PDF elements.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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