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5 Best Free Online Typing Tutor in 2023

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2023-08-30 21:44:50 • Filed to: Software for Students • Proven solutions

Online typing tutor teaches you how to type more efficiently and faster. There are different types such as Sara typing tutor and SAS online tutor, which are among the best. However, they are useful to people with some computer experience. Therefore, find out the top five for beginners and professionals.

Top 5 Online Typing Tutor in 2023

Sara typing tutor is a typing software for English and Hindi. It can only benefit you if you already know how to type in English. Similarly, SAS online tutor is an online typing tutor for people seeking to learn the SAS environment only, which involves programming. So if you are a beginner, these two are complex. Consider the following 5 to help you begin or proceed with your typing journey.

1. Typesy

Typesy is an online typing tutor software that has a flexible interface and many lessons. It focusses on these lessons as well as achievement based learning to ensure quick progress. Therefore, it is not focused on games like other software. Typesy contains detailed video instruction and aftermath exercises that guide on proper hand placement and achievement of accuracy and speed. It costs $40, which is a reasonable price point.

online typing tutor


  • It is easily usable
  • It provides 5 users with cloud-based storage


  • It is not a free online typing tutor
  • It lacks modern graphics

2: UltraKey 6

UltraKey 6 is the best online typing tutor for beginners, since it shows you how to do everything regarding typing. It considers individuals that have zero experience with the keyboard and hence the direct opposite of SAS online tutor. Its lessons focus on individual finger training, hand placement and correct posture. Although it costs $29. 95, which is expensive, it allows you to set up adjustable goals to help with your learning.

free online typing tutor


  • It contains almost 800 typing exercises
  • It is perfect for PC and MAC users


  • It has dated graphics
  • It is expensive

3: KeyBlaze

KeyBlaze is a great online typing tutor for professionals. It helps you in perfecting your typing skills through lessons and games, activities that use documents containing real-world applications. Therefore, you can easily learn the 10-keypad use and practice. As a professional, this online typing tutor allows creation of personal lessons. This process involves providing reporting information so that you can identify areas needing improvement, for proper creation of target oriented lessons. It costs $ 16.97.

sara typing tutor


  • Practice and instruction use the common office documents


  • Does not create customized lessons to assist in improvement.

4: Typing Instructor Platinum

Typing Instructor Platinum is quite an entertaining online typing tutor since it has playful travel themes that move you around the world during lessons. It suits any interested persons because it has many games. As you set goals using Typing Instructor Platinum, you acquire a path that helps in reaching the objectives. It also provides guidance on the keys, fingers and hand that need improvement. It is quite expensive since it costs $29.99. However, it is worth it due to accuracy drills and speed building.

sas online tutor


  • It has many games


  • It lacks real world exercises

5: is quite unique since it is a free online typing tutor that has enough features. It allows you to work on your accuracy and speed using 1, 3 and 5 minute typing tests. It has 45 comprehensive courses that have 10 to 20 short lessons, which last about 1 minute. This online typing tutor also allows some fun through its 8 games.

typing tutor 6 online


  • It has an intuitive design
  • It is easy to maneuver such that you can type on the website immediately.
  • It's free


  • Its award certificates slow after lessons slow users down.
  • It is not preferable for beginners.

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online typing tutor
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