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Steps to Restore Emails from Time Machine on macOS 11

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2023-12-07 15:40:58 • Filed to: macOS Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

Mac comes with so many intriguing features that help solve everyday problems for its users. Among them is Time Machine which is an application that allows for automatic back-ups of files and mails to external drives. In case your Mac breaks down you can easily restore emails with a time machine on macos 11. The application allows you to automatically or manually restore your mail folder from time machine on macos 11.

What Is Time Machine

Time Machine is inbuilt application software that comes with Mac that allows for network backup as well as backups on external drives. It captures the files in the disk according to their chronology from the most recent. Time Machine offers a backup for files and documents to be restored in the future. The system allows restoration of either an entire document or a specific folder from macOS or recovery hard disk.

Time Machine works well with iLife, iWork, Mail, and any other program that is compatible with it. This makes it possible to retrieve emails, photos, calendar events, and contacts that may have been deleted from external hard drives.

It is possible to back up your Mac to a specified network or attachment made to the storage servers and devices. In order to use the Time Machine, your Mac should be able to support the latest versions of Apple that have that has Filing Protocols (AFP). The older Mac version can be fine-tuned using configuration options that you can access through the network terminal.

The Time Capsule is normally the storage for the network where the files are stored. The Time Machine back up works well with both wireless and wired networks. Time Machine can also be used with internal and external volumes. Time machines backups your files on hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly until it runs out of space. When the Time machine runs out of space, it deletes the older backups to create space for newer files.

How to Restore Emails with Time Machine on macOS 11

It is possible to recover email files using time machine on macos 11 if you had made a backup using Time Machine. The mails can be restored if the original ones were deleted, the disk crashed or they disappeared during repair of your Mac’s hard disk.

  • Ensure that the Time Machine is connected to the Mac and then turn it on. Turn your Mac on.
  • Open your Time Machine from the menu bar and choose Time Machine or using the spotlight finder.
  • From the Apple menu select System Preference.
  • Click on the Time Machine icon from the menu.

recover email files using time machine on macos 11

  • Check the box with Time Machine on the menu bar.
  • On the Time Machine menu choose the icon allowing one to enter to Time Machine.

manually restore your mail folder from time machine on macos 11

  • Find the mail you want to search using the onscreen arrows to locate.
  • After finding the mail file you were looking for press the space bar for preview.
  • Clicking the Cloud icon allows you to take a snapshot to view the file even when the external drive has been disconnected from your Mac.
  • After confirming that it is the right mail you want to retrieve, click restore

use time machine to recover lost email on macos 11

  • Time Machine will automatically restore all the mails to the folder that it was originally stored.

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