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Save valuable time spent sifting through PDFs. Ask clear questions and get instant, accurate answers.
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Skip the PDF Upload Hassle
Summarize PDFs directly within the app, especially large files that can take ages to upload, saving you time and effort.
Industry-Specific Chatbot
Customize the AI chat to your industry. Get summaries that grasp your specific terminology, leading to more accurate and relevant information you can trust.
Rigorous Security
Supported by Microsoft and backed by robust security practices to ensure your PDFs remain confidential.
More Than a PDF Chatbot
AI Chat, summarize, translate, and leverage other powerful PDF tools - all seamlessly integrated with PDFelement AI.
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Used by 10,000+ users across various industries

How PDFelement's AI Chat with PDF works for you?

You can custom your prompts to make the summaries more vivid

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Rated by 10,000+ users across various industries
One more click to Chat beyond PDFs (PPT, Word, HTML, Images...)
Click "Create" to convert any document into PDF and use AI on a broader range of documents.
  • ① Click on "Create PDF."
  • ② Save your docs from PPT/Word/HTML/Image to PDF.
  • ③ Open the AI sidebar, enter questions, and get answers.
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Customize AI Preference Settings
Get responses tailored to your needs! Fine-tune your AI assistant by adjusting settings for:
  • Output Language: Choose from 13 supported languages.
  • Tone: Select the perfect tone for your needs from 7 options available, including creative, simple, humorous, and more.
  • Industry: Ensure your responses are relevant to your field with 9 industry-specific options.
Chat With PDF Now Chat With PDF Now Chat With PDF Now Chat With PDF Now
Now I just chat with PDF and get summaries - faster than highlighting everything myself. Plus, I can ask it about confusing stuff - like my own personal study guide!
Sarah J. / University Student
PDFelement's chat is great for research papers. I can summarize findings in seconds, translate parts for patients, and even ask it about specific medical terms.
Doctor Lee / Cardiologist
I can ask PDFelement AI to find key data, summarize proposals, and clarify confusing terms. Helps me make investment decisions quickly.
Michael C. / Financial Analyst
Legal research got way faster with PDFelement. I can find main ideas of massive documents. No more missing crucial details! Plus, it translates legal jargon - a lifesaver with international contracts.
Leo R. / Paralegal
I upload logs and chat with PDF to analyze it. It even summarizes tech docs quickly.
William T. / IT Pro

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FAQs about using AI to chat with PDF.

  • Yes, ChatGPT can read PDFs. However, ChatGPT's ability to read PDFs depends on the version. ChatGPT-3 and 3.5 require converting your PDF to plain text first and feeding the text to them. While ChatGPT 4.0 can work directly with PDFs, access requires a paid subscription. If you need a free solution for direct PDF chat with AI, consider PDFelement. Its "Chat with PDF" feature offers a free trial with 2,000 tokens to analyze, summarize, and ask questions directly within your PDF.
  • Many PDF chatbots are in the market, like LiveChatAI, ChatPDF, AskYourPDF, and more. Finding the "best" PDF chatbot depends on your needs! Here, we recommend PDFelement, which offers a user-friendly "Chat with PDF" feature (free trial available) that lets you analyze, summarize, and ask questions directly within your PDF. PDFelement is an excellent option for most users seeking a convenient way to interact with PDFs through AI. Consider trying their free trial to see if it fits your needs!
  • Analyzing data in PDFs can be done manually or with the help of smart software like PDFelement. The best approach depends on your data complexity and desired depth of analysis.

    Manual analysis is a classic approach, which lets you manually highlight key data points, add notes, and summarize your findings within the PDF itself.

    You can also utilize software, like PDFelement, to make your data analysis more efficient. PDFelement's "Chat with PDF" feature allows you to ask questions about the data in your PDF, get summaries, and even perform basic analysis directly within the document (free trial available).

    The best method depends on the specific data you're working with and your desired level of analysis. For simpler data sets, the manual analysis might suffice. However, PDFelement's "Chat with PDF" offers a powerful and efficient alternative for most users. With its AI capabilities, you can unlock valuable insights from your PDFs in seconds, saving you time and effort.

  • Absolutely, with AI-powered PDF editors like PDFelement, you can now chat with image-based PDFs seamlessly. Since AI tools like PDFelement rely on text analysis, you'll need to perform OCR to convert the image-based content into searchable text first. Once you have a text-based PDF, you can leverage the power of AI! In PDFelement, use the "Chat with PDF" feature to ask questions about the content, get summaries, and even perform basic analysis directly within the document. (Free trial available!)
  • PDFelement AI is supported by Microsoft, and they offer guidance for responsible use of these capabilities based on Microsoft AI’s principles of fairness, reliability and safety, privacy and security, inclusiveness, transparency, and human accountability.

    PDFelement AI PDF Chatbot is only active if you choose to use it. The feature will only execute commands based on your inputs and does not access any other private data. For more information, check PDFelement AI Agreement to learn more.