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Top 10 Video Conferencing Equipment

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: Software for Reseller • Proven solutions

Once you've made up your mind on the visual aids required in your video conference, including the number of individuals who will be using it and compatible software to use it with it's time to select the best video conferencing equipment. With diverse best video conferencing equipment you've the benefit of choosing the best that works for you. With the following top 10 video conferencing equipment available today and the best video conferencing software to use them with you should be sufficiently ready to get started.

Software You Need with Video Conferencing Equipment

Here is a list of top video conferencing solutions that favors small business in the year 2020.

1. ClickMeeting

With any of these video conferencing equipment you definitely need compatible and highly effective video conferencing software to get started and collaborate sufficiently with your team. An effective choice is ClickMeeting.

video conferencing equipment

ClickMeeting allows you to train, inspire, collaborate and even sell with automated or live video and webinars. It has been defined as the most effective video conferencing software to use for training purposes, offer product demos, share and run online courses, webinars and business meetings.

ClickMeeting is highly effective for those who want to accomplish their goals really quickly by automating their webinars and save lots of time in accessing sufficient students for training and online courses, customers or just leads. For a video conferencing tool earning webinars host over $43,000 per event, you can have thousands of people attending your webinars and create thousands of leads equally fast.

Why ClickMeeting?

  • Supports paid and automated webinars.
  • Tools include webinar timeline and lots of add-ons.
  • Multiuser and subaccounts support.
  • Address book, custom branding and customized invitations.
  • Ability to make the most of a registration page and profile page.
  • Easy waiting room setup with agenda.
  • Includes ease of streaming on YouTube, Facebook and other social media.
  • Quality audio and video as well as webinar room.
  • Comes with whiteboard, screen sharing and presentation.
  • Audio modes support as well as polls and surveys.
  • Chat translation simultaneous.
  • Online meetings, call to action and toll-free phone numbers support.
  • Private and moderated chat.
  • Easy of setting up on-demand webinars.
  • Access to attendee and webinar statistics.
  • Webinar storage and recording.
  • Easy to share on social media and accessing a thank you page.
  • Access performance rating.
  • Compatible with all operating systems and devices.

10 Top Affordable Video Conferencing Equipment

1. RealPresence Group from Polycom

Easily identifiable and not so affordable video conferencing equipment out there, it's sufficiently perfect for video conferencing needs. The telepresence equipment includes all that you need to get started, including camera, cables, 700-1080 codec, and microphone, remote and power supply, among others. One of the best video conferencing equipment 2016 and beyond, it easily handles all manner of complicated room needs, camera, sources and even multiple displays.

best video conferencing equipment

2. Cisco SX10 TelePresence

One of those affordable, quite intuitive, simple to use and compact personal video conferencing equipment, it's perfect for dual streaming. The remote controlled unit is also plug and play and perfect for startups and SME's in need of upgrading to highly effective video conferencing option. Any huge organization or enterprise out there can make the most of the SX10, particularly where small room solutions are needed. It's also the right additional hardware to have just in case you need to make a video conference fast.

top 10 video conferencing equipment

3. Avaya XT5000

A quality video conferencing equipment cheap option for diverse business arrangements, it offers 1080p and 60fps dual live video features. It includes HD audio as well as multi-party calls making it a quality hardware to carry out complex room voice calls if need be. XT5000 is easy to pair with another camera and even share content or data via the other stream.

4. Polcom CX5100

It includes a vast feature list with a higher-end standalone PTZOptics camera. Great for group conferences and video calls, the portable video conferencing equipment is superb for close up and wide angle shots, 12 zoom and codec multiple streaming options and 1080p60/50 recording. It comes with 3D and 2D voice cancellation options and the kind of video conferencing camera for all manner of areas.

affordable video conferencing equipment

5. PTZOptics 12x-SDI

One of the quality affordable video conferencing equipment out there, the mid range choice broadcasts quite affordably. To ensure the video remains top quality and clear streaming is maintained at 60FPS while flexibility in calls is enhanced by a 12x lossless optical zoom. As a result, streaming with the 12X-SDI is easy, including 3-HD simultaneous streaming outputs while easily narrowing the view field to a simple 6.9 degrees from as high as 72.5 to improve your presentations.

best video conferencing equipment 2020

6. TelyCam 3X

This is an effective mid-range video conferencing camera perfect for startups and small businesses. The 3X is efficient for single calls and huddle cams for enterprises. It comes with a wide 105 degree angle and works quite well with Chromebooks, PC, and Macs while being compatible with all manner of tele-conferencing applications.

personal video conferencing equipment

7. SMART Kapp

Rather an affordable video conferencing equipment of its own kind, this white board hardware will make video conferencing a success. It comes in a range of sizes and equally compatible with applications for a digital whiteboard allowing users to interact with the content on its screen on their Mobile devices and PCs.

video conferencing equipment cheap

8. HuddleCamHD-3x G2

While it lacks the huge number of features you expect from other video conferencing cameras out there, the HuddleCamHD-3X is a reliable equipment that medium sized businesses and startups will find really useful. It comes with tilt and remote pan as well as wired control and 81-degree zoom field in telezoom and wide modes. Also one of the most affordable video conferencing hardware out there considering you can get it at $500 and below.

portable video conferencing equipment

9. Aver CAM520 Information Camera

A plug-n-play pro grade camera for video conferencing, it gives users the opportunity to use 60 FPS video in HD, including lots of equipment presets. Works perfectly well for those users with diverse call set-ups and for workstations where the camera will be highly used by multiple users. Aver comes well compatible with Chromebook, Mac and desktops, including a host of other software and diverse audio options.

video conferencing equipment

10. Logitech BCC950 Conference Cam

For a unit that costs around $250, this most affordable video conferencing tool is perfect for enterprises and startups in need of a quality video conferencing choice at a budget. Videos are in HD while speakerphone audio is highly efficient.

best video conferencing equipment

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