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Top 5 Cyber Monday Software Deals in 2024

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: Wishes Templates • Proven solutions

With more people choosing to purchase goods online, this year's Cyber Monday is expected to be the biggest one yet, in fact, Deloitte predicts that it will eclipse black Friday. So what are some of the Cyber Monday software deals to look out for this holiday season? This article looks at the top 5 Cyber Monday software deals in 2024 for all your software needs.

Top 5 Best Cyber Monday Tech Deals in 2024

1. PDFelement

It is one of the best tools to create and edit PDF documents and this Cyber Monday it will be on deal for you. While there are a lot of PDF programs out there, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor stands out with some of the best features all designed to make the process of creating, editing and converting PDF documents to other formats. With an offer of up to 60% off the product license this Cyber Monday, PDFelement wants you too to have the best PDF creation experience. Some of the product's best features include the following:

  • You can quickly manage and edit your PDF files with the help of smart AI features.
  • You can edit PDF smoothly like you are editing on a word processor.
  • You can easily create PDF documents in a single-click. The process is so simple, all you have to do is open any file in PDFelement and a new PDF is created.
  • It can also be used to easily convert the PDF documents to a whole host of other formats including HTML, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many more.
  • It has numerous annotation functions, allowing users to easily add stamps (including custom stamps), comments, to highlight and even underline text.
  • It has an OCR feature that is aimed at making the editing of scanned or image-rich PDFs mush easier.
  • You can also its numerous security features such as adding a watermark, adding a password or an electronic signature to keep the document from prying eyes.
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2. GanttPRO

This is chart software that can help mangers and teams keep all information about the projects they are working on under control and on track. Some of the things you can do with GanttPRO include easily manage tasks even for the most complicated projects, easily organize the collaboration of teams to ensure everyone knows what to do and when, easy management of resources, log time to ensure that everyone is doing what they are supposed to do and so much more. It also integrates very easily with other third-party applications.

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This holiday, GranttPRO will offer new and existing customers the chance to purchase their most coveted license at a fraction of the normal rate.

3. NetPeak Software

If you are looking to improve your SEO ranking, NetPeak Software can help. This company develops a number of SEO tools to help with ranking including NetPeak Spider, an SEO audit tool that also doubles up as a comprehensive analysis and website scrapping tool. This SEO tool has been recognized by many businesses as the best solution when you want a comprehensive analysis of your website or SEO strategy for SEO rankings. It is a downloadable tool that you must install on your computer to use. Among other things, NetPeak Spider will conduct an in-depth SEO analysis, give you a full structure report for your website and even analyze competitor's promotion strategy. This Cyber Monday, NetPeak Spider customers can enjoy 20% off for annual plans and 30% off for lifetime plans.

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4. NinjaOutreach

If you are looking for an outreach platform that will significantly increase the traffic coming into your business and help your business grow, NinjaOutreach has all the tools to help you do that. This can help you with numerous functions including link building, influencer marketing which is often out of reach for most people, easy API integrations and even Journalist outreach for the business that wants to take it a notch higher. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, GranttPRO is offering 50% off any plan for its customers.

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5. TimeCamp

If you are looking for a time tracking app that can not only improve your productivity, but also increase the productivity of a whole team, TimeCamp is the right solution. With this tool, you can monitor all activities undertaken by the team to ensure that everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing and even take attendance. It also allows for numerous integrations with very many apps including project management tools, accounting tools and team collaboration tools. This Cyber Monday, TimeCamp is offering a discount although you may have to sign up for an account and then contacts them before you can get the discount applied to the total amount.

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The above are just some of the best Cyber Monday software deals we could find for all types of businesses. Keep in mind that Cyber Monday deals often expire after a specified period. So, look at each deal and ensure that the discount has been applied before checking out to ensure you are getting the discount.

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Buy PDFelement right now!

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