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How to Fix iOS 14 Running Slow Issue

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: iOS Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

iPhones and iPads are high quality and fairly reliable Apple gadgets. Unfortunately, they are not as perfect as users would like, since they do experience some issues, especially after upgrading to a new operating system. If you notice that iPhone or iPad running on iOS 14 is slow, it could be due to multiple other reasons aside from software update. These issues manifest themselves in various forms such as slower charging, lagging of Mail app and slow internet browsing, among others.

This article addresses iOS 14 slow functionality by providing ways to fix iPhone/iPad running slow issue on iOS 14.

How to Fix iPhone/iPad Running Slow Issue on iOS 14

1. iPhone Charging Slower After iOS 14 Update

If your iPhone is charging slower after iOS 14 update, try to fix it using the following tips;

  • Clean the charging port of your iPhone, since the lighting port may get full of dust or dirt and thus reduce the charging speed of the device. Shut down iPhone first and use a dry soft toothbrush or toothpicks to remove dirt from charging port.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and turn on Airplane Mode while charging. This prevents iPhone from connecting to a network and from receiving notifications, calls and messages, while making the battery charge faster.
  • Turn off iPhone while charging, especially an night when not using it

2. Mail App Slow to Load Messages in iOS 14

Use the following tips resolve Mail app slowness to load messages;

Remove Email account and re-add it

  • To remove Email account, go to Settings and choose Accounts and Passwords. Select the account for Mail service and choose to Delete Account.

ios 14 slow

  • To re-add the account, click on the Add Account option and do so.

Remove Mail app and reinstall it

  • To remove the Mail app, gently tap and hold on the Mail app icon till it jiggles, and then tap the X to delete.
  • To reinstall it, go to Apple Store and acquire it.

fix iphone/ipad running slow issue on ios 14

3. iOS 14 Slow Internet Browsing Problem on Your iPhone

As you browse on a browsing application like Safari, you may experience speed reduction while downloading data or loading a page. To fix iOS 14 slow internet browsing problem, simply turn off Wi-Fi and then turn it on again. If this does not fix iOS 14 slow internet browsing problem, reset the network settings;

Go to the Settings and open the General option. Click on the Reset option and then hot the Reset Network Settings utility.

fix ios 14 slow internet browsing problem

4. Fix General iOS 14 Slowness on iPhone or iPad

Aside from the above ways to fix an iPhone that keeps lagging after iOS 14 update, there are multiple other ways to fix iPhone running slow on iOS 14. So, if the above tips do not work as you expected, try the following solutions;

Turn off the unwanted frequent notifications

  • Some notifications are not always that important, especially from apps like Invitation Friends and Banking. So, disable App Notifications;
  • Go to Settings and access Notifications. Go to screen and view the list of apps installed and choose the app name you want to turn off notifications. Now disable Allow Notifications toggle.

fix an iphone that keeps lagging after ios 14 update

Disable Background App Refresh

  • You can fix iPhone running slow on iOS 14 by disabling background app refresh since it takes more memory, despite not using the application on the screen.
  • Access iPhone/iPad Settings and go to General option. Under General, choose Background App Refresh. Choose Off next to the Options for Background App Refresh

speed up ios 14 slow performance on your ipad and iphone

Reboot iPhone/iPad and Force Restart

  • Rebooting or force restarting refreshes all activities and apps in your device, and hence can speed up iOS 14 slow performance on your iPad and iPhone;
  • To restart;press and hold the Wake/Sleep button until the Slide to Power off slider appears.
  • To force restart iPhone 11(Pro Max), XS Max, XS, XR, X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus;
  • Press and quickly release Volume Up function. Press and quickly release Volume Down function. Then press and hold Side button until Apple logo appears
  • Start iPhone again by pressing Side button until you see the startup Apple logo.

Update applications

  • Updating applications can fix an iPhone that keeps lagging after iOS 14 update because it fixes the bugs present in applications, which in turn affect device’s speed. To find these updates, go to App Store. Alternatively, locate the third party applications updates; go to Settings and hit the General option. Now choose About and select Applications.

Reset iPhone/iPad

  • Before you can reset you iDevice, it is important to backup your data, since this process results in complete data loss and makes iPhone like a new devices. To reset iPhone;
  • Find Settings and hit the General option. Go to Reset and choose Erase All Contents and Settings.

fix iphone running slow on ios 14

Turn off unnecessary functions

It is better to disable unnecessary functions such as motion, auto update, animations and other features to speed up iOS 14 slow performance on your iPad and iPhone;

  • To reduce transparency; access Settings and go to the Accessibility function. Tap on Display and Brightness and then choose Enable Increase Contrast.
  • To reduce motion; go to Settings and open Accessibility and then hit Reduce Motion and turn it off.

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ios 14 slow

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