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How to Insert Text Box in Google Docs

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2023-12-07 15:40:58 • Filed to: Google Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

Documents embedded with text boxes seem to depict a professional touch while providing information over a concept. Many users find it attractive to utilize text boxes within their documented presentations or standard dissertation to present data uniquely and constructively, that helps any reader understand the motif of the document. Google Docs is a contemporary version of customized word processing software that provides you with the extra features of interconnected documents, apart from the general word processing features. This article intends to explain the function of the text box, that is how to insert text box in Google Docs.

How to Insert Text Box in Google Docs

Adding charts might seem to be a very strenuous version of displaying data. With pie charts and bar graphs on the front, it does look complicated to many viewers. However, adding charts using Google Docs is not difficult in any aspect. For successfully adding a chart in Google Docs, you need to follow the steps that show you the method on how to make charts in Google Docs.

Step 1. Access the Text Box

After opening your document, you have to access the "Insert" tab from the toolbar. Then select the "Drawing" > "+ New" option to open the drawing window.

insert text box in google docs

Step 2. Insert a Text Box

In the "Drawing" window, you need to click the "Text box" option, and then you can draw a shape and type text into it.

insert text box in google docs

Step 3. Change the color of the Text Box

While being within the drawing tool, different editing tools can be used to exfoliate your text box. Access the paint bucket present on the toolbar to change the background color of the text box. After completing all the necessary edits, tap on the button showing "Save & Close" to add the text box automatically within the document.

insert text box in google docs

The Best PDF Editor

PDF documents are known for their solid structure, and strenuous editing as compared to insert text box in Google Docs, editing PDFs is quite a task. However, with the presence of powerful software such as Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor the tasks of handling PDFs have been made quite easier and accessible. It provides you with a very profound set of features, including the state-of-the-art editing and conversion tools that protect the format of the original document during conversion.

Along with that, you can easily comment, review, and digitally sign your documents for ratification and validation. Furthermore, PDFelement offers its users with impressive form processing techniques and effective data collecting tools. It also helps you protect your document through personal passwords, signatures, or through redacting information.

How to Add Text in PDF

PDFelement proves itself as a useful PDF editor with its impressive features and characteristics. Adding text in a PDF is a very effortless task in PDFelement. To understand this simple process, you can follow the steps as follows:

Step 1. Import a PDF File

launch PDFelement and open your PDF file by clicking the "Open file..." button. Alternatively, you can also simply drag and drop files to upload the file.

open pdf

Step 2. Add Text Box

After opening the PDF, you need to click the "Edit" > "Add Text" button and then type the content in the text box.

add text in pdf

Step 3. Edit the Text

If you want to change the text that you added in the text box, you can click the "Edit text" option to change the content. Besides, you can also change the font and color of the text.


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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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