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How to Embed Video in PDF

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2023-04-13 17:06:35 • Filed to: Reseller • Proven solutions

If you've ever wondered how to embed video in PDF or insert a video into an existing PDF document, your search has finally ended! With video being the preferred medium of millions of users, it's understandable why such a feature is required. Fortunately, we're showcasing the perfect PDF editor to do the job. Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a robust PDF management tool that allows the user to easily embed video content in PDF. The entire method of how to embed video in PDF is described in this article.

Part 1: How to Embed Video in PDF as an Attachment

PDF files today are far more advanced than when they first came out more than twenty years ago, letting you embed video files and other media in the form of attachments to your PDF document. The embedded video will be imported into the PDF document, after which you can distribute the file to others.

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor leverages these new capabilities by giving you all the tools you need to get the job done quickly and painlessly. As mentioned, the video can be embedded like any other attachment, and this feature is available in the Comment (Annotations) section of PDFelement. After choosing where you want the video to be embedded, all you need to do is click the "Add Attachment" paper clip icon, use File Explorer to navigate to and import the file. Once embedded, it will appear as an icon on the chosen PDF page. You can edit the icon and even open the attachment from within the software.

Step 1. Add Video to PDF as An Attachment

Once the PDF file is opened in PDFelement, click on the "Comment" tab at the top. Under the "Comment" tab, you'll see the "Attachment" icon, a paper clip. Navigate to the PDF page where you want to place the video and click on it. This will create an icon for the video that you'll be attaching in the following step, and you can customize this icon by changing its attributes.

insert video in pdf

Step 2. Embed Video in PDF

In the Open dialog box, choose the video file and hit "Open". After adding the video in PDF, you will see an attachment icon, which means that the video is embedded.

insert video in pdf

Step 3. Open Embedded Video in PDF

To open the embedded video in PDF, you can right-click on the attachment icon in PDF and select "Open Attachment". And your video will be open and played.

how to add video to pdf

Step 4. Play Video in PDF

how to play video in pdf

Part 2: How to Embed YouTube Video Link in PDF

PDFelement is one of the most exquisite options for adding video links in PDF documents. The process is both proficient and straightforward, with effective results. Users who wish to embed video in PDF are advised to follow the steps as shown below.

Step 1. Import PDF Document

Download, install and launch PDFelement on your device. Once it is launched, tap on "+" icon to import the PDF document to be edited.

how to add video in pdf

Step 2. Access Linking Options

As the file is imported, navigate to the "Edit" tab on the top menu. Select "Add Link" from the proceeding menu and tap on "Open a web page" from the drop-down menu.

embed youtube video in pdf

Step 3. Add YouTube Video Link

On selecting the option, you need to draw a rectangle to include the PDF document link. On drawing a shape, a new screen opens on the screen. Add in the YouTube video URL and set its appearance settings across the same window. Tap "Apply" once done to conclude the process.

insert youtube video link into pdf

Part 3: How to Add Video to PDF with Adobe Acrobat

There are a lot of tools that can guide users to insert a video in PDF with convenience. Adobe Acrobat is one of the oldest and most renowned PDF editing tools in the market. If you are looking to understand how to embed video in PDF, you are advised to follow the steps shown below.

Step 1: Launch Adobe Acrobat across your device after installation. Tap on “My Computer” present on the left pane and select “Browse” to import data from the device.

how to insert video in pdf adobe

Step 2: Once the PDF document is uploaded, the user needs to navigate to the “Tools” tab on the top of the screen. A new screen opens up with a list of different tools. Select “Rich Media” and proceed to the next screen.

how to embed a video in a pdf adobe acrobat

Step 3: You need to tap on "Add Video" from the available options on the new screen. Draw a rectangular space across the document with the help of the mouse. A new screen opens up with the option of setting up the video. Import the video from the device and set up appropriate settings before adding it across the document.

embed mp4 in pdf with adobe

Part 4: How to Insert Video in PDF Online Free

Online tools can be another option to embed video in PDF with ease. pdfFiller is a very impressive option when it comes to editing PDF documents. Users searching for embedding videos across PDF documents in an online platform are advised to follow the steps as shown below.

Step 1: Open the tool that adds video to PDF online on accessing the online platform from your device's browser.

insert video to pdf

Step 2: Once the document is uploaded, a new editor screen opens up. Access the point of the document where you wish to add the link and click on it. Different options open up on the top of the screen. Select the “Link” icon that is displayed on top.

embed video in pdf free

Step 3: A screen opens up that allows the user to add a link to the PDF document. Add the link to the video and tap "Save" to execute the process.

insert video in pdf online

Part 5: An All-in-one PDF Solution

PDFelement is rapidly emerging as a viable challenger to the dominance of Adobe Acrobat. It offers all the features that its competitor does but builds on it to deliver even better performance. Some of the advantages include greater accuracy, higher speed for various actions, batch processing functionality, user-friendly layout and navigation, etc. Here are some of its core features listed for your benefit:

  • Create PDF - Create a PDF from scratch, from another document, or even directly from a scanner's output. The advantage of this is that the PDF format doesn't require any special software to read. You can certainly use a PDF reader or editor; however, most browsers now have all the basic features of a PDF viewer, which makes it very convenient as a medium for distributing all kinds of information without worrying about the recipient having to hunt around for the appropriate software to view the file.
  • Edit PDF - It offers full-fledged editing capabilities. You can edit all PDF elements using this utility, irrespective of whether it's text, images, media attachments, links, table data, and more. The editing function comes with intuitive and contextual tool menus that will appear when you click a particular element to edit it.
  • Convert PDF - In cases where you need a file in a particular format so it can be edited by the native application for that file type, you can use it to convert the file quickly and accurately. You can also do batch conversions, saving you effort and time.
  • Annotate PDF - It's super-easy to review and comment on. A wide range of annotation tools is available, including text boxes, solid boxes, outlines, shapes, sticky notes, stamps, signatures, stickers, and more. You can also add attachments such as media files using the commenting and annotating function.
  • Create, Convert, and Edit Forms - It is a comprehensive tool for creating PDF forms from scratch, templates, and even from a non-editable document. The Form Field Recognition makes PDF forms fully editable, while the data extraction feature allows you to export form information into a separate file.
  • OCR - This is another advanced feature that lets you convert a scanned PDF into a version that can be edited or even indexed by search engines and made searchable.
  • Secure PDF - One of the most important things to keep in mind when distributing PDF documents is password security. It lets you apply password encryption to prevent unauthorized viewing, modifications, copying, or printing.
  • Batch Processes - Several of the above processes can be executed as a batch for multiple PDF files at a time. The processing is extremely accurate and much faster than nearly any other batch PDF application available today.

All these features make PDFelement a viable choice for businesses of all sizes to integrate into their PDF workflows, but the factor that users love the most is how intuitive and easy the software is, from a usability perspective.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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Buy PDFelement right now!

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